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  1. Title: The Last Problem US Air Date: October 12th, 2019 Written by: Josh Haber Synopsis: Years from now, Princess Twilight is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together. ----------- This is it. The end of the line. The end of season nine. The end of Friendship is Magic (at least the moving-picture part of it - the comics have a few issues left yet; please don't riot, IDW fans). Show's over, fandom's dead, nothing to see here anymore. Everycreature, shoo and go home already; the apocalypse has come and gone. What are you still waiting for? ... Wait, right. Episode 24+25's title was a lie. THIS is the End of the End of the End...... of the End? Join our adorkable purple equine for the last time as she shows us the grand outcome of Former Sun God Celestia's decade-long personal training program to weaponize friendship in defending Equestria and infecting the entire world with her harmony propaganda. There's just one teeeeny tiiiiny wrinkle: Equestria's last friendship problem went unsolved. Watch the glorious Twilight Sparkle find out she missed something in taking over the world commemorate a lifelong tour-de-force of unforgettable memories to fix it. Will she finally fail at something? Will we get one last round of Twilighting? Did she even survive the battle from E24+25? ----------- If you're looking for something fun and special to do to pay your respects to Friendship is Magic, try writing a friendship lesson letter to Princess Twilight Sparkle about what her adventures have shown you, what you learned, and how the show affected your life. She'll be pleased to read all about it now that her own world's problems are all over. You can adapt the following template to get started! Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle, Thank you for <something - or many somethings - positive you took away from the show>. Before I discovered that Friendship is Magic, <a peek into your life before ponies>. Now that it's over, <what changed in your life since your journey as a ponyfan began>. Your faithful student, ~<NAME> Maybe she'll even compile another Friendship Journal if she gets enough of them. One final, personal note: All good things come to an end. Don't be sad that the show is over. Be happy that you were along for the ride!
  2. Good Evening My Loyal Subjects. As I am the Princess of the Night and protector of the dream relm I wanted to check in on how everypony is holding up. If you are scared. Feel lost. Or just need a late night gaming session with the best Princess. Just speak up. Shout your favorite memories in your best royal Canterlot voice. Share your favorite moments between me and my sister ( No spoilers ) Or just share your love of the night. But no matter what my little ponies remember this The community doesnt end until we say so and even if the wheels fall off Get out and PUSH.
  3. Hey everypony, Its cider time and I cant find AJ, Big Mac, or Apple Bloom! We need a search party because its cider time and you know I love my cider. If you find them please send me a message.
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  7. Hello everypony. My name is MapleMoon. You can call my Maple for short. I finished watching the finale and it really made me want to get back into forums and try making some new friends of my own. Now that the show is over, I finally made my own pony OC. Better late than never, right? Thanks to the show, it has inspired me to make my own my little pony crafts and sell them on Etsy. I hope to someday be as successful as Rarity with her own shops so I can quit my job and run my business at home. It has also inspired me to draw more mlp related art. I started watching the show after the first season and wanted to see what the hype was about. I feel in love instantly and got that warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling I got as a kid when watching the episodes. I love Fluttershy since I can relate to her shyness and passion for animals. Her character development helped me to push myself out of my own comfortable zone to help better myself as a person. Even though the show is over, I want to continue to love it by drawing more, reading the comics, and making new friends on these forum sites. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope to make many new friends on here.
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  9. Well here I am with the little fluffy story behind my costume this year.
  10. This is like what happened back when the Beatles suggested they were now bigger than Jesus, and everyone started burning their records and merchandise in protest. Thing is; people went out of their way to buy a whole load of Beatles gear just to burn it. So in the end all they really got was a bunch more sales and free publicity. It's not a particularly good means of protesting.
