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    Good morning everypony! I think I had the best sleep I've gotten in weeks last night. I hope you all have an amazing day!
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    My profile has been completely Tempestified!
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    After thinking about it for a while, as much as I love ponies I feel like my Della Duck avatar should stay. Every time I try to use a pony avatar something feels "off" I guess.
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    Celestia, Luna and Cadance MLP/EQG signature @DivineTempest1000 @ShadOBabe
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    Just gonna leave this here. Have a good day!
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    The other day was the hang out with friends, yesterday a wedding anniversary, what's up next? I've had a really good time these past two days, I feel awesome. I have extra love to share to you all. I wanted to check in yesterday but I got distracted by games. Additionally, I watched the first episode of pony life. (lol eating effect for tia ) I mean, its not impossible to watch it, I love the references for example. Im looking forward to watch more. What about you? How have you been?
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    People don't know I like wrestling and Batman, there's more to me than Rapunzel and Della Duck you know!
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    Good morning and Happy Monday, everypony! I know Monday isn't anypony's favourite day of the week but let's make the most of it!
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    Good morning, everypony! The sun has risen on a brand new day and I hope it's a great one for all of you!
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    @Light Blade Sunset Shimmer/Twilight Sparkle EQG/MLP signature.
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    I always love it when these videos get uploaded because they really bring back a lot of memories. Can we all agree that Season Two was pretty much perfect? (I actually love Baby Cakes )
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    Good morning and Happy August, everypony! What's everypony up to this month?
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    Trans Rights are Human Rights, I am Christian, Pro-Republican, and Transgender, and I say NO to Trump 2020
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    I decided to redo my Equestria Girls/MLP signatures, does something like this look better? @Light Blade
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    Good morning, everypony! I'll be heading off soon but as I said before, I'll do my best to not miss too much, especially considering I come back on Princess Twilight Sparkle Day!
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    At hotel rn 💖 new clothes, yummy Mochi, cutie bf UwU stuff for the pets aaand gonna finish it off with icecream! I’m not sure if I get many requests done when I’m home
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    I wish you could organize your attachments based on how often you use them.
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    @ExplosionMare @Bastian @EpicEnergy @Pastel Heart I fixed my signature so you can actually see Batman.
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    If you don't think this fight is insanely epic, then I weep for you. Also, I really did feel something inside me break when I first saw the Golden Oak get destroyed. I knew it was gonna happen at some stage in Season Four, but it was still quite a shock. Also also, when Twilight catches Owlicious at the very last second...
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    It's official everypony: I'm making the rest of the week Tempest Week because Tempest is absolutely amazing and beautiful and she needs more recognition! You're welcome!
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    Oops, I'm a bit late. Goodnight, everypony! I'll see you all tomorrow!
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    New username. New leaf UwU How's everyone today?
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    I'm still with Tempest today because I love her forever!
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    Good morning. Sleep is for the weak, I spent all night with my friends playing games. I had a good time though, I really enjoyed it. Of course, laughter comes with them. Will I get sleep? Don't know, maybe. So, how is your day?
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    I now have 19 Platinum trophies for PS4! Luna would be proud!
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    And here we find Princess Twilight in her everyday book routine. I've seen this banner used before but I do like it a lot. I didn't know Twilight can pull off looking like Harry Potter.
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    Good morning guys. How are y’all?
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    I just got a couple new face masks. I love them all!
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    Making MLP/EQG signatures is easy, making MLP/EQG avatars is a bit trickier due to needing to cram stuff together while still making the picture visible.
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    something something ease your mind.. with link!
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    So I've heard many, many, many, many good things about a game called "Factorio" and decided to buy it and give a try. It didn't really look appealing at first glance, as generally I'm not into city builders and stuff like this much (maybe unless it has multiplayer, as genre doesn't matter much if I'm destroying playing something with my brother ). I've been told there's this, there's that, you can do this, you can do that, it's not just about building random stuff. ... And sweet Celestia, it indeed is insanely addicting! Also building all these logistic systems and whatsoever makes me feel like I was programming games. Thinking ahead and stuff, fixing "bugs" if machines decide to stop for some reason - yeah.. Definitely feels familiar.
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    Lil’ Relative is back from the beach. We drew together and now we’re watching a murder mystery. I’m running out of ways to entertain her.
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    I love Tempest more than @LyraLover 💚 loves Lyra!
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    The best way to redeem yourself!
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    What do you guys think of this banner that I made?
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    Little Mermaid signature:
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    Feels good to be back on here again!!
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    Batgirl signature: