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    Heading to be early tonight. I'm feeling pretty sore and just need a chance to rest up. Goodnight everypony! Have pleasant, fun-filled dreams.
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    I am feeling a bit more festive now thanks to "My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever"!
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    Out in the gardens with Roseluck!
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    Good evening everyone and how are you all doing? I am doing fine.
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    *Someone mentions Celestia and Luna*
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    It was so pretty outside, I had to take this afternoon off from work. Drove all the way to my new property, marked the spot where I want to build a house, enjoyed the scenery and returned home before dark. Worth it
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    🎵I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the derputy🎵
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    Happy Birthday random stranger!
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    One thing I've noticed after reading some of your posts, you and me both are very similar. It's kind of scary
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    Christmas seems to come quicker every year!
  11. 483867 I agree she is Best Pony But.......Applejack is also Best Pony.
  12. 483865 I figured Dash had something to do with it.
  13. Hi there Mr. Horse! Hello Dark Horse. It's a pleasure to see you back here. I love Christmas! I love all holidays really, because I kinda get to celebrate them twice. I celebrate them Equestria style with my friends and family over here, and then Totally likes to share how humans celebrate them. This is one of my favorite ones, though. Last year Totally took me around to show me all the decorations humans put on their houses and in their yards. He even snuck me into a human Christmas party to show me what those are like too! I didn't get to do much since I was mostly just watching from where people couldn't see me, but everything I thought looked cool (or tasty), we did (or ate) afterward. I'm hoping he'll give Rose or Nyx that opportunity this year. It was really cool. I don't know, Lyra. It could be tricky to sneak two more ponies around without anyone noticing. Actually, I think Lyra is onto something. I don't need to see the human world, but I bet Nyx would love it! Sneaking one pony around instead of two would be much easier. I suppose... Ok sure, I'll do it! This will be a lot of fun, and I do think she'll enjoy it. Before we get more sidetracked though, what about you Roseluck? What are looking forward to? Well I certainly love Hearth's Warming, but most of my joy comes from what I see, rather than what I do this time of year. I love to see the streets and houses of Ponyville with their decorations and lights shining through the blanket of snow. I love to see the joy on all the fillies' and colts' faces when they open their presents and discover some new treasure. And I especially love all of the love and friendship in the air, so abundant you can almost feel it. This holiday just warms me to the core. Wow. Very poetic. Oh, yes. Totally got me wanting to be more creative, so I've been working on writing in my free time. It's nothing special yet, but I'm getting better. How about you Totally? Hearth's Warming plans? I'm mostly looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and friends, which includes these silly ponies too. I have a brother I haven't seen in a few years coming in from the other side of the world, I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most. I'll also throw together a Christmas party for these three. We have our own Christmas present exchange we're gonna do on Christmas. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to that one too! Oh, and about your last question Dark Horse, I'm afraid Nyx isn't here right now to answer it. She's off spending time with Twilight until Hearth's Warming. I do know where they're at though, so I'll go take your question to her and be back soon with her reply. I hope you don't mind waiting a day or two until I can get back with it.
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    Is it "another thing coming" or "another think coming"?
  15. 483863 Why do you make your number rainbow colored, @Nsxile?
  16. Purple and white is for @Cyclone1066. But no, pink just makes a nice accent against white.
  17. Not banned for acknowledging my correct...tiveness
  18. Banned just because Christmas is in two weeks
  19. https://derpibooru.org/483852?q=cewestia
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    OMG that made me laugh! You are such a classic 2013 brony! I used to like digibrony (oh no!), but I know he became a douchebag (oh no!). I cannot stand Tommy Oliver either (oh yes!).
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    It’s snowing Florida style! (Well, misting rain and 50 degrees. But that’s considered snow to Floridians. Shush) I should clear out a spot in the garage for Matt. He’s cold
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    Good evening everypony! It's Wednesday, meaning no college, so I've just been loafing around my grandparent's house catching up on Survivor episodes and drinking tea all day. To all of you who have actually been working today, I hope that you've all had a brilliant (or, more realistically, a passable) day!
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  24. Hello, hello! It's been a little while. I hope you four are doing well? So, we're not that long out from one of my favorite dates of the year: Christmas! Hearth's Warming, if you prefer. It certainly always makes my heart feel warm, in spite of the cold. Seeing as we're all getting into the festive spirit around here, I was wondering what excites you all most about this time of the year and what some of your own plans are for it? Any secret santas you've been planning to gift to anyone? Maybe a few festivities you're looking to partake in? Or do you just like to take it easy and spend time with friends and family? What would be your most ideal gift, Nyx?
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    Guten Morgen everypony! So, it's Tuesday, meaning that I don't have any lessons for another three and a half hours, and so, I thought that I would check into my favorite proverbial internet hotel, and...hang out in the lobby for a little bit (not my best metaphor). Looking forward to the next few days. My mother is attending some sort of educational conference for the next two days, so, starting today, I'll be staying at my grandparent's house, which should be fun. Currently listening to Oogie Boogie's song for some reason.
  27. Granted. You are forever in a state of hyperactively energetic. There are no foods or medicines that you can take to induce you into a drowsy state nor temporarily knock you out. You are a medical anomaly that can never sleep or relax, no matter how much you might want to! But it won't matter too much, exerting that much energy will probably cut your expected lifespan by more than half. I wish it was impossible to accidentally or unknowingly hurt someone's feelings.
  28. It's really nice to talk to some pony friends after not having any friends in high school for 5 years.
  29. Cutie Mark Chronicles: First time I cried was when Apple Bloom made that really sad face when Diamond Tiara was teasing her in class Sonic Rainboom: I was so proud of RD getting the rainboom that I cried over it. Sister Hooves Social: First when Sweetie disowned Rarity as a sister and again when Rarity seen the drawing. Baby Cakes: When Pinkie had her breakdown... You just gotta cry along with that. I cried at other episodes too but I don't remember which ones specifically... Oh well. edit: Oh yeah I did cry at that Discord moment mentioned above.
  30. I can see that as being a hip new hairstyle.
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    It still annoys me that if you have a pony pic on the comment section of any site people STILL will call you out with names such as F*g or horse Fu****....
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    Pegasus rank... Ooooo, so close!
  33. It's rabbit season right now, so... rabbit hunting. My current hobbies are amateur astronomy, target practice, and just enjoying the outdoors in general. Oh and watching youtube videos
  34. 483864 Mostly for fun... But also because it's the colours of my favourite pony @Lucky Bells
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    Wellll cant wait until monday, hopefully I can get some interviews and get my shit back together so I dont have to move back with a friend or what have you.
  36. Both my parents are aight. I dont get to spend much time with my dad cause he's almost always away from home due to his job, but when he IS home we have a pretty good relationship. My relationship with my mom is good too. I only find my parents annoying sometimes. Like when they say i cant do a particular thing or if my dad teases me. Just your average stuff.