  11. *raises hoof* While it didn't get me this time, I start crying when I listen to it in my occasional playthroughs over the last few weeks. This song's spectacular. Emotional, hopeful, and more than worthy of a good cry once it's over. One great thing about this episode is the moral it teaches. Friendships change, and sometimes these changes may cause a massive strain in them. Sometimes these changes may cause the friendship to drift away and possibly end. How these friendships stay healthy is how much work you put in to maintain it. The Mane Six are supposed to rule Equestria together, but as seen in the flashback and present, their lives have changed. Everyone's so busy now preparing for the coronation, and once it's all over, their lives may soon change. Somehow everyone was trying to make this coronation as perfect as possible and were using this practice and preparation to grieve in their own way. They fear what's going on ahead of them and are very scared that they'll drift further and further away till they're not friends anymore. But by crying together, they're grieving together and are facing this dilemma together. Somewhow and someway, they'll figure it out. Their ability to laugh off the total disaster of a coronation was a way for all of them to finally relax and be as loose-minded as possible. With the coronation over, they're able to figure something out and come up with a great idea: rendezvous every "moon" ("month" in the Dutch version). The new council of friendship meant everyone could meet up, rule together, help each other, and remain acquainted with each other "no matter how busy life gets." Notice how everyone isn't teaching Starlight's school anymore, and now they lead varying lives: Pinkie's married, has a kid, and helping run SCC. RD's the new WB captain. AJ runs the farm now, evident by how she wears the late Granny Smith's scarf. FS's living with Discord and running the thriving sanctuary full time. Rarity lives in Yakyakistan now, and both Yona and Sandbar run Carousel Boutique. Twilight teaches Celestia's school and running a kingdom. Spike now flies around the world to maintain peace between societies. It's the perfect final lesson, both in idea and execution.
  12. If you had told me 9 years ago that I would fall in love with a show featured multi-colored ponies, I would have laughed and thought you were crazy. Yet here I am 9 years later crying about the show ending. This show has made a tremendous impact on me that will stick with me for the rest of my life and leave me memories that I will carry with me. When it first started, I was a year into my current job, just started solo travelling, and still living at home. Now here I am 9 years later, in a successful career, having travelled the world, and am now living on my own. MLP has given me the opportunity to meet new people whom I've become great friends with. It has helped gotten me through a sudden passing of a close friend of mine and getting out of a very toxic friendship. I've learned so much from i and it has gotten me through the best and worst of times. Even though the show itself may be over, I'm not saying goodbye, but instead "see you soon!". Finally, instead of being sad that it's over, I'm happy that it happened. Thank you, MLP.
  13. I would like to advise viewers on something - I'm not spoiling anything, don't worry. Now, pay very close attention to the things happening in the background during the episode, as well as the very small details and references scattered throughout. You'll understand what I mean once you watch it.
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  15. As the show has aired in it’s entirety I’m about to start moving all of the Season 9 topics into Show Discussion. I appreciate how much many of you worked to keep the last few episodes spoiler free for this that wanted to go in blind. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to handle spoilers for the next few weeks, but with the exception of the upcoming EqG special the spoiler rule will no longer be enforced.
  16. I must admit that initially I hated the idea of the epilogue episode, because I thought the best decision would be to leave the future of the characters open to speculation and imagination. Now, after watching it I understand that such episode was necessary to really wrap things up and let them come full circle. And even though the epilogue featured some things I really didn’t want to see, those things were mostly very subtle and didn’t ruin anything for me. As Princess Luna said, “Close enough.” Twilight is the ruler of Equestria, all her friendships are still strong, she has her own student now, and her coronation was a complete disaster. Everything as it should be. To everyone who finds the finale and the epilogue disappointing: MLP is way bigger than its last episodes. Think of all the enjoyment you got while watching your favorite episodes, think of how all our favorite characters grew and how far they’ve come. And MLP is even bigger than the cartoon itself – it changed people’s lives for the better – think of that too. To everyone whose headcanons were ruined: I feel you. But remember that certain relationships between characters were deliberately only hinted and are left open to interpretation, so you may still ship whoever you want. To everyone who is sad because MLP has ended: it’s OK to be sad, it proves that My Little Pony made you happy, and it’s always sad to say goodbye to such things. I hope you find something that’ll make you happy again soon, whether it’s G5, rewatching G4 or trying something completely new. And to everyone in general: thank you!
