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  1. By order of natural decree, I am sent on official duty to issue an important message to the following recipients... @Rising Dusk, @2nd Amendment Brony, @Twilight Luna, @Alexshy, @TheRockARooster, @Renegade the Unicorn, @Angus Delaney, @CypherHoof *BOOP!* ...You have been booped. Carry on.
  2. The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed. Great picture @Misty Breeze
  3. I don't take offense to any of it it's just we come from 2 different worlds. And even in America people don't understand it because there are different "worlds" inside of the US. We fight for that right because we may have to overthrow a tyrannical government (which the one we have is getting closer every day) and as far as driving off bears, we really can't. Ask people in not do rural Pennsylvania that can't leave their trash out cause the bears eat it. We aren't going around doing evil with them either. The places where gun crimes happen in this country are where they aren't supposed to be in the first place.
  4. Ugh even a topic about posting PICTURES OF YOURSELF has turned political... Thanks @Bas and @Cyclone1066... Me after not shaving for about two days... *sigh*
  5. @SparklingCaps is right. Let's simmer down and keep this from turning into a debate thread y'all.
  6. I'm bored so I'm back at it again. This is the most recent photo I have of myself
  7. Thank you. Everyone can have a need for a rifle at some point. Especially in the area I live in. What's a reason to not know how to use one? Would you rather I grew up being ignorant of it and its workings and accidently have shot something or worse someone? I was sighting it in before a hunt actually. Took about 4 hours though cause it kept overcorrecting.
  8. I think both halves of that statement mean the same thing. Bronies as a thing are not furries. But some bronies are furries.
  9. I’m always down for Internet garbage like this for the lulz. I don’t want anyone to be hurt, but the memes are a beautiful cacophony of stupid that has brightened my dingy world as I prepare for a final, and I’m here for it. Particularly fond of this one. Especially because it’s before the Facebook event blew up. 390k people. Oh how naive we were. Also, with 737 Max grounded, flights are pretty expensive right now. Hats off to those who are in Nevada for my and the rest of the Internet’s entertainment.
  10. Bronies and furries are completely different fandoms with completely different histories and subcultures. Saying that they are the same simply because both involve something cartoon animal-related is like saying that China and Japan are the same because they're both Asian countries.
  11. From Gail Simone penning "Between Dark and Dawn" for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim doing the same for "A HorseShoe-in" for the first time. Some fans had somewhat mixed reactions, (mostly good),the they question is asked, "Is it a good idea to bring in an outside write to pen a script for something they've never part of?" Especially if they're fully brought up to speed, continuity-wise. Please feel free to give thoughts/feedback on this topical question.
  12. is the mlp fandom part of the furry fandom? - Bronies don't wear fur suits - the mlp fandom is more strict on the persona races - mlp fandom has a core source (mlp:fim) to talk about as the furry fandom is more general - lots more my opinion: Bronies are NOT the same as furries
  13. I think it depends. Those two examples can't explain everything just because they have mixed reactions, I think there are plenty of other scripts improved by doing so.
  14. Spike's pretty much done with learning the basics of flying at this point.
  15. What's Spike's next lesson? Make sure it's something Twilight will approve.
  16. You're Welcome, My Friend. I think Spike is a really good student. Thanks, Smolder.
  17. If she did, I would be really concerned... She can probably hear mine because I’m so charming
  18. To "Take something with a grain of sand or salt." means: To regard something as exaggerated; believe only part of something.
  19. That's good. Feel better Spike? Smolder, What else do you help Spike with? Aside from flying.
  20. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS THE CULMINATION OF AN IN-JOKE COLLECTIVELY SPAWNED BY MYSELF, @Angus Delaney, @TheRockARooster, AND WHOEVER ELSE ADDED FUEL TO IT. TAKE NONE OF THIS SERIOUSLY, THIS IS JUST A PLAYFUL SEMI-JOKE SHIP. THANK YOU. Come one, come all to the Duskygade fan club! Talk about the forum ship that's sweeping...uh...no one in particular. Just remember the forum rules, and y'all should be good.
  21. Right. I'm helping Spike with important stuff & Garble is helping with hobby type stuff.
  22. It just takes practice Spike, like how Smolder's helping you with flying, Garble's helping you and other dragons on Beat Poetry. Right Smolder?
