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  1. I am a brony who does a lot of charity work and loves to make people happy! I was actually wondering if I could promote a charity here to get some support from the fandom I love so much. It's called BroniesAgainstMS. I suffer from this awful disease and this Fandom has helped me forget about it at times. You guys have helped me so much and I want to help the people in the fandom who are suffering from this disease as well. Stay strong and pony on, my friends
  2. My fangs are whiter to eat you with!
  3. We have a charity pony here! As generous as Rarity I suppose. Another Pinkie Pie lover as well! If you get to stay I'd be honoured to be your friend.
  4. Hey there and welcome to the Forums, I hope you have a great time and meet lots of new friends
  5. https://derpibooru.org/488352?q=dialogue
  6. Lol on a skateboard . I’m afraid that is only a mirage .
  7. Yakko, Wakko and Dot (Animaniacs)
  8. Banned for watching CypherHoof watch TV
  9. 488389 Rocking here today!!!!
  10. Then you turn around find find the cat licking its paw, and not in the box at all, because cat....
  11. 488382 @Dawnchaser I haven’t got long off. Just a few days. I’ve had to get up at 04:30 this week. Haven’t really slept but it gets work over and done with.
  12. 488372 How is everyone today?
  13. https://webstockreview.net/image/clipart-ear-unicorn/488358.html
  14. Not banned because you aren't wrong, that is Fluttershy levels of cuteness there...
  15. https://www.artsper.com/en/contemporary-artworks/painting/488329/thomas-sankara
  16. @Mirage i wish ;^; then i could try making everyone happy The power to love
  17. \ https://www.derpibooru.org/488315?q=pony
  18. Cozy was definitely the one who popped for me - I'd liked her in Season 8, but being the token pony and baby of the group* to a band of serious topclass villains brought out a whole new side of her (while her identity apparently not being made public allowed her to still play her old tricks from time to time). *No-one tell her I called her that, OK?
  19. Welcome to the forums, @WitchySpectra, hope you enjoy your stay!
  20. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  21. I can feel the calcium strengthening my femur yes
  22. I have no opinion, because I simply don't subscribe to this whole alpha/beta philosophy.
  23. Thank you so much, Twilight Princess Twilight. ^^ *kneels* Thank you for all of the friendship and love that you’ve spread over the years. You’re one amazing friend as well as a really amazing princess. 👑
  24. Prepare for trouble And make it double To protect the world from devastation To unite all peaople within our nation To denounce the evils of truth and love To extend our reach to the stars above Jessie James Team rocket blasts off at the speed of light Surrender now or prepare to fight Meowth that's right (Jessie, James and Meowtth)