  17. Good ol' chocolate ice cream will always be my favorite ice cream!
  18. Guten Tag! (Hello!) I'm a relatively new Brony from Germany, and I found this forum just yesterday (but since I was in a hurry then, I waited with introducing myself until now). I still go to school (will graduate in 1.5y) and will most likely study law after that. Besides law, I'm also really into history - and speaking of that, books in general. I always had a kind of… uncommon humor and a heart for things like plushies, so it didn't surprise me much when I got into MLP and its fandom. The Brony fandom is my first "real" fandom, and as such, I'm still learning the dynamics and structures of the fandom, forums and the likes, so pardon me if I do anything stupid Also, I'm really bad at introducing myself (shyness strikes again!), so I don't know what else to write here. But I hope this does it for now!
  19. Little hug for @Bas so you can breathe . Big hugs for @Spooky Emerald, @The Demon, @DivineShadow1000, @Cash In, @CosmicSpark, @Tacodidra, @Ganondorf8, @ChB, @Latecomer, @Cwanky, @FalconBrony, @IronM17, @KH7672, @Mellow Mane, @Phosphor, @TigerGeekGuy, @Rising Dusk, @Deae Rising Shine~, @PoisonClaw, @R.D.Dash, @Nsxile, @CypherHoof, @PartialShriek514, @Prospekt, @Trix or Treat, @Dynamo Pad, @Ember Crescent, @FlareGun45, @Kyoshi, @DashYoshi, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Aqua The pegasus, @TheAnimationFanatic, @TBD, @Totally Nyx, @EpicEnergy, @Lambdadelta, @Lord Midnight Madness, @KingMorgana, @Lucky Bat, @Twilight Luna, @Treeglow Flicker, @Sondash Studios, @Cozy Glow, and of course, @Sunset Shimmer.
  20. This episode. Nothing can top Perfect Pear, but this may come close to its emotional punch. As each character ran through their respective influences and characters they influenced, it was like a memory download of my fandom journey. I instantly thought who would be in my personal background, and I teared up again. I’ve met so many friends over the years and I’ve lost some too. I’ve had people who have tested me, people I was able to help, and people who have helped me. Stupid pony show! Why u do dis to me? I am proud to be a part of this group. No bans for 24 hours cause I’m in a good mood! (j/k bans you all cause show’s over go home)
  21. I'm in love with the finale song. One of my favorite songs from the show.
  22. NaNoWriMo / NaPoWriMo Authors and Potential Authors - Sharpen those pencils. What the hay is NaNoWriMo? NaPoWriMo is one of the cooler traditions I have seen come from this fandom. What is it? How will we be modifying it? Why am I hearing these questions in my head when I am still writing this post? Welp, while I deal with that existential crisis let me explain. NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a month long marathon of writing that tries to motivate authors to complete an initial novel manuscript draft in 30 days. The point is not to make a finished and polished novel, but to write furiously and end up with a complete story. The official mission statement of NaNoWriMo is this It is a crazy challenge to write 50,000 words of anything coherent, but it does help some writers learn how to craft a story. It also is a strange challenge that can drive you to fall in love with the idea of writing and creating your own stories. I know a few who took it up just to say they did it, only to have the wordsmith bug bite them. What the hay is NaPoWriMo then? Glad you asked random purple words on my screen! This is the pony version of the famous writing challenge, with several changes. Gone is the minimum of 50k words. No novel. Also we are going to have a list of theme's or prompts to help you all focus on something cool. We all lead busy lives, and writing 1700 words a day for 30 days is daunting for any writer. Not only that, but who wants to write up something original from scratch when you have a wonderful fantasy world sandbox to play in! Okay that last one was hard for me to say with a