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  1. A little bit about me: Hello! My name is FluttershyWonders or you can call me by my IRL nickname Mjz. My username is a reference to one of my favorite fan-made animations and MLP official song called “Flutterwonder.” (Animation name- Flutterwonder [SFM]- By Ferexes.) My favorite pony is Fluttershy and I have a huge obsession with the ship “Fluttercord.” I am such a fanatic that I look at the small details and mannerisms of Fluttershy and Discord whenever they are around one another! (Seriously ask me anything about them) And of course I will always respect another ponys’ ships and opinions, as thats what this community is all about! I’m very excited to finally put myself in the public eye and meet all of you bronies and pegasisters out there! In addition to anypony attending this years’ Bronycon! I really don’t know what else to put here besides I am happy to be here and to be apart of such a beautiful community, thank you everypony for reading!
  2. A big hug for these ponies to make up for the week I missed while at vacation! @FireworkDash, @KH7672, @Tacodidra, @Splashee, @R.D.Dash, @Phosphor, @Totally Lyra, @Treeglow Flicker, @DashYoshi, @TheAnimationFanatic, @DivineGuard1000, @TheRockARooster, @Twilight Luna, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Lord Midnight Madness, @Nsxile, @EpicEnergy, @Ember Crescent, @Tylad, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Califorum, @Rising Dusk, @Lucky Bolt, @Sondash Studios, @Partialgeek514, @Mellow Mane, @Prospekt, @TigerGeekGuy, @PoisonClaw, @Aqua The pegasus, @CypherHoof, @THRILLSEEKER, @lyrabetes3939, @Dynamo Pad, @TBD, @Cash In, @Penguinbrony2409, @KingMorgana, @FlareGun45, @Cwanky, @FalconBrony, @IronM17, @Dawnchaser, @Unimportant Pony, @Kyoshi, @Ganondorf8, @Flutterstep, @Will Guide, @TheTaZe, @Emerald<3, @CosmicSpark, and @Baby RainbowDash.
  3. I love Okami so much so l decided to draw a pony one today! Sorry its kinda dark image, oops. Hope you guys like it and let me know if you want an image that's closer up of her face or somewhere of the body. Still worry if l posted this in the right place of the forums.
  4. Early China releases will be discussed in this article, so this will be the place to talk about it! Note that this is NOT the actual episode discussion post, merely just the early release. That said, don't forget to censor your spoilers still! That includes titles, synopsises and writers if not publicly revealed! Episode 14: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/71d04b3b-5d3c-4191-97e8-c268de9d2315 Episode 15: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/e0465ce2-e9da-4cbe-b995-9324cb722b12 Episode 16: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/e654513b-1ed2-490b-9e70-2df46868342a Episode 17: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/9516a8ce-b62f-4ca4-b080-fc41ab3c5e46 Episode 18: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/321f4a56-099a-4815-bf71-58d8b380229e Episode 19: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/8707d3eb-0ed6-4023-a931-8a09bfe25bdd Episode 20: https://yadi.sk/i/N1cGzpG7dNRpqw Episode 21: Coming July 26 Episode 22: Coming July 26 Episode 23: Coming August 2 Episode 24: Coming August 2 Episode 25: Coming August 9 Episode 26: Coming August 9 Links to episodes will be right here just as soon as I find them, that way you don't have to look through the comments, risking to look at spoilers!
  5. Boops for all these awesome ponies! @Sondash Studios @Phosphor @KingMorgana @ZophieStar @DivineGuard1000 @ZomBrony @Midnight Solace @TheTaZe @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Totally Lyra @FireworkDash @Fasu @Tacodidra @lyrabetes3939 @Mellow Mane @TheRockARooster
  6. I don't know why, but I slightly feel a little down when it's my birthday. I don't hate my birthday, I might like it, but things I like about it has nothing to do with the day being my birthday. Everybody celebrates me and I don't know how to react, I just say "thank you" and move on. I don't feel like any of it is earned. I feel less comfortable during the day. People asking me what I want for my birthday feels awkward, and I wouldn't be offended or feel sad if everyone just casually let my birthday pass by. Of course I'm thankful for everything they do and I care for all the people close to me, and I like being with my friends and family. Is there anyone out there feels this way?
  7. Whoa! Hello Beautiful! That one's definitely going in my collection. As for my contribution, I found this really kick picture of human Fluttershy in demon form, modeled/taking inspiration somewhat after Midnight Sparkle. What's even more enjoyable is that there's another piece somewhere out there of the others in their own demon forms, but out of all the other members of the (Hu)Mane 7, Fluttershy's design is the only one to have bat wings while everyone else has feathered wings. I wonder why that might be? (Wink wink nudge nudge) Guess it just makes Flutters all the more awesome.
  8. I’ve got a few pics of Sunset
  9. Sunset wearing a violet coloured dress for what I can assume is only a special occasion. The colour of the outfit really goes well with Sunset herself and I love the way her hair is done here. It's a pretty smooth artwork overall, which I can admire. Gala Night Sunset Shimmer by DragonEmperror2810
  10. Fasu

    Luna Fan Club

    https://www.deviantart.com/viwrastupr/art/Luna-s-Garden-594054069 https://www.deviantart.com/hioshiru-alter/art/Starlight-626669846 https://www.deviantart.com/dvixie/art/Luna-s-Night-545502201