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    Good morning and Happy Monday, everypony! I know Monday isn't anypony's favourite day of the week but let's make the most of it!
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    My profile has been completely Tempestified!
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    Lil’ Relative is back from the beach. We drew together and now we’re watching a murder mystery. I’m running out of ways to entertain her.
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    Tempest found out that I sent her fan mail...
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    All I see is a beautiful pony with beautiful scars!
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    Oh my gosh I LOVE this new Sci-Twi signature I just made!
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    It's official everypony: I'm making the rest of the week Tempest Week because Tempest is absolutely amazing and beautiful and she needs more recognition! You're welcome!
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    People don't know I like wrestling and Batman, there's more to me than Rapunzel and Della Duck you know!
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    If you don't think this fight is insanely epic, then I weep for you. Also, I really did feel something inside me break when I first saw the Golden Oak get destroyed. I knew it was gonna happen at some stage in Season Four, but it was still quite a shock. Also also, when Twilight catches Owlicious at the very last second...
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    If Rainbow Dash makes everything 20% cooler then Tempest makes everything 80% cooler!
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    @cuteycindyhoney @Ya boi Stormy 🌩️ @Dark Qiviut Darkwing Duck signature.
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    Oops, I'm a bit late. Goodnight, everypony! I'll see you all tomorrow!
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    The other day was the hang out with friends, yesterday a wedding anniversary, what's up next? I've had a really good time these past two days, I feel awesome. I have extra love to share to you all. I wanted to check in yesterday but I got distracted by games. Additionally, I watched the first episode of pony life. (lol eating effect for tia ) I mean, its not impossible to watch it, I love the references for example. Im looking forward to watch more. What about you? How have you been?
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    Happy Tempest is best Tempest!
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    I like randomly texting my best friend facts about TV shows and movies
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    good morning everypony
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    Bored bored bored. It’s super quiet at work. Maybe I should break out my sketchbook.
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    Well I got morning shift tomorrow so I gotta force myself to sleep. Goodnight guys. Love y’all!
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    I love Tempest more than @LyraLover 💚 loves Lyra!
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    Can Tempest possibly get any more beautiful?
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    {And what would be YOUR caption for this pic?}
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    something something ease your mind.. with link!
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    Good morning everypony! Hope you have a wonderful day today!
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    I’ll be riding out the storm
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    New username. New leaf UwU How's everyone today?
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    Anyone Got Moving Advice ? I'm gonna be moving out into my own house soon which is pretty crazy, and I'vegot everything sorted out, even insurance but I keep worrying that I've forgotten something . Being on my own feels pretty scary, so I'm wondering if anyone's got advice for being on your own for the first time ? If you do If love to hear it And thanks in advance <3
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    *boops every-pony* ^^
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    Morning everypony how’s it been?
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    It looks like Tempest could use some company!
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    Fact or Crap: Shigeru Miyamoto designed Chain Chomps after his first encounter with a dog.
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    So I've heard many, many, many, many good things about a game called "Factorio" and decided to buy it and give a try. It didn't really look appealing at first glance, as generally I'm not into city builders and stuff like this much (maybe unless it has multiplayer, as genre doesn't matter much if I'm destroying playing something with my brother ). I've been told there's this, there's that, you can do this, you can do that, it's not just about building random stuff. ... And sweet Celestia, it indeed is insanely addicting! Also building all these logistic systems and whatsoever makes me feel like I was programming games. Thinking ahead and stuff, fixing "bugs" if machines decide to stop for some reason - yeah.. Definitely feels familiar.
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    OH NOES! IT'S TEH SWARM OF TEH CENTURY! better don't look at your notifications!
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    *I give everyone a muffin*
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    Goodnight everypony Super adorable princess
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    How is everyone doing?
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    *thinks of song* Shoot I’ll never find it soon.. Oh wait. There it is
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    Friendship Is Magic is easily the best animated program on The Hub/Discovery Family. Despite successes such as Spongebob, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and The Loud House, Avatar: The Last Airbender is the best Western cartoon of the 2000s and Nickelodeon as a whole. Cartoon Network, surprisingly, has some competition over which is better. Steven Universe is, IMO, the best one, but you also have Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall, and the original Powerpuff Girls. Disney’s networks, however, are much closer. You got DuckTales ‘87 and 2017, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Kim Possible, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. While I don’t care about it and am not interested in watching it, Bojack Horseman is one of the only non-family cartoons that is completely worthwhile and is, quite possibly, the best cartoon on Netflix. As far as family-friendly animation is concerned, you can argue Hilda, Carmen Sandiego, and She-Ra.
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    So, my mom told me that I should be able to talk more starting Wednesday, as that'll have been two weeks since my surgery, and I should be fine to do that then.
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    Why can't I stop listening to this?
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    So after finishing installing my wardrobe with my dad, I filled it in. Because I am too stupid to remember where some stuff lies and too lazy to look up, I made some hints I did put on the shelves: Socks - Group Animals Socks - Lonely :°/
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    I just finished an Applejack signature that I'm pretty happy with.
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    Yeesh, I guess I'm staying up late again tonight.
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    Oh, this is wonderful.