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    Good morning everypony! I hope you're all having a good week so far. Mine's not had the best start, but that just means it can only get better from there, and gotten better it has.
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    Thanks to @Cyclone1066‘s help we got Matt up and running in tip top shape again! Bad distributor cap, as we had predicted. Now I can drive in the rain again!
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    Goodnight all. The rooster is really tired and needs to go to bed. Farewell and see you all, next time.
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    Who wants to give me that sacred 14000th brohoof? Cake and Celestia for whoever does it!
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    Finally got most of the stuff up and running for life support systems in the sump of the new reef tank Lots and lots of work left to do on this beast
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    Am I an asshole for ignoring someone in a conversation if I have zero interest in what they are saying?
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    /give ambitions -unknown command /spawn hobbies -hobbies set to 0
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    I drove all the way to work this morning to find out that we're off for the day. HVAC is down again. I really should check my emails before leaving the house. He he How is everypony doing this morning?
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    >yesterday, you say you're taking a few days off from reviewing >today, you have an idea for a Last Crusade review *breaks out keyboard*
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    So I have a sudden craving for cheesecake.... then this happened... This my friends is an example of a good relationship. Love you @Cyclone1066, thanks for the fun weekend.
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    I've got no one to impress! I'll do what I like and I'll do it whenever I like! Praise the Sun!
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    New Key Chain bauble. Cant wait to get my new T shirt for the Con as well.
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    It's almost Best Disney Princess & Judy Hopps' headcanon birthdays...and the first day of Summer.
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    I have an eye doctor appointment today. I will finally be getting a new pair of glasses. I have been without my most recent pair because I lost them so this is definitely welcome.
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    So i leave home for 30 mins...we come back home to find a very wet cat....and water He found the new reef tank..... Hes fine...and thankfully the laptops he sat on after he jump out...seem to be fine as well So no harm done..so far......
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    Now with 32% more fluffiness!
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    Good morning one and all! I'm only half an hour into the start of a new day and have already learned a valuable life lesson. Don't eat extra hot and spicy flavoured crisps before going to bed. No matter how delicious they may be. Otherwise you wake up with a topsy turvy tummy. Seriously. Why must my food attack me in such ways? I just need my tea to cool enough and then I can restore order to my stomach. Anywayz. Productive day ahead for me. And it had better be bloody productive considering that I woke up just after 6am. I usually go to bed at this sort of time. The world before midday is not usually a world us nocturnal folk like to think about. I hope you all have a great day. Although I suspect that most folk I know online are probably going to bed right now depending on where they may be in the world.
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    About a week and a ½ until Rainbow Roadtrip!
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    Every day is a holiday!
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    Who would like to have cake with our Sun Goddess?
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    I hate it when people insult me by calling me a "neckbeard". What does the way I look have to do with anything? Really am starting to get sick of some people .
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    Us looking at RP rules and making some decisions
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    Please refrain from throwing coins, trash and small fillies into the fountains!
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    Well, isn't that a gorgeous avatar?
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    Good morning. I woke up early. *sigh*
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    Sorry guys! I'm not going to be on for the rest of the week! Praise the Sun!
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    I would've used this song in the Sonic trailer.
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    For anyone curious of what I plan to write for my Last Crusade review, it's comparing it with Tanks for the Memories and what the newer episode did right in comparison. I already wrote a very minute breakdown why, but that ain't good enough. *puts on tinfoil horns* LET'S…GET…ANALYTICAL!
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    I bought a brand new vape pen. This one is a god compared to my other one. It’s one of those big & bulky ones that makes a huge cloud. For those of you who are surprised that I smoke, don’t be. I only use nicotine-free fluid.
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    The Sun shines brightly for everypony!
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    Good afternoon every pony Guess what I just applied to work at Safeway this is the first time Ive ever applied for a job really excited but also really nervous haven't gotten called for an interview yet so wish me luck on getting the job. Anyway how is everypony doing on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.
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    Oh man, what a day this has been. Nothing but work all day.
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    Drew some of my OCs:3
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    Twilight is kind of my top favorite pony that I post
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    Twilight: I love being evil.
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    Wait what. Weird Al is 58?! I thought he as like 35 lol.
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    So I recently just had a series of lightning here again and you will not believe one of the most ridiculous, bizarre and absolutely ridiculous lightning strikes I’ve ever seen in my entire existence of my life. This lightning strike literally struck several feet away from my house.
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    Hey guys, if you've got a Playstation Network account, come follow me at Psimp24.
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    Probably my favorite scene in any sci-fi show. Just the tension from the dialogue, camera angles, and music just all come together in such a glorious way!
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    Just a reminder that FFVIII has the best soundtrack
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    @Sparklefan1234 Praise the Sun!
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    *I leave a plate of muffins*
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    Finds lush bush of ripe black raspberries But mosquitos be like (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
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    My favorite Hearth's Warming episodes of FiM in order: Hearth Breakers Best Gift Ever A Hearth's Warming Tail Hearth's Warming Club Hearth's Warming Eve Yes, I know it's June.
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