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    The one thing I don't like about "facts based" Youtube channels is that I'm never 100% sure that their facts are correct.
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    114 replies and still going in my status update to @Kitty Rose. That's a lot, a record for me. She's a good friend! If you don't know her yet, feel free to go to her profile and talk! It's Friendship is Magic after all! Also feel free to be my friend as well I am lovely! Keywords include lurker, spammer, stalker, other.
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    I'm going to bed, goodnight everypony!
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    Time to troll some others again
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    Technically, Twilight Sparkle is kind've a Disney Princess.
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    Good afternoon and evening and how are you doing? I am doing fine.
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    This is Markus Söder, basically some form of equivalent of a governor for Bavaria: What the hay he almost looks like a creep from a movie with that lol.
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    Bubble bath is so awesome!
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    Is Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome?
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    My childhood when the Muppets were on TV. Did anyone else watch the Muppets when they were on?
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    The Great and Powerful Trixie would not complain.
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    Oh, my beautiful princess...
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    Sometimes I visit my profile just to look at my profile banner.
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    Goodnight, everypony! I'll see you all tomorrow! Did anypony miss the Golden Oak? It was very sad to see it go, but I loved the castle too!
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    I wonder if users here recognize me more because of Rapunzel or Della Duck.
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? I hope ya'll had a pleasant weekend, and a most pleasant Independence Day for those that celebrated So much BBQ, so many burgers Sadly no fireworks, because it rained Oh well, we still had a lot of fun Have an AJ
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    /sigh... So far, my FangameFactory hasn't gotten much exposure at all at this online convention...I need to pick the right times to be in the hotdog-stand and pizza-joint chatrooms...!
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    I wanna defeat the Giant Monkey Man and save the 9th Dimension!
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    Happy birthday fellow BE sectional
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    Dear Nintendo; The year is 2020. Get with the times for once. Your online is worse than trash.
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    .............. YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THE DAY BEFORE MINE?!!? And considering the current dateline difference or whatever its called, it pretty much is the same day now! Happy Us!
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    so I told my mom that I think I have BPD, and I don't know what her problem is... you can't just google shit on how to help, you gotta get me tested to see if I have Borderline Personality Disorder. she knows i'm worried, but minors can't get BPD diagnoses because ''the symptoms are similar to teenage moodiness'' (which if you ask me, an actual teenager, is fucking bullshit because I've spent enough times around myself and my peers to know how teen moodiness works. how I act goes beyond that, but than again. what the hell does Spitty know?), so I'm just here suffering cause my ass can't get proper help. I don't think that normal teenagers lash out at people and threaten/hurt them. I don't think normal teenagers get impulses to hurt themselves because they're ''favourite person'' isn't spending enough time with them, because you feel like you're not good enough. And I sure as hell don't think normal teenagers have a cripping fear of imaginary abandonment and will cling to you, cut you out, extreme black-and-white thinking, and will cry even at the smallest change all for that sweet, sweet, fear of abandonment. So ya, people can say that's normal teen thinking, but like, I've never met another teen, tween, or kid like that...
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    Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes today! You guys helped make it an awesome day!!
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    I saw a double rainbow just now! The second outer rainbow is *much* more faint, and on the left, but if you squint, it's there.
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    I need some space at the moment.