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Who does what here?

As MLP Forums has grown, we've been forced to move from a ragtag group of moderators lacking any significant degree of organization to a ragtag group of moderators and administrators with a reasonable command structure and fairly clearly defined responsibility distribution. For the sake of increasing people's awareness as to what exactly goes on behind the scenes, and who is responsible for which portions of the community, our former resident Tech Chicken - Key Gear - put together the following descriptions of our various staff positions.




Site Owner (Emperor/Imperator)


He who has great power should use it lightly.
- Seneca the Younger


The site owner pays the bills and is one of the individuals that founded and first built this site. The site owner has the final word on all decisions, though he is normally involved with very little as far as day-to-day operations are concerned. He deals with or at least has final input on matters involving the donation system, advertising queries that involve money, affiliations and other monetary situations.

Administrators (Generals/Legates)


Administrators are the gentle hands that guide the community. They are the equivalent of high-level customer service representatives at a bank. They have the tact, diplomacy, and patience to smooth over the righteous fury of a member, and they also have the technical chops necessary to dive in and hammer out a flaw before it inconveniences the members.


'Community' Administrators:


Let the welfare of the people be the ultimate law.
- Cicero


A large portion of the administrative staff busy themselves with the community, itself. They act as leaders of the moderation staff; assisting them in moderation and overseeing them in general, calming angry members and dealing with moderation disputes, diagnosing troublesome user account issues, investigating duplicate accounts, fixing permissions screw ups, watching over trouble tickets and acting as managers for community projects that do not require in-depth technical involvement. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining repositories like the FAQ and roleplay character database.

'Tech' Administrators & Technical Support Staff:


I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.
- Augustus


A lesser amount of our administrative staff are the sunlight deprived folks that poke around in the background, obsessive compulsively analyzing every aspect of how the site functions, and seeking ways to improve it through technical or sociological means. They are responsible for programming site improvements, installing and upgrading IP.Board applications/hooks, debugging the site when something breaks, communicating with IPS via IP.Board trouble tickets, answering technical support tickets, pushing all the buttons in the case of a DDOS attack, and other technical things like that.

Team Leaders (Captains/Centurions)
He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.
- Aristotle


Team leaders are the resident experts on moderating specific areas of the site, and can be either admins or moderators. Because of their expertise, they are considered to be the leaders and relevant authorities within their domains. In addition to all of the duties of normal moderators, team leaders have a higher level of responsibility.


Team leaders are responsible for providing guidance for the moderators in their areas, keeping an eye on their areas to make sure that things are polished, coming up with technical or sociological improvements and forwarding them to the administrators, writing and maintaining area specific guides, forwarding procedural improvements to the site owner and other administrators, and shouldering the general responsibilities of moderators.

Moderators (Guards/Praetoriani)


It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.
- Cicero


Moderators are the primary defense line against whatever is thrown at us. They have the ability to roam across the entire site, answering reports and keeping an eye on user behavior. Moderators also work on moderating blogs, status updates, and user accounts, as well as topic moderation and section responsibility. All moderators are 'global', in the sense that they are capable of moderating any section whatsoever. That said, all moderators have a section of the forum that they focus on, either because they have a personal interest in that section, or because they are incredibly active there.


Moderators have access over the warning system as well as being capable of hiding and editing posts/topics when necessary. They are responsible for keeping their sections polished by dealing with arguments when they arise or (more ideally) before they arise, tweaking tags and topic titles to better match the content of a topic or to correct grammar errors, proactively prowling their sections for things that have not yet been reported, issuing warnings to rule breakers, and dropping trains on trolls when they appear. They are also capable of moderating the blogging system and keeping an eye on status updates.

MLP Forums Sectional Staff (Soldiers/Milites)


Great empires are not maintained by timidity.
- Tacitus


Q&A Team:


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Team:

Octavia's Hall Team:Beyond Equestria Team:Roleplay World Staff:Poniverse Staff (Specialists/Immunes)


Here is a field open for talent; and here, merit will a have certain favor, and industry is graced with its due reward.
- Claudius


Poniverse staff are the remarkably skillful individuals that are trusted with the task of maintaining and operating certain parts of the community. They are like engineers or artists, dedicating substantial amounts of time to building and shaping aspects of the community. While they do sometimes moderate within super-specific areas of MLP Forums, their developmental or overseeing responsibilities are their top priorities.