straight face, but you get the idea. Write a short pony fanfic. Yeah there are specifics but that's basically it. So here is the rundown in simple to read bullet points. Write a short story at least 250 to 10,000 words. Start the story on November 1, 2019 and finish it by the end the month. This should be a complete first draft only. Do not worry about editing or revision it. Just get your story done. The story does need to follow a theme and stay without that theme (this will be revealed on Halloween) The story must be Pony related The story cannot be a clop fic or have saw level gore. That said, there is a difference between sexy romance and porn fics. The story must have an end, or rather can stand on its own as a complete work. It cannot be a serialized part of a larger story. It must be something new that you started Collabs are acceptable as long as both are credited. Don't troll create a story and call it done. Don't plagiarize or I send a swarm of flyders to your house! We are going to have more fic related activities like this going forward, and I personally hope that a few of you decide to take up this challenge. For those that complete this challenge in November you will be given a special award badge. This will be a limited version of this and will be custom to each individual. Remember, this isn't supposed to be for the seasoned fic author alone. There is a saying that everyone has one good story in them waiting to come out. What's yours? Theme will be posted in a few days.
  23. It's nice to meet you all. Hopefully, once I get used to this site I'll be able to properly make a mark here and make some friends!
  24. MEGA ULTRA BOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOP so intense every limb brakes @DivineHeart1000 @Phosphor @Lucky Bolt @Rixton @Totally Nyx @Xeltor @ShadOBabe @Treeglow Flicker @Bas @Emerald Heart @Rikifive @HeavenSunset @SolarFlare13 @Booker @TheRockARooster @SharpWit @Prospekt @TheTaZe @Splashee @Metal Brony 42 @Outnick @.Wolfe. @Bakugou Is My Man ❤
  25. @ChB @Halloween (Captain Clark) @Celli @Valencia @Twilight Luna @SparklingSwirls @ShadOBabe @Tacodidra@Totally Nyx @AmarisNsane @Lucky Bolt @Denim&Venom & @Emerald Heart are just a few of my closest friends here on MLP Forums.
  26. All Saints is particularly special for me, since it also happens to be the day of my coming to being in this world. I was actually supposed to be expected much sooner, but apparently I just kept missing the dates until eventually deciding on All Saints Day. Not sure if that should mean something special, or if I was just being super lazy about it. (Probably the latter. ) Anyway, have a blessed All Saints everyone.
  27. When a man's heart is full of deceit... It burns up, dies... And a dark shadow falls over his soul... From the ashes of a once great man, has risen a curse... A wrong that must be righted... We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the same man who created him... The battle between good, and evil has begun... Against an army of shadows, lies a dark warrior... The prevailer of good... With a voice of silence... And a mission of justice... This is Sting.
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  29. Discord as Grogar explained in Frenemies that he was defeated by "Gusty the Great" who took his bewitching bell and hid it atop Mount Everhoof. So, it wasn't the Princesses who defeated him. Tirek apparently heard tales of Grogar's tyranny even when he was small, and mentions that he ruled over the land that "Would become Equestria". All of this leads me to believe that like Hardway above me says, Grogar is before the Princesses time and they very well might never have even met him, but only heard of him.
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  34. This combined with Ending of the End makes it the best cartoon finale of the decade I think, even surpassing Weirdmageddon. Such an epic two parter that lead to this heartfelt sendoff to our characters.
