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    I'm in a pretty good mood rn.
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    I really need to stop buying so many model kits. I kinda ran out of room for them all like 7-8 kits ago...
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    Blame @Dark Horse. Is it his fault? Not really. Maybe a little. But we're blaming him anyway.
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    How is everyone doing?
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    I’m planning on taking a break. This is why my status updates and PM’s are disabled.
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    I am so happy that Rainbow Dash could visit me!
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    I have figured out a way to post (in General Discussion, etc) without updating my post count Wanna figure out how? Click the spoiler:
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    Just like a diamond in the sky!
  11. It's been way too long since I last booped any snoots. *boops @Mellow Mane 🍀 @Twilight Luna @Tacodidra @Stone Cold Steve Tuna @Califorum @Flutterstep @Rainbow Cloud @TomDaBombMLP @DivineSpirit1000 @Samurai Equine @Sherbie-kun <3 @Rainy Day @Totally Nyx @Sparklefan1234 @RaraLover @TotallyNotNyx @Sondash Studios @EpicEnergy @Kyoshi @AppleButt @Midnight Danny @Emerald Heart @Rikifive @Mirage @Treeglow Flicker @Cagey @Pastel Heart @Deae Rising Shine~*
  12. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @PawelS, @Windy Breeze, @ExplosionMare, @GeneralDirection, @Kronos the Revenant ATTENTION PLEASE, EVERYONE!!! I have some announcements to make before the RP continues forward... FIRST of all, the current day in the RP is close to being wrapped up. We are really close to moving on to the next day in the RP, which is going to be a slower, slice-of-life day, as per usual. So if there's anything else that's been going on or anything else you want to do, let's wrap it up. Let me know if there is anything big or important you want to explore before we move on to the next day. SECOND, there is going to be some changes to the active particpants in this RP. (Sorry, but I'm going to have to tag some people.) @Astral Vision disappeared early on in this event, and will be labeled as Inactive. I really wish he was still here; I wish he had reappeared before the event ended. However, he has left us with no other means of contacting him. So unless he makes a miraculous comeback, we'll have to make some adjustments to the RP. One of which, Dynamo will now be in charge of the Laronde Box instead of Astral. If Astral ever returns and wants to be part of this, we'll get him reoriented with the RP. But for now, he is gone and we have to keep moving. @Emerald Heart's OC has been absent most of this RP, and she herself has not been following along. In my RP, I welcome anyone that just wants to blend into the background and not do much. I also understand that personal life matters come first. However, considering this RP also has major events, I do require SOME level of participation. At the very least, try to follow along on your spare time if you don't have the time to actually post something. So I'll be moving Emerald Heart to the list of Inactive Participants, but she is welcome to come back any time she wants. I try REALLY hard not to close the door on anyone if it can be avoided. @Ragland Tiger seemed to be interested in coming back to the RP when the current event was over, or at least the video-game section, and it is. Unless I'm told otherwise, I'll keep Ragland as an Active Participant. @Shadow Strike (formally Cinnamon Coffee) has decided to bow out due to mental health issues. We wish Shadow the best of luck, and the door is always open if they ever wish to come back. Til then, they'll be labelled as Inactive. @CameoShadowness has left due to personal life matters, so they'll also be listed as Inactive. Again, the door is always open, if they ever want to come back. @Buck Testa has taken an extended Hiatus and has not kept it touch. Rather sad, despite the eagerness he showed to join. The RP will always be open if he ever wishes to come back, but for now he'll be listed as Inactive. ... That should be it for now. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me. And to everyone else that has either been participating or quietly following along; thank you for sticking with the RP this far. You're all amazing.
  13. Black Friday Boop! It's On Sale! @Platinum Night, @Rainy Day, @Midnight Danny, @Nsxile 🔥🐲, @SpongeBobsLittlePony, @TomDaBombMLP, @Sherbie-kun <3, @Windy Breeze 🥧, @Bas, @LegoshiLunA, @Dark Qiviut, @Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️, @Derpy Pon-3, @Bastian, @Deerie, @applesjck, @Splashee, @Goofyg24, @Blivy, @Samurai Equine, @Batoloratura, @Dynamo Pad, @Ninetales, @FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARooster And For Team Moon @Mirage @BornAgainBrony @Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.Dash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmareLuna1996
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    The fact that in No More Heroes you save the game by taking a dump is probably the most charming aspect of the game Yes I said charming This is charming
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    Spring break in Persona EG. My favorite part of the fic
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    One like = one perfect nose
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    Hello! I'm alive again!.... I need advice on getting a new phone...for now its Oppo reno4 Realme7pro Any suggestions? I didnt pick poco x3 because it dosnt have AMOLED.
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    Ugh, I'm sick of my family constantly keeping me awake. Goodnight everypony! See you on the weekend!
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    Goodnight everypony! See you all tomorrow!
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  22. I was born in North Carolina, but as a marine brat we moved often. Once my dad retired he came to New York (nope not the city!!!!) and I've been here since.. that would be 26 years now D: and nope I don't like it. I'd love to move somewhere warmer!
  23. Banned because they've been a lovely audience and we'd love to take them home with us....
  24. 503651 Page 20133 is of your interest @King of Canterlot
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    Equestria, the land I love, a land of harmony Our flag does wave, from high above, for pony kind to see Equestria, a land of friends, where pony kind do roam They say true friendship never ends, Equestria my home I did you guys, I finally got what I've been waiting ever since I joined this community: the official, national flag of Equestria, sent to me from the Equestria Embassy itself. I am now a full-fledged member of the Nation of Equestria! Twilight Sparkle is so happy for me, we did some very intense cuddling earlier today! I also hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving yesterday and ate till you were stuffed!
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    "As the princess of friendship, when I'm not dropping the ball, I'm dropping the BASS!"
  27. Banned for burning the turkey with your fire breathe.
  28. Finally managed to screenshot it. Started having the problem again just now:
  29. @Sherem He was, for the moment, alone in the archives, but who knew how long that solitude would last. The same selection of tomes was available to him as before, all he needed to do was resolve which subject he would study, then finding books and knowledge would be easy.
  30. I was born in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota but spent most of my childhood growing up in the far-flung northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. However I moved back to Minnesota about five years ago now to be closer to family and currently live in the south metro of the Twin Cities
  31. I know how you feel. You get so attached to a character yet they only appear once in a show. It's sad, because she truly deserves to be in at least more than one episode. "Equestria, the Land I Love" is also one of my favourites! You have a good taste in music! Mine is "The Magic Inside". Either way, both are sung by Rara! I don't really pay much attention to ships, but I can definitely say RaraJack is one of my favourites! They are always so adorable together (sometimes too adorable)! I also get depressed when thinking how Rara never reappeared in the show. I hoped that she made an actual appearance (with vocals and stuff) in Season 9, but unfortunately, I heard that it never happened, which really crushed me. In fact, the news has made me less excited to watch Season 9 (though can't say anything yet because I haven't watched it yet ).
  32. Grey lets out a light blush and smiles at her, then turns to Luna, "I hear that your voice is loud enough for deaf ears to hear, is that true?" Grey asks with an idea in mind.