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    Wound up getting Pinkie along with Pirate Twilight and Pirate Dash. Unfortunately neither of these will ever be complete, given GoH Fluttershy is supposedly a con exclusive and Rarity’s was never made for either
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    Another year, another predictable Daytona 500. NASCAR is dead.
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    Just stoping by to say hello and hope you all are doing well!!
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    Damn, I don't think I can find the last ingredient.
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    Happy Birthday Jonny!
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    Isn’t it wonderful, when you’re trying to run and build endurance but then the airways to your lungs decide hEy ImMA jUsT cLOsE uP anD TIgHteN uP lOL nO BrEAthIng hErE RRDOSKKDJSHWGDYGAGAUS
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    Supposed to be programming but I keep getting sidetracked.
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    Just found out that Cartoon Network in Australia has currently got a Superheroes pop up channel on FOXTEL today. Watched a little bit of it and felt very nostalgic for action cartoons. I really miss action cartoons, hope they make a proper come back some time in the future.
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    Driving my retired police car have given a whole range of reactions. Anywhere from laughter and complements to some hatred by people. My 2007 Ford Crown Vic may have 160,000 miles but I can be sure that she'll last til at least 300,000 miles. Those 4.6L Panther Fords are very tough and reliable. lol
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine. Here is my evening question to you? Do you guys own weather radios because its getting close to severe weather season.
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    I think a guy is into me crap
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? I hope ya'll had a great Moonday I think it's time to stretch out to a new game We've pretty much done everything we need to in Monster Hunter until the new monsters come out I hear this Temtem thing is pretty nice
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    Merry Birthiversary!
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    *wakes up* *looks over* *pony is there* *grab and hugg it*
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    How do you explain this?
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    If I were the owner of an MLB team and I hear this song played throughout the stadium... I'd be like this.
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    Let me just say is you’re ever in need of a meme or just a good random picture, pony related or not... just let me know and I shall supply the memes i have quality control strict
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    Let’s go find some pony memes
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    Well, I've been very active on the forums today, but I think it's time I departed for the day. Goodnight, everyone! May you all dream of your favorite ponies!
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    I wish I had someone to just lay in bed with and talk about whatever.
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    Everyone needs to go watch Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist right now it is so effing good. It just started, and the first two episodes are available on Hulu and YouTube TV. Airs on NBC every Sunday 8:00 - 9:00 PM like go watch it. It's crawling up to become one of my new favorite shows. Here, I copy/pasted what it's about: "After an unusual event, whip-smart computer coder Zoey Clarke magically begins to hear people's innermost wants and desires through popular songs. Suddenly, strangers, friends, co-workers and family are unknowingly singing their feelings -- just to her. At first, Zoey questions her own sanity,but after some guidance from Mo, her musically attuned neighbor, and making a breakthrough with her ailing father, Zoey soon realizes this unwanted curse may just be an amazing and wonderful gift --as she now connects with the world like never before." GO CHECK THIS SH** OUT I"M BEGGING YOU
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    Good morning. I'm not sure if I'll be on much today, I'm feeling sickly and burnt out a little.
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    Bath time for the princesses!
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    Twilight & I both like the new forum banner A LOT! Spike also seems to be impressed by it.
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    Good late morning everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine. However why does the banner make it look like Halloween?
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    i woke up at 4 and started watching disney channel wand id compilations..
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    Boredom overwhelms me, the school is so boring sometimes, only one option remains: UNO!
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    Happy birthday! I hope it will be an awesome one!
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    Such a cool/cute avatar. ^^
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    *Looks at the new forum banner*
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    Surprise! Since I'm in a really good mood today (being my 25th birthday and all), I have decided to release/premiere this earlier than scheduled! The premiere will be at 8 PM EST today (Feb. 17, 2020)! I hope to see you all there when it premieres later today. Cheers.
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    Well thanks to @RaraLover I have 10,000 brohoofs. Geez, you're off the Forums for seven minutes and you have 150 notifications
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    Night, everyone ZZzzz...
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    Well, well well...I've been talking 'bout this for a while now and they finally made the decision to kill off the Holden brand in Australia. Link: https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/company-news/holden-axed-in-australia-as-general-motors-gets-out-of-right-hand-drive-globally/ar-BB103YdM?ocid=spartanntp Link: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/holden-to-be-axed-from-australia-by-the-end-of-2020/ar-BB104c6p?ocid=spartanntp Link: https://7news.com.au/sport/motorsport/supercars-faces-uncertain-future-after-holden-brand-axed-by-general-motors-c-701566 Without the commodore, they have nothing. Honestly, the brand has been dead for a while now. they NO longer produce cars in Australia and everyone knows their vehicles are just re-badged Daewoo's and Opel's. What a shame. They gave their fans FALSE promises (long before the death of the VF Commodore, they told their fans they would have a replacement for the Australian Commodore, but they gave us NOTHING) and the factory Holden team was being rather optimistic about the situation (Mind you, they're a bunch of f*cking idiots). I could go on a 30 minute rant on why I think GT3 is better than V8 Supercars, but that is a story for another day. Honestly, I'm glad Holden brand is dead. That gives GM the opportunity to bring the Chevrolet brand here in Australia and build the Camaro and Corvette in right hand drive. That's IF they wanna get involved with Aussie V8's. The sport is pretty much dead at this point. I remember when they tried to market the ZB commodore, trying to convince people to buy it, when everyone knew it was shit. I know what the Holden fans want ('cuz I USED to be a Holden fan. Heck, I was a DIE-HARD Holden fan before my dad bought the FGX Falcon back in 2015): a rear wheel drive, V8. If you cant provide that, we dont want it. ...and sales figures reflect that. From 2018 - 2019, they BARELY sold 8000 + cars in that time. When they had the Australian commodore, they sold 25,000 + a year (roughly speaking). Yeah, that's pretty disappointing and it speaks for itself. That's all I have to say. #FordMustangFTW!!! "As much as Holden fans will be sad about this, Holden is not making money and there’s clearly not much chance of a recovery." Yep, that's Holden in a nut-shell Source: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/why-holden-died-global-forces-accelerated-model-failure/ar-BB1051F0?ocid=spartanntp
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    Okay, this one is for the Pokemon fans. Which one would you pick? Charizard? Blastoise? or Venusaur? @Photon Jet, @DivinePony1000, @Odyssey, @Dynamo Pad, @ShadOBabe, @Widdershins and any-pony else who is reading this status update.
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    I'm planning on getting these omnibuses next.
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    He's alive. Official statement just released said that he [Ryan Newman] is alive, his injuries are considered serious but non life threatening. But he's alive and that's all that matters. I can breathe easy now.
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    *hugs for one of my best friends*
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    Step 1: Focus media attention on Bloomberg to get him Dem nomination (worked wonders for Trump) Step 2: Bloomberg makes Hillary his running mate Step 3: President Bloomberg Step 4: Bloomberg passes peacefully in his sleep from three gunshot wounds to the back of the head. Step 5: IT'S HER FUCKING TURN