  35. Oh, oh, oh, good morning, Bronyville! I think it’s now time to post about the elephant in the room. The more I think about it, the less I like the twist. On one hand, Discord being Grogar was very subtly hinted all season long, such as their similar eyes (both iris and sclera) and beards, Discord being able to “stop the whole Sombra thing whenever he wanted,” how amoral he is as a character and cares in a very peculiar, roundabout way, how he always hesitated to hurt the a terrible Trio, had no knowledge of the bell and spellbook being hidden, the fact that the Terrible Trio are sending “Discord” around Equestria, etc. From a writing perspective, this was clearly a well-thought-out plan. And according to the leaks from two days ago, this twist was planned from the beginning. However, Discord’s plan was beyond reckless. His plan almost took down and enslaved The Crystal Empire, almost killed the Tree, brought back the Windigoes, he didn't have a backup, and he should've been able to think at some point the villains might've been backstabbing. Maybe he cares too much, but he caused plenty of collateral damage beyond what was told. Just because it’s in character of Discord doesn’t make it okay. The episode made sure that Discord’s actions were awful and that he regretted them. The way he made up for it somehow was pure Discord in its Q-ist form. He knew exactly how to get under Tirek’s skin, reminding him that King Vorak (never thought I expected a callback to his Fiendship issue!) was more successful than him. His brother was a clear sore spot back in Twilight’s Kingdom, so it makes sense his dad would be, too. However, for the “epic” makeup and all the stakes talked about in this two-parter, the episode consolidated and downplayed the consequences of his massive stupidity. Thanks to his actions, thousands of lives (including FS, who he supposedly cares for) were in grave danger, both intended and otherwise. His plan had no margin of error; everything had to go perfectly. From the get-go, everything went wrong. Sombra defied him. The Terrible Trio began a plan to backstab him. During Setback, they not only continued to round their own plan, but set up a strategy to pit all pony races against one another. At the end, his galaxy-sized idiocy almost divided Equestria and almost cost the Mane Six and Spike their lives. Had Discord had the wherewithal to see it all beforehand and not blindly put faith on the trio, he might’ve been able to hatch a backup plan should they betray him. Secondly, he’s been around the Mane Six/Eight for years; surely he’d been able to think this through. Hell, he had that orb (which he likely used his own magic to activate) to see what happened. Considering his immortality and infinite powers, he coulda tapped it anytime he wished. This plot twist, well-planned behind the scenes or not, is a massive flaw to this entire two-parter and really brings it down.
  36. ALPHA 2 Hello everypony! Originally I planned to make this game for Rarity's day, but... It didn't work hue hue. I've manged to get the game working in about 5 days, but polishing it and adding next features... well, took waaaaay longer. I was never programming puzzle games of any kind before, so this was ... and still is an interesting experience! But okay, enough of that. What is this game about? Basically, it's a match-three puzzle game starring our beloved fashion pony, Rarity. At the moment the game lacks of many features, it only has the basic ones... And it only has two levels, because drawing these dress sketches took longer than I expected. RIP ;-; FABULOUS Screenies! DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FILENAME: Art of the Dress (Alpha 2) PLATFORM: WINDOWS FILE TYPE: .zip FILE SIZE: 30.2 MB HOSTED ON: Google Drive ESTIMATED GAME LENGTH: About 5 minutes ... EPIC! System Requirements: I tested it on my potato laptop and it was working fine. I'll you'll experience any framerate drops, please let me know, along with providing your computer specs. Press M to toggle debug overlay, which displays FPS and what exactly might slow down the performance. How to Install: This is a packed .zip file. All you need to do is to unpack it anywhere and launch the game, no installation required. You can unpack it with various common packing software, such as WinRAR. I believe there are even online extractors, so just ask Uncle Google. Installation files for little demos isn't practical, so for now .zip will be enough. Reporting Bugs: I tested it multiple times and the game seemed to work, but there were many additions in a short period of time, so chances are, that something might glitch in rare cases. Well, it's just Alpha, duh! Nevertheless, if you'll experience any weird behavior, I'd really appreciate reporting this. Videos would be perfect, but a proper explanation what and when that happened would be good too. Please try your best when reporting issues, thank you! DISCLAIMER Just in case, let me mention, that this is an alpha version and there might be bugs. Worst case scenario will be the game freezing, but that shouldn't happen. Just keep that possibility in mind, you never know. GAMEPLAY VIDEO If you can't or don't want to play this game, it's totally fine, there's not much into it at the moment anyway. Buuut perhaps at least take a look at the gameplay video I've recorded? I worked so hard on that game. uwu CREDITS I hope you'll like it, thank you for visiting!