  23. Yeah, we're not very good at it, though. I guess some creatures are just better at certain things than others.
  24. That's good. Has he taught you, Ember, Smolder, and some other dragons on Beat-Poetry?
  25. *boops teh snoots of teh @Misty Breeze, @Renegade the Unicorn, @2nd Amendment Brony, @Cyclone1066, @SparklingCaps, @Bakugou Is My Man ❤* ....and @Phosphor 50 times.
  26. I'm aware I am one to hang onto the past, but with her, I don't know that I can say that's the case. Sure, if I go back and look at us 11-12 years ago, that is a time I miss... However, the reality of what happened several years ago keeps me grounded in reality, believing that there's no way that the good times would have ever lasted either way.
  27. Heyyyy now I was wonderin when this would become a thing. *ships it, ships it real good*
  28. I didn't think this thread would actually be a thing, but now that it is... @Renegade the Unicorn Hey boo.
  29. When you live where I do it's EXTRA annoying because every other thing they say will either p!$$ you off or make you cringe because you know it's total nonsense anyways... I mean it's bad enough when people bring up politics in general, but it's worse when it sounds like some brainwashed far right crud.
  30. @Booker I never played it, but I see there was a cartoon. I must have it!
  31. Careful, I don’t think this is supposed to be a debate pit thread, folks Nice pics everyone!
  32. Have I ever mentioned how much I love BattleTech? It's not like I started a really long crossover fanfic of it and MLP or anything (don't mind me just shamelessly plugging my Fimfiction, nothing to see here). I don't understand why more people don't like BattleTech. I mean, BattleMechs are basically massive bipedal tanks with lasers and jump jets and stealth armor and crap, as opposed to the usual Gundam or Armored Core style of mecha. What's not to love?
  33. This was an excellent Starlight, Trixie and Phyllis focus episode. Sure, Trixie was one of the worst possible candidates for headmare, save for Spoiled who has no friendship qualities, but I don't blame her for calling out Grandpa Gruff. He's a terrible guardian and Gallus deserves better. I believe that if Trixie had conferenced with one of the other families, she may have passed Stage 2 on her merit since conferencing is similar to counselling. Her "great and powerfulness" would make her a great match for dragons. I enjoyed Starlight scolding Trixie after the flash bees since everything she said was justified which is often the case when Trixie goes too far with her magic. However, Starlight doubted Trixie's competency from the start so she should have been straight with her as Twilight points out. Hiring a vice headmare was inspired by Trixie so it makes sense that she would assume Starlight made the position for her. Every interaction between Starlight and Phyllis was great comedy! Imagine if Trixie threw Boulder in the trash can. She wouldn't be a headmare, since Maud would make her.... a deadmare! BTW, Maud should totally be a teacher, she has a rocktorate. Fortunately, Starlight repaired Phyllis' vase once already, so she can do it again. Overall, a humorous episode with an important moral about making unbiased judgements.
  34. Overall, I would say this is a basically okay episode. Starlight's wanting to find someone to act as vice headmare and assist her with running the school seems like a reasonable thing to do, and I don't take any significant issue with how the plot of the episode unfolds. Trixie is generally obnoxious, but she's almost always been that way to me, so that's kind of expected for me at this point. I'm not necessarily specifically excited about Octavia, Dr. Whooves, or Spoiled Rich, but their appearances in this episode are fine enough (and I wonder why we don't see Octavia, Dr. Whooves, or even Big Mac being considered to be teachers). And the selection of Sunburst to help Starlight with running the school seems like a good decision, although I'm not so convinced about having Trixie be the new student counselor, as I'll elaborate below. ----- To start off, I'll just talk a bit about the qualifications and fitness for candidates to help run or teach at the School of Friendship. I've said before that I don't think any of the Mane Eight are particularly qualified to be running a school, and that's been shown in the haphazard, and sometimes downright dangerous, way that the School of Friendship has been run so far. So Equestria seems to have different standards for qualification and fitness for a job like that, as compared to what we would probably have. But, by show standards, Sunburst is probably a pretty good choice to be vice headstallion. I wouldn't say that his knowing a lot about magic or whatever in itself means that he's qualified, but he seems generally competent, and might be able to rein in or calm down Starlight when necessary. I'm also surprised that Octavia, Dr. Whooves, and/or Big Mac aren't considered as teachers for the school (at least not on-screen). My impression is that the Mane Seven will be co-ruling Equestria, or will be assisting Twilight in ruling Equestria, so I would think that the School of Friendship is going to need new teachers. From what we see, Octavia seems like a perfectly fine music teacher/band director; Dr. Whooves