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    A radioluminescent phosphor should keep Corona away, tho it's definitely not safe to hug this pony without a lead lined suit
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    First the picture and now Buffy awarded me a medal of Sweet Heart! Could this day become any better?!
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    This was exciting. I was in my balcony and suddenly every neighbor started clapping at the same time. I was wondering why and then my grandpa told me that it was because we had to clap our doctors every 9:00 pm. I started clapping like everyone else.
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    Thank You to whoever gave me this badge!
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    GUYS!!! Cagey surprised me! I loooovvvvve iiiiit!!!
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    I love finding new Pony art, especially of this beautiful pony!
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    Flashback to when I was a starting-out artist who still used bases and drew this pic of my friend as a magical girl...
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    Morning friends 💖 @Lord Valtasar thank you for handing out the heart contests badges!
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    If you’re gonna let some unrelated randos online determine whether or not you’ll continue enjoying a product, then you’re gonna have a really hard time truly enjoying anything.
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    Time to play this week's reference game! We might not exactly be shifting into turbo, but with a quick Tire Change, we'll be in a Type Speed formation! Some think that if you go fast enough, you can travel into a Surprise Future! Which Kamen Rider do you think I'm referencing? Into the hereafter, leading to the future upon wounded, broken wings... We carry our pain with us. The bright, shining Re-Ray. If this path leads us to the end of the world, then a brilliant light will shine through the clouds. Everyone searches for the reason why they exist. Beaming through the cracks between your fingers is a Re-Ray. With the red hot sun burning at your back... Heading there now, remembering the days we were loved... As we leave behind those day-by-days of having to fight constantly, those times will stay within you, but who can say who was good or evil? Do you wanna remember? Our beginning... Into the hereafter, leading to the future... The blinding light of a Re-Ray.
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    There must be some kind of mistake.
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    Alright @Renegade the Unicorn here's as far as I got so far. I'm planning to go to bed soon, but I'll finish the rest tomorrow.
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    Sadly, I have to leave again. With any luck I will be back tomorrow as if nothing truly happened but I don't have such hopes. Take care!
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    Thanks to whoever sent me the Sweet Heart award
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    Matt has a cutie mark now yes I know there’s some overspray but I’ll fix that. Heh....before y’all mention it...yes Im sure you notice the oil spots on the driveway. Life of a second gen owner in a nutshell.
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    This was Christopher Lee narrating LIVE with Rhapsody of Fire some years ago. Amazing stuff!
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    Can someone explain me why I don't cry in things like my little dashie and why I don't find gore that disturbing.
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    @Lucky Bolt Here's Day's bow
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    I think the reasons that Spike, Discord, Thorax, Yona, and Cozy Glow are my favourites is because I can relate to them....yes, even Cozy..
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    Hey @Renegade the Unicorn I forgot what rebel looks like (color of her hair, eye color, collar color) that stuff. Will you re-inform me on what it was?
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    Moths... That is all.
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    Now I got two new equines in my like list: Zoomicorns and Zahracorns Blame Shimmer and Shine for this.
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    Why should I change my OC, Roswell is the one that allows me to vent my pain.
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    Alright @Lucky Bolt, here's the complete picture of Day!
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    Ever see an inactive account and feel bad?
  27. I just don't like the fact I live in the city...I feel so out of place here. I miss living in rural areas like I did in Illinois. .....I don't miss Illinois though. Rural areas around here in north Florida would make for my ideal home.
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    Ponies, ponies and even more ponies! And Spike. And Discord.
  29. @Mellow Mane @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @DivineBlur1000 @Deerie @RaraLover @Sondash Studios @Treeglow Flicker @Flutterstep @Bastian @Samurai Equine @Totally Nyx @TheRockARooster @Deae Rising Shine~ @EpicEnergy @Mirage @Super Splashee @Rainbow Cloud @Nsxile @Dawnchaser @Derpy Pon-3 @Ultraviolet Phosphor @Stone Cold Steve Tuna @Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️ @Bas @Sparklefan1234 @StarrySkyDash @Partialgeek514 @Arc Flash @AJ2489 @Rikifive @Lord Midnight Madness
  30. I should of gotten a ad blocker to work, sorry about that The winners are as followed: #1 @Cagey Dm me the oc you want drawn #2 @CatCat Dm me for custom oc #3 @Kronos the Revenant Please dm me with the info of what should be on the banner for you - along with the sizes it should be!
  31. Getting pretty fucking tired of being reminded of this everywhere I go. Every application I use, almost every website, nearly everything feels the need to jam this shit in my face. I was on Spotify a bit ago and even they are showing a notice about it when you login. I use Spotify to listen to music, not be reminded for the 10 millionth fucking time about how the world is going to total shit.
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    HOLD THE PHONE! Is this a real thing in Animal Crossing or a faked piece of fanart? Please tell me! I need to know!
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    Here is the irony of the day. I had two jobs. One as a CNA which I left due to wanting to avoid high risk environment job to protect myself and my family. Hoping my second job will be enough to back it up since it has lesser risk but eventually they laid me off... So now I’m left with nothing. This actually made me a bit guilty or selfish to leave my CNA job in a first place like it’s a karma for leaving these health care coworkers and patients behind .. I don’t know..I know I shouldn’t feel this way but it just seem like it is.. I was even going off ranting how Costco didn’t give us, CDS a raise last week and now they laid us off completely. Damnit. Now it made me feel like I was taking things for granted but I know it’s beyond my control and it probably got nothing to do with it. I hate Costco for treating us this way. God... I don’t even know to feel about all this.
  34. Sherem chuckled and said "well, something that other ponies and other folks forget is that there is one exception that alicorns are not born, they are earned in my youth I spent my time in the forges of the crystal empire before I got to be a squire or even a soldier" he then looked at the sword and said "Thank you Master Bismuth" he bowed as he received the sword "I might come often when I'm here. I dare not to put myself in the level of someone that has practiced the craft but I can make for a decent assistant at the least" he then looked at Midnight and said "well since I am a knight now, I should know about the system that works in this kingdom and how is the living for the folks here" he said with a smile as he sheathed his sword and said "well then my lord, teach me of what I don't know" he bowed again to bismuth and followed Midnight around -Meanwhile in equestria- Celestia was dealing with a lot of paperwork around sighed and got the news that Sherem was gone, this alerted her but then she thought that Sherem went for a trip since he was still out of duty because of the forced vacation she told him to take. However, what worried her is that Sheoreth was also loose around.
  35. I am not afraid of getting it myself. I am more worried about others if I am very honest.
  36. Sai should have a line straightening feature to auto smooth lines etc!
  37. No probs my friend! *Hugs tight* @Deerie Nuuuu Imma just da blue pony!!!!
  38. @Deerie Why thank you deerie! *Boops your snoot* I'm a fan of your as well!
  39. Oh I know, just...planting that little gem of a seed in everyone's head, of course!
  40. I was always surprised that family guy never had any Brony references to be honest, seths prolly like "yeahhhh no" on that one! XD
  41. Because like any form of entertainment its a way to escape reality for a bit and relax!
  42. Send a shotgun slug through it!
  43. @Deerie A kind wonderful friend that I adore to no end.
  44. *smiles and huggles @Deerie*
  45. Blivy


    We shall be friends four 5 EVER!
  46. I think we they say lose quality they mean like a couple pixels max per upload, this might take a while boys! Nope download the picture he posted and then repost it to see if it loses quality over time as more people download the image he posted and repost it here.
  47. Safer than driving in your truck, just turn your truck into a spaceship!