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    Good morning everypony and a very happy Friday to all! Have a fantastic day out there everyone. Don't let the world get you down today, no matter how hard it tries, because today starts the weekend. And just to give the day a good positivity boost, have something amazingly cute.
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    Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.
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    I’m holding onto this show and I’m never letting it go.
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    I can't stop thinking about what they're doing to me. Good morning everypony! Let's all have a great day!
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    I'm not making this an every day thing: @ChB,@Shrug,@Totally Nyx,@TheRockARooster @Denim&Venöm @Kyoshi @Dark Qiviut @Woohoo @RDDash @Megas @Treeglow Flicker @Lucky Bolt,@cuteycindyhoney,@Bakugou is my Man @ExplosionMare @Dreambiscuit @Alexshy @Pastel Heart
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    Woah! This banner! I feel sorry for any new people joining who may be caught off guard by this. It’s awesome though! Don’t worry, it’s only Nightmare Moon crossed with Sombra. Great work, @Bakugou is my Man!
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    Well partners, it’s time for AJ Day. (That rhymes!) And as I’ve done before with Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie, it’s time for a little speech in honour of the honest charm herself. Well, Applejack, what more can I say? From the moment I first saw you, I knew right away that I would very quickly get to know you and your amazing family. Me and everypony else truly looks up to you and your honesty and you often have me trying to kick the trees as well as you. You’d be surprised at how easy you make apple-bucking look. You’re always there for your friends, extremely organised and I’ve always quite liked your accent. I love you, AJ!
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    Still one of my favorite songs. Made even better by Dash making adorable faces through the entire song.
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    Ooh, this picture is perfect! Good morning everypony! I'm gonna head off to my favourite spa to relax before a tough week starts. Hope you all have a great day!
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    This song is one I always listen to whenever I’m down or when I need reminding!
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    I'm sure nopony expected that the Changeling fight would be as epic as it was! Goodnight everypony! See you all in the morning!
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    Good morning y’all! Today is my last day free from work for a little while, I’m taking all of next weekend off. For a...reason. Aaa 8 days!! (Yes I’m using a Hearths Warming emote cause she just looks too damn excited, like me!) Have some AppleDash to start your day...
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    Sometimes I wonder if they know how beautiful they are. Good morning everypony! Have a great day!
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    Does it seem weird to anyone else when someone brohoofs a *really* old post of yours?
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    Heehee! Psst, guys... wanna see an MS Paint drawing I made when I was four? Forgive the horrendous artifacting, but give it a break. That file is over 26 years old. XD
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    I feel like my day doesn't go well if I don't visit/say "Hello." to @Deae Rising Shine~@Bakugou is my Man @Lucky Bolt @Megas @RDDash @Denim&Venöm @Treeglow Flicker @Kyoshi @ShadOBabe @Woohoo @cuteycindyhoney @Dark Qiviut and @Totally Nyx every day.
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    Shadow Trail and Windy Breeze. Note: Shadow is younger than Windy, so this is why her hoof can't reach the unseen ground.
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    I was just watching the awesomeness known as ‘The Cutie Map’ and this bit had me in stitches. It also made me feel a bit sick. You know something tastes bad when Pinkie says it tastes bad!
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    My love for Tempest is neverending and I’ll love her every second of every moment!
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    Take a look at this picture! Good morning everypony! Make sure you have a great day!
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    Made a character requested by Writer Rhyme. He wants a stalllion inspired by two OCs, Zephyr Leaf and Neo Miles. The result is Serene Spring. Hometown: Richville Personality: Likes: positivity, being successful, clouds, his mother. Dislikes: becoming sick, being humiliated.
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    I just finished watching that one "very special" Apple Family episode for Applejack Day. /
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    I published a spooky story today! Check it out! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/480250/the-mountain-tunnel Also, I'm sticking with online classes for the foreseeable future. My school is starting a hybrid schedule (different students come into school on different days) on Thursday, but I attended a webinar about the procedures this morning, and it's a much bigger pain in the ass than I thought it would be. Staying home is the way to go for me.
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    This cannot have just happened! 10,000 brohoofs?! I’m at an absolute loss for words. It has been exactly six months since I joined this forum and to have gotten this far so soon is all thanks to every single one of you! Here’s a couple of words from a few friends of mine: Um, thank you everypony for giving our friend so much happiness. Well, we did it, partners! Thank you all so much! This is a cause for celebration! Thank you! Why, thank you darlings! Thanks guys! You are all awesome! (But not as awesome as me) Thank you everypony for giving our friend so much joy when he needed it most. We couldn’t have done it without you! (Please excuse my probably-not-so-good Mane Six impressions.)
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    Working on Fable, the prettiest Greek Goddess there ever was!
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    Good afternoon! I hope you've all had a good Sunday.
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    What’s better than one Dashie? Why three Dashies of course!
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    There's a "Last TV Show You Watched" thread, right? I swear I've seen it here before.
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    Thought maybe I'd try to get out of my slump and drop by again. lol What's up?
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    Ok, so I got on the forum earlier today and screamed a little. That new banner's kinda terrifying. Great work though @Bakugou is my Man!
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    I’d love to see everypony give this a go. Let’s all make a Gallery of Friendship!
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    20,000 brohoofs!!! Thank you @LyraLover 💚 for all your help. You’re awesome man!!
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    @Woohoo @Sparklefan1234 @Nsxile 🔥🐲 @TheRockARooster @Annie @strongwilled_pegasus @You @Miss @StarrySkyDash @Cirrus. @Dark Bun @Dark Horse @Megas @Cwanky @Envy @Pastel Heart @Thuja @DivineNightmare1000 If you were a robot, you'd tell me, right?
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    I will leave this here without context
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    Almost done! After the other leg, I just need to clean her up.
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    Hey, what are you looking at? Why a beautiful and amazing pony of course!
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    I love the feeling of waking up after a nine-hour sleep.
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    It's time to see the results of Tuesday's game. And the winners are: @ExplosionMare and @TomDaBombMLP! And coming in at second place, @Tacodidra wins the prize for most entertaining, and @Stone Cold Steve Tuna wins the prize for clown awareness. That's it for now. See you all next week on the Relic Hunter Edition. I'm hoping @ShadOBabe will be there to compete for that one. Oh, and good news! I saw my doctor today. After looking at my blood work and such, I am proud to say... I do NOT have diabetes! I am so relieved. Stuff like that is such a problem in my family. I still need to check with some other medical stuff, but I'm glad to know that much. Take care, my crowd. Have fun and party hard.