  37. I said it in the other thread that I started, but I see this episode as a glimpse into the future, but not so far as a new starting point.Further pony content is probably going to follow after episode 25 or right after the coronation. There's much more story to have!
  38. I'm actually glad there's an epilogue to end the series with. It makes the ending of the show more wholesome and heartwarming
  39. Well, I don’t think I have anything to write that I haven’t written before. Time to say goodbye to our ponies Also, I took this picture shortly after I saw the leaked finale. Pretty fitting and timely
  40. Okay, so the fact that Pinkie Pie is a mother now is still sinking in...just going to say that. Also I'd like to point out why her kid looks so much like Fluttershy (color scheme wise). I mean, yellow body and pink mane? Come on now. Still though, I couldn't be more happy because Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich (MY FAVORITE PINKIE PIE SHIP EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) is a CANON thing now and their kid is downright adorable (even though she looks too similar to Fluttershy). Ahem, it also seems as though FlutterCord is a thing now (possibly...or at least, Discord and Fluttershy live together now?) and Rainbow Dash is now Captain of the Wonderbolts. HA HA good riddance Spitfire! Applejack seems the same. No love life or kids for her, except now she wears what looks like Granny Smith's scarf. :') We also got to see Big Mac and Sugar Belle's child and I about cried at that scene. :'') Pound and Pumpkin Cake are all grown up (and cute as can be), and it looks like...Yona runs the Carousel Boutique with her....possible boyfriend/husband Sandbar??? While Rarity lives in Yakyakistan apparently. Still trying to wrap my head around all that. I am a bit disappointed we didn't see grown up Flurry Heart. Maybe she rules the Crystal Empire now? Anywho, all in all, that was an amazing (and bittersweet) finale. P.S. Spike and Twilight's new look is badass and I'm loving the design of that new pony (Luster Dawn). YES
  41. I will say this first and foremost. I like how the series end the way it began: with a book. When it come to the song I had to watch it twice. Once to focus on the song itself and again to see all the characters in the background and how they aged over the years. Near the end of the Song, the Mane 6 jump across the screen as images of the characters appear in the usual forms we see them as and I like how when it comes to the pets, the Pillars, and the Student 6, they're evenly spread out so one pony gets a pet, a Pillar and a Student. While not a perfect match like the right student gets grouped to the right Mane 6 as most speculated. But in the end, it finishes on an uplifting song, which the show's main tone was about. More to say later
  42. Lmao! You know how much Pinkie really wanted that chocolate rain back! Gotta love that Return of Harmony callback there! XD
  43. I guess here I´ll just put the tl;dr. I´m basically new to using forums. I´m from Spain, from the Canary Islands to be exact. My favorite ponies are Fluttershy AND Discord, I like both the same. (Also big fan of FlutterCord). I play games, read a lot, and try to do a lot of things I mostly never finish or leave for later. Now I guess I´ll just leave a image of my Oc or something (Art by Breioom btw)
  44. so after doing some reading, it seems people are mad because she revealed Dumbledore is gay; she endorsed the live-action casting of Hermione as being black; and she endorsed the casting of Voldemort's snake, Nagini, as Asian. I don't see what the fuss is about? like who actually cares if she's retroactively diversifying the characters?
  45. The 'audience laughing' effect in shows. At. Every. Single. Joke.
  46. Hello! You can call me Shine Runner! I make My Little Pony art, including fanfics, RPG's, ask blogs, and more! I'm currently rebooting an old fan series of mine called Sideways Equestria, starring an apprentice of Luna. How are y'all doin' tonight?
  47. That was one epic fucking moment. Love that scene!