is a little eccentric and/or absentminded, but probably could be a good, or at least passable, science teacher; and if Big Mac were willing to talk more, he probably wouldn't be a bad teacher, either, if he wanted to be. However, I'm a lot less convinced of Trixie's qualifications to be the new student counselor, and whether those overcome her personality issues, poor judgment, lack of experience, not taking the job seriously, etc. Starlight says that Trixie (supposedly) cares about the students, and that Trixie stands by the ponies she cares about. The primary demonstration of this in the episode is that Trixie stuck up for Gallus to Grampa Gruff. But, for one thing, as I mention below, did Trixie really teach Gallus and get to know enough about him to stick up for him as a student? And Trixie mostly was yelling at Grampa Gruff to care more and be more involved in Gallus's life. That could be seen as something good to do (and perhaps something that needed to be done), but how often are situations like that going to come up? How often do student counselors need to "stick up for" students, and to whom? Their parents? The teachers/staff? Other students? Even if that might happen occasionally, that doesn't seem like a major role for a student counselor. Another thing Starlight says is that Trixie helped Starlight talk through her problem, and Trixie "really did give good advice". But Trixie had just gotten done saying that she gave good advice when she didn't mean to. Shouldn't we want a student counselor who gives good advice intentionally and on purpose, not just when she doesn't mean to? And Trixie's happening to help Starlight talk through one problem doesn't necessarily mean that Trixie will be able to talk students through their problems, day-in, day-out, as a full-time job. Trixie also didn't seem to care about the subject matter being taught at the school, which would be a problem when the student counselor probably needs to help many students figure out what courses to take, what their paths to graduation will be, etc. For one final point, in the episode "Marks for Effort", Starlight offers the CMCs new jobs as tutors for the school, which seemed to imply that Starlight as the school's counselor was making staffing/hiring decisions. So does that mean that Trixie would be making staffing/hiring decisions for the school under headmare Starlight? ----- I don't really have any other big-picture observations, so here are the rest of my miscellaneous observations: Starlight says that if Twilight is going to talk to her about leaving early yesterday, she didn't have any students on her schedule. So I suppose this confirms that Starlight doesn't have open-door office hours anymore, or at least not at the end of the day. When Twilight tells Starlight "I can't think of anypony who'd be better for the job" of taking over the school, what exactly that means is a function of Twilight's knowledge and how much she thought about it. If Twilight doesn't actually know very many people (particularly school administrator types), or didn't think very hard about who would be good for the job, then that statement wouldn't necessarily mean much. So Celestia and Luna are actually teaching Twilight at least some things before handing off the rulership of Equestria. At least they apparently are no longer just saying that the friendship journal written by Twilight & friends "is a better guide than any we could provide", and leaving Twilight & friends to figure everything out, although we'll have to see if the lessons like these end up being helpful or have any significant impact. And Twilight almost seems to be denigrating the royal etiquette lesson, but, for example, if Twilight will have to deal with other societies like the yaks, who might get offended at improper etiquette and retaliate (in whatever way) as a result, then knowing proper etiquette would be important. Doesn't "hiring" a vice headmare imply, you know, getting paid? This just raises the never-answered question of where funds for the school come from, and how transparent these hiring and spending decisions are to whomever is providing these funds. Also, Starlight tells Spoiled Rich that fundraising is "not the primary responsibility of the vice headmare". So is fundraising a responsibility, just not a "primary" one? Starlight doesn't outright say that the School of Friendship doesn't do fundraising. Starlight's tacked-on "...but anypony is welcome to apply!" makes me think: Is Starlight required to follow non-discrimination laws or the like in deciding whom to hire for a position? If Starlight rejected Spoiled Rich as a candidate without "due consideration", could Spoiled file a discrimination lawsuit against Starlight and/or the school? Is it really a good idea to have band practice in a room that doesn't even look to have doors? Is it possible that the band might disturb people in other parts of the school nearby? Every other vice principal candidate was teaching a class under the watch of one of the Mane Six (Big Mac with Rarity, Spoiled with Rainbow, Octavia with Pinkie, and Dr. Whooves with Fluttershy), so who's watching Trixie? Whose class is Trixie supposed to be teaching, and why doesn't the original teacher seem to be there? I thought the idea behind parent-teacher conferences is that the