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    There's no use denying it - I totally have a crush on Lyra!!!
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    Sorry for my inactivity lately. I am fairly busy now with most of my time being spent towards school and an internship. The rest of my free time is usually spent doing games or working on some other projects with friends. I'll try my best to be a bit more active but I can't promise anything due to me being strained already.
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    Check this out! I did science and now it will take less time to summon twithonks! I'm a genius! Imgur had an upgrade months ago and I constantly had troubles with session - I mean, back then when I opened my imgur gallery from bookmark bar, everything was fine. After the upgrade though, I was always receiving an error and being redirected to home page at first - and now from there I had to access the gallery from the top-right menu. It was kind of annoying, as getting to the image required many clicks. That motivated me to write a little thing, that will quickly provide me the necessary links and here it is! I did science! Now all I need to do is to press [ CTRL+ALT+; ] anywhere to call the little soft and type the name of image I'm looking, then hit enter, similarly to how emoticons here work. It's quite cool! Also... during the development I noticed, that Imgur seems to be fixed, though I'm not sure yet. But if that's true, then that will be the worst timing ever! Well my 'Picflip', as I named it, will still come in handy nevertheless.
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    Follow the yellow, sunny road.
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    I think I finally got my Discord server up, so if you get a change come by and check it out. Just a place to chill https://discord.gg/U3M7NW
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    I bought a vacuum tube tester at one of the antique stores near my work. Don't see this kind of equipment very often. I've been looking to get one for a while but Ebay prices are just ridiculous sometimes. I tried it out on one of my spare tubes. The 6V6 tests good.
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    Ok...I have to give a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to @Lord Valtasar for this piece!! I cant explain how much it means to me and the wife This is going on Alora's wall(when she gets here) And I think Raja will approve too
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    I watched Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse the other day and Spider-Gwen is so awesome in that movie. i think she’s an awesome Spider-Person
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    Friday....is....so....close.... How are ya'll doing guys? I'm super excited for tomorrow, not only is it Friday but season 2 of Star Trek Discovery premiers tomorrow as does The grand Tour Season 3! I'm excited!
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    I'm back, everypony!!! And I have 164 notifications to scroll through. Anyway, this week I've been taking midyear exams at my school. The chemistry one I'm pretty sure I aced, and the algebra one didn't kill me. All that's left is a history exam tomorrow, and then I get to enjoy a 3 day weekend! Oh yeah, and I wrote this earlier this week: a Formula One race but with EQG characters as drivers. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AZEBrghtvI8QKlI4_qTtPNxpwKQi8rXsJvwxCYhJ2kA I'm feeling much better now than I was last week, and I hope you guys are too!
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    How are all my cuddly pony friends doing today? owo
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    Good morning ponyville! hope you guys are doing well
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    While on the other side; we have Nova Nightstar quite literally hanging with @Arc Flash! They seem to be having a rather electrifying time. A kind thank you for this amazing gift, Arc! And thank you very much @MidnightFire1222 for your wonderful artistic talent once again.
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    Good morning everypony! Or afternoon or evening, I dunno where I am anymore! How's it going? I'm gonna leave flying to you pegasi from now on, this unicorn prefers his hoofs on the ground. But after 16 hours of flying, I'm finally back on US soil!
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    I had a dream in which I was contemplating when I was going to 'leave' Earth, and I had this ability to time travel backto the past and I did exactly that, in which I stood out in my driveway and watched the busses of the past go by, until one semi truck like one came by and picked me up unlike the others who seemingly ignored me. I also had a dream where my crush of Emma was involved though I do not know the specifics. It took me around 3-4 hours to fall asleep last night because of how active my mind was, I kept thinking about all my past regrets, what I could have done and other things like that. I ended up crying a bit.
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    Goodnight all. Another busy day tomorrow, I’ve gotta be up early to go to an appointment. I’ll be on for a little in the morning but not much, I’m so sorry.
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    Programming Pause Menu in progress... > also some more stuff ~ see blog entry. Goodnight!
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    My content count just got 1,776% more 'Murica.