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    I really enjoyed the lunar eclipse. My favorite moment was during the maximum eclipse, as it was dark enough to see the winter Milky Way stretching across the sky and the full (red) Moon at the same time. I have a hundred photos to go thru tomorrow morning and I need sleep. Good night everypony!
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    The Moon is completely red now, but there is more light on the Moon that we cannot see. I've suspected that Earth's atmosphere also refracts the Near Infrared spectrum on the Moon during an eclipse. Well, I have my answer. Yes it does! 1st pic is visible. 2nd is near IR (850- 1100nm). Same camera settings
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    Goodnight everypony! May your favorite pony keep you warm tonight!
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    It's almost time for the Luna Eclipse! I'll post some pics on here. I plan to stay up for the whole event
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    Feel good to be home It is now dropping in temperature quick...but Ive got a great view of the moon...hmm. maybe I should try and get some pictures of it
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    I wish you all a wonderful night, and stay warm and safe out there
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    The rooster is back home. Time to relax, my feet are really hurting.
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    It's literally 5°F outside right now.
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    Good morning ponyville! Its a cold one out there so make sure you bundle up no one likes frost bite Lets see how long it takes to get tires replaced
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    Ever had someone you don't like because they remind you of who you used to be?
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    Okay, I'm gonna be heading out to the store in a couple of hours Here's what I'm gonna be on the look-out for: - Defect amiibo's - Player 2 / Advent Children Cloud Amiibo - 1:43 Scale Red Bull Holden Racing Team Holden 'Commodore' V8 Supercar
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    Good morning everypony. How's it going? Oof, did we get a sudden winter storm last night. Eight inches of snow out of nowhere!
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    Iron Maiden ~UP THE IRONS HARRIS AND LEMMY! In other news... I'm shocked to hear this will be the last Bronycon!
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    Well shit. The Saints lost that one. Good game Rams. Hope Patrick Mahomes destroys the Patriots defense and I need to go prepare for the Lunar eclipse
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    I’m bored out of my mind at the annual business meeting at my church.... too many numbers
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    Still stop by every now and again to see what’s up and raise a lil hell! <3
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    I literally cannot stop laughing at this.
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    This is something that I’ve been wondering since I’ve dilped my hoof into the fandom but what is it about this series that made people want to make their own OCs? If you’ve made your own OC, that’s great. It’s probably something that I’ll mever do. I’m just curious, that’s all.
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