teacher has been teaching the students for weeks or months, and therefore, the teacher knows about, and can tell students' parents about, how well their kids have been performing, what and how they can improve, etc. We've only seen these vice principal candidates each teach one class, so how would they know and be able to tell parents (with any specificity) how well their kids are doing? Are we meant to assume that these candidates have been teaching classes off-screen for weeks or months? Or is all of this just an exercise in how well the candidates can flatter students' parents without actually knowing or saying anything substantive? How much should we read into Trixie's suggestion that "maybe we should find a different representative from Griffonstone to be Gallus's guardian"? Does Trixie know that Gallus doesn't have a permanent guardian? Seriously, Silverstream's father doesn't know what "exuberant" and "enthusiastic" mean? These aren't particularly exotic words, and they're in a library - just go get a dictionary. Throughout this episode, the job that Starlight is looking to fill is always referred to as "vice headmare", even when speaking to male candidates. Even when Starlight is talking to Big Mac in her office, she tells him "And if you aren't comfortable with that, vice headmare probably isn't the job for you". Is "headmare" supposed to be a gender-neutral term? Is the word "headstallion" not used? Could they not just use the terms "principal" or "headmaster"? Is Octavia's cello-playing at the concert being amplified at all? I don't see any microphones or anything around her, and I might think that her playing would be drowned out by whatever's playing through the mega-speakers. I can at least kind of see how Octavia's and Dr. Whooves's field trips might be used as a learning experience for the subjects that they teach. But Trixie was supposed to teach history, and I'm not really seeing how teleporting a (seemingly random) chunk of Froggy Bottom Bog into the classroom would really be a learning experience for a history class. Trixie's teleporting a big piece of the bog, and even casting a magic bubble around herself as she teleports it in, does seem like pretty impressive magic for Trixie to be doing, since she hasn't seemed to be a powerful unicorn in the past. Finally, Twilight does say near the beginning of the episode that she'll be moving to Canterlot, and assuming Spike moves with her, then Starlight would presumably have the castle to herself. But then, if Sunburst moves to Ponyville, will he be moving into the castle with Starlight? That seems like more shipping fuel. Also, it's too bad that the Tree of Harmony didn't know that Twilight would be moving to Canterlot and taking over the ruling of Equestria just a couple of years or so after the events of "Twilight's Kingdom"; otherwise, the Tree could have saved the effort of creating this whole new crystal castle in Ponyville.
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  36. I had some shrimp etouffee earlier. My neighbor made it for me.
  37. A friend of mine brought up a really cool little tidbit. One of Starlight's first focus episodes ever involved her forcing Big Mac to speak against his will. Her last focus episode includes a scene of her talking amicably to Big Mac about his voice, and being understanding about how he just isn't comfortable speaking around others. Just a nice little thing showing how far she's come.
  38. Update: Hi there, everyone~ First of all, don't you worry, I'm still going to continue working on the two requests yet to complete. I just wanted to explain why I'm taking so long. I've been having persistent stomach pains for a few days. Since I'm quite the hipochondriac and haven't been able to check in with a doctor, I am making up reasons as to why this is happening (and reasons as to why I am feeling my heartbeat more than usual.. although that could just be the anxiety, but I can't help it). Once I'm feeling better, I'll get to them ASAP. Sorry for the wait~ ^^''
  39. Dayum Tia... nice digs... Here's the artist!! So much good pony art!! https://www.deviantart.com/devinian
  40. I don’t really know if I have a favorite but I didn’t see this (the following song) in the first SIX PAGES of this thread so I’ll just quietly - LULLABY FOR A PRINCESS IS GR8 Oh and A Brand New Pair of Wings
  41. Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific explanation to everything.
  42. Yeah, I'm not too sad. it's not like the show will be phased out of existence forever; I can always rewatch it (and the past generations too). In fact, I'm glad FiM isn't running for too long. After all, TV shows either end good, or last long enough to turn bad.
  43. Ouch, I feel very alone saying Applejack. But it's her. When I first began watching, it was Fluttershy for being so darn adorable, but with time, Applejack kind of wormed her way into my heart. She's got the perfect balance between being strong and proud, but also taking each situation into consideration and acting on that. Only wanting to be too dependable is what gets her down. She's just all the things I value the highest, it's almost ridiculous how well she fits my view of a decent person, er, pony. She's just that good. Also, I got her as my first G4-toy, which was just yersterday, so it's a given.