Equestria.tv Staff:


The Equestria.tv team looks over our official streaming service, EquestriaTV. There, we watch pony videos, pony marathons, new episodes when they come out, non-pony related movies every Friday, and other things periodically. In addition to moderating the stream, these staff members update and take care of the Equestria.tv section, where announcements regarding the stream are posted. 8^)

PoniArcade Staff:Developers:


Developers are the right-hand assistants of the technically-focused administration members. They are experienced with code, and build new components and fancy bells and whistles for the community by working with each other and the administration. Unburdened with the responsibility to take care of and fix the forum when it experiences errors like the admins, Developers are almost entirely free to build and create new hooks and features, which in turn helps out the administration.

Public Relations Staff:


The Public Relations staff are here to handle everything to do with the off-site community, whether it be Steam, Facebook, Twitter or Deviant Art. They will be here to answer questions and keep everyone informed of any site news so that you are never in the dark.

Miscellaneous Staff:


These Poniverse Staff members do not fit in any other category. The jobs that they perform vary on an individual basis.



Former Staff:
Administrator, Moderator or Poniverse Staff; regardless what position someone was given, all previous staff are given indefinite Subscriber status after they've officially left staff. Though 'being able to help out the community alone should be reward enough' is an ideal sentiment, we also want to let people know that their work is truly, truly appreciated outside the people they meet and become friends with on staff. This is a small token of that gratitude.


This said, former staff receive no immunity whatsoever from the rules from this parting token. Should someone decide to become a disruptive presence on the forum, they'll be dealt with just as any normal member is.


If you have left staff and have not received your Subscriber status after an allotted 48 hour period, please send a private message to an Administrator.


This is definitely one of the single greatest written accomplishments in the recent history of this place, in my opinion ^^ It goes beyond detailed and informative; it's also very thoughtful, and approaches these position titles with a seriousness that goes beyond a simple 'janitors of a message board' mindset, that most forums have.

Too bad you can't brohoof FAQ articles, cause this get's all of mine. I suppose an image will have to do.

Posted Image

finally, now I get it

anyway we could get a tree of the original staff? :D

Excellent update.

Excellent update.


Glad some people think so :c

I approve of this, it looks great... I do not, however, approve of Raisins...yuck

Eww, raisins xP

Whatever happened to Key? He's gone ;-; I'm afraid I missed something with my inactivity.

Eww, raisins xP

Whatever happened to Key? He's gone ;-; I'm afraid I missed something with my inactivity.


Gotta keep up with Canterlot, bro :P


> http://mlpforums.com...me-of-the-rose/

That's a lot of detail... You've been hanging out with Twilight too much, haven't you...? lol

That's a lot of detail... You've been hanging out with Twilight too much, haven't you...? lol

I cannot speak for the staff as a whole, but I personally feel that transparency when it comes to site operations is necessary to a reasonable extent. One of the ways in which we can do that is to be clear and detailed about who exactly is in the staff and what their jobs are.

Call me crazy but, Public Relations?!? That would be my favourite position ever!! Although that's not gonna happen, it's still a happy thought! ^_^

Call me crazy but, Public Relations?!? That would be my favourite position ever!! Although that's not gonna happen, it's still a happy thought! ^_^

StarStreak, just to let you know, we were accepting applications for that position back in January. I don't know if or when applications will be accepted for that position again, but if they are we will likely announce it in Canterlot Castle. Therefore, I would recommend following that forum section so that, assuming your notification settings are set appropriately, you would be notified about any new announcements there. :)

Thank you for your interest in this. :D

If MLP Forums is going to ignore my application for benevolent moderator, I'll probably try to find a spot for another tech administrator for my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript know-how.

This is... I was going to say helpful, but I can't really see any way it would be helpful to me right now, but it is thorough, and informative. Some of the other pages look helpful. I should have checked out the FAQ section sooner. :)

I like the roman titles you have given them

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!"

Seeing my username put some Dr. Seuss in my brain. :muffins:

If SCS is on hiatus, he should be removed from the person to send PMs when one leaves staff.

If SCS is on hiatus, he should be removed from the person to send PMs when one leaves staff.


I've added Artemis and made some other changes since our Poniverse and Tech staff is a bit larger these days. :)

The thing is, I want to apply, but idk if ill always be online to, well, moderate. :|

Good to be on the list :P

Under, it is, ILM!

Aha! Recognition!

this list is most intriguing

Quite interesting indeed. Some people I did not know were a part of the staff. Always good to learn more I say. 

Do you have to be a certain age to sign up to be a moderator or something :I

>is named twice on this list


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