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    Sorry if I haven't been on that much today, everypony!
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    Hooray! I just beat Super Mario 64 100%! I've always wanted to beat this game 100% and now I have!
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    Getting tired, but I really need to work on my paper...
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    time for me to head to bed lovelies I hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening/day Keep being beautiful, see you tomorrow! (& hopefully for more than just a couple hours at night this time ) <3
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    Hmmm...that music hot take actually has me thinking...maybe I'll record my own version of Tommy sometime. If the Smithereens can do it, then why shouldn't I?
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    It's been decided. Sunset Shimmer: Princess of Humans. That is all. Carry on, my wayward crowd.
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    I am getting ready to go to bed. I need to do a couple of things first.
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    I'm slaying at this paper so far, I can't even.
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    Was cleaning out my grandma's old farm house and found this
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    Im not a fan of battle royals at all, id rather just dies respawn and try again!
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    orange vanilla coke is...weird
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    Hey Spyro fans, come chat about the franchise in @FeatherStream’s Thread if you’re not already, here: There is NOT ENOUGH people chatting in here!! I need people to talk to! Come tell me your favorite dragon in the remake!
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    It feels weird to admit that I'm bisexual.
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    Ive been considering picking up Fortnite. I'm not looking to become an "epik fortnite gamer guy!" I just want something that kills a lot of time.
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    I bought four yards of fur for my Rarity fursuit a couple weeks ago thinking it would be more than enough, went to trace out the pattern, then realized I'm a bit short. Now I have to wait four days for more fur to get here, and I ended up spending more than I would have if I had just ordered enough fur to begin with. So that's annoying, but now at least I know that ponysuits take an absurd amount of fur, even compared to digi suits. Five and a half yards of a single color. That's a lot.
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    Fluttershy would be traumatized by the first 5 minutes of Finding Nemo.
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    You wanted him and you got him. I hope you’re all happy for releasing the demonic force known asx TheRockATrice.
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    Rainbow phantom Ethiopian welo opals
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    Legit got salty over a girl taking my seat "because I wasn't in it"
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    Less than three hours to go! I can do this! XP
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    Do you guys think I have enough water bottles to stay hydrated?
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    *collapses into my desk chair and relaxes* Goodness gracious dear lovelies, today hasn't exactly been the most spectacular start to the week ( although not having to work yesterday I guess would make up for it ) the start of the work day went much like any other run of the mill days- we rounded all the children up from their respective schools and broke them into groups to run educational activities. But right after herding all the little ones upstairs, our middle schoolers decided that listening today would be the last thing they would do after a while, we were able to get them under control, however begrudgingly they may have taken it (you wanna do the fun stuff? well, you have to get through the important stuff first- knowledge is POWER! ) Although soon after wrangling them together, our solitary high schooler showed up. It was a bad day for them Needless to say my beautiful flowers- not getting into specifics, but it you ever feel like you have nothing in your life, or that you're worthless and have nothing but pain in your life, know that you're more valuable than you could ever understand in that mindset. Trust those around you that show care and warmth to you. If you have no one that can listen, or feel those around you won't, you're welcome to send me a message either through PMs here or on my discord. You're never alone. After being such a person for about an hour- honestly only being able to to be a person who would listen- I had to train a new hire on one of our fleet vehicles. Hopefully soon I'll be back in the position I started in June. Maybe we've found someone who can properly operate a 15 passenger van this time After wrapping up work, I ran a few errands, came home, and after a boxing match with my sleep paralysis demon, I headed here! (I've dealt with sleep paralysis most of my life, I'll be alright, just a bit of a scare! h-heh ) I hope you've all had a wonderful day/ night. If you didn't have the best day, well I hope at least it wasn't bad. And if it was bad, well, at least it's over Love you dears <3
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    hello Doopliss hope you're having a good time of day/ night wherever you are
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    Cute and adorable Coco Pommel
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    I am officially going to bed and have a great rest of your day.
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    the animation style is so adorable. Fighting evil by the moonlight
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    Tbh love the Kirin, I might end up making a Kirin OC
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    Tonight Juan Soto became the 4th-youngest player to hit a World Series homer. Only Andruw Jones (Game 1 [first two at-bats], 1996), Miguel Cabrera (Game 4, 2003), and Mickey Mantle (Game 6, 1952) did it younger.
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    Anyone in Iowa wanna hang out?
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    *fingers crossed* I might have a new girlfriend
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    Twilight is cute witch
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    FS"real"WX is garbidge.
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    If anyone says that Trump sticks to his promises, they have to be utterly and totally deluded. To anyone who isn't a sycophantic psychotic Trump supporter, this should come as no surprise as he already has BROKEN most of his remotely decent promises on SO many occasions and ALMOST CONSISTENTLY flip-flops on issues.Remember when he said he would take troops OUT? I do. Those troops aren't going OUT at ALL. They're going IN and getting sent OUT of the ONLY part of the Middle East they have ANY RIGHT of being in (thanks to previous presidents' stupidity of course)... Trump is so clearly an example of a bad, scratch that, DOWNRIGHT ATROCIOUS president to anyone who isn't brainwashed or believing in "alternative facts" (I swear Conway should get f***ing slugged a good few times, maybe she'll be less stupid and @$$-backwards)... F*** at this point, if BIDEN were the nominee, I'd consider HIM the lesser of two evils and that says A F***LOAD because he's a corrupt evil man with blood on his hands... Like most presidents in the last 50 years have been of course... And 99% of politicians in America if we're being honest... Message: Please DO NOT let this CLOWN become president again. Let Bernie beat him senseless instead of nominating a worse candidate than even Hillary was. Send Biden to the nursing home instead of the campaign trail. He's going to get absolutely DESTROYED if he's nominated. Of course Democrats won't listen to reason, they'll only listen to money. THEY allowed this to happen. Either they're losing on purpose (which is more than likely) or they have the IQ of a rock. I would be quite sorry to insult the rocks, by the way.
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    I'm tryna type up my effing paper but my computer keeps freezing and this sh** is due in two days, and I also need to print the study guide for my next test... F*** this effing computer I am so mad.
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    @Tacodidra, you make me smile all the time! How are you tonight?
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    sooo is it a painful process to change/ put your first name on a phone bill ? (at&t) thy accidentally put my middle name instead of my first name XD
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    The Fab Four live up to their title of "the ultimate Beatles tribute". Nowhere else is this more apparent than in their take on Twist and Shout.
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    Damn it, im old school and i got too used to just SPAMMING brohooves now i reach the reaction limit in like 5 mins!
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    Holy wow! over 30K brohooves! NICE you are very deserving of all of them you're always there for literally everyone I see you everywhere!
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    Of all the things in regards to the leaks about Newbie Dash, this has to be the most disappointing
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    Fixed chapter 7. Chapter 8 will be coming soon.
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    One week from tomorrow is my headcanon birthday for Rarity.
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    My princesses will always be my favorite ponies!
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    I just can't help myself! I need more Tempest Shadow... stat!
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    My class got canceled so now I'm just working on my paper in the library
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    What an adorable avatar, my friend! I doubt there are many other OCs with so many cute pictures of them! *boops Mango Foalix*
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    Teehee I love being ugly