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  1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    The obligatory banned game. It's one of the largest threads on every single forum I've ever been to. This is how it works: you "ban" the last poster and cite a reason why. The reason can, quite literally, be anything. So, here we go! Banned because you don't exist!
  2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific explanation to everything.
  3. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Mega Thread What are your computer specs?

    Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.
  4. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Mega Thread The MLP Video Masterthread

    This is the official thread for all pony-related videos. PLEASE DO NOT START NEW THREADS TO SHARE A SINGLE VIDEO, unless you have made it yourself (in which case it belongs in Octavia's Hall).
  5. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    International Derpy Day

    WARNING: Season 2, Episode 14 SPOILERS! In today's episode, Rainbow Dash called Derpy by name, rendering her previously fanon name official. Derpy then went on to have a full speaking role for a good minute or so in which she destroyed part of Ponyville's town hall, much to Rainbow Dash's frustration. This event is significant because it proves, once and for all, that the show's creators are well aware of their fandom and listen to their viewers. Derpy originally began as a simple animation error in the show's pilot episode, but became a hit character among the fans.
  6. Title: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Air Date: January 28, 2012 Synopsis: The future of Sweet Apple Acres is in peril when the Apples challenge the Flim Flam brothers to a Cider Making Contest. The winner takes the farm!
  7. All payments to MLP Forums, including donations, are collected and processed by Poniverse, the nonprofit organization that owns MLP Forums. All donation and subscription payments are final and non-refundable. Donors and subscribers cannot earmark their payments for specific purposes or expenses. Unless otherwise noted, funds are pooled together and drawn from as needed at the sole discretion of Poniverse. Donations and subscriptions to Poniverse are not tax-deductible; we cannot issue tax receipts. Except for when the payment is part of a specific charitable fundraising event, a donation or subscription represents the purchase of a cosmetic, time-limited Donor or Subscriber status on MLP Forums and will be treated as such in the event of a dispute. The status will, for subscriptions, last until one's subscription expires due to nonpayment or is canceled; or, for donations, for 3 days per dollar paid. Additional perks associated with donations and subscriptions, in addition to the above-described statuses, are given on a best-effort basis; these perks may be modified or discontinued at any time for any reason, with or without compensation, at Poniverse's sole discretion. Other Poniverse properties may offer subscription or donor statuses and perks as well. Unless otherwise noted, these are distinct and separate from the subscriber and donor statuses offered on MLP Forums; subscribing to MLP Forums does not guarantee eligibility for such statuses on any other communities and vice versa. This may change in the future.
  8. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I can neither confirm nor deny that. I can only confirm that alicorns have many unusual and powerful abilities. ;P
  9. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Temporary fix for the Spammer issue

    > implying Poniverse is a professional operation I'm a student, too. I only said that I was a professional developer myself; this organization is a scrappy volunteer effort. Please do get in touch if you see something at some point and think "sweet Luna, even I can do this better!"
  10. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Temporary fix for the Spammer issue

    reCAPTCHA has historically been awful in practice and, as a professional developer, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Because it's so widely touted as the solution to spambots, it's also by far the most heavily targeted by spammers. In particular, it does nothing to stop business-savvy spammers who employ kids in Bangladesh for $0.10/hour to click pictures of traffic signs. There's also the philosophical issue of Google using reCAPTCHA to extract untold hours of labour from the unknowing masses, which gives them an incentive to not go too far in thwarting this particular kind of spammer. The list of issues goes on... Any custom captcha that is specific to a given site is better than reCAPTCHA or other third-party captchas. They'll confuse human spammers who barely understand English and no bots will exist that understand them. MLPF had this in the form of a Q&A captcha that asked (easy) trivia questions from FiM's first season between its launch in 2011 and the introduction of Poniverse logins in 2013. It worked, and unexpectedly even hampered an attempted raid from a car forum at one point by trolls who didn't know anything about ponies. For reasons I'm not going to delve into, having a similar captcha on never made it to the top of the priority pile until recently, and we're short-staffed on developers the task can be given to. Yes, this is a low-key call for help.
  11. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Temporary fix for the Spammer issue

    There first needs to be an active staff developer to give such tasks to. It would be an understatement to say that there's been turnover since I started MLPF in high school in that regard which hamstrung MLPF's or's abilities to get technical updates at all. Are you volunteering to help? We could use it.
  12. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Non-profits/charities you donate to

    I donate to Poniverse every month (you should, too, if you like this place!). This is my favourite nonprofit. I used to give to the local riding associations of political parties I supported as well, but recently cut down on those. I've given a reasonable amount of money to BC Children's Hospital and charity:water in the past as well, largely through MLPF's annual Christmastime fundraisers.
  13. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Unable to upload images on PMs

    Nope. We only did that for forum posts.
  14. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Unable to upload images on PMs

    That's not quite right. The reasoning for attachments in PM's being a subscriber feature is mainly because PM's are hidden away from the public. We're happier to foot the bill (read: spend subscriber money subsidizing a feature for everypony) for attachments in public content because great public content helps attract new users to the site. This property does not hold for personal conversations, so getting a subscription pays for the resources your attachments there will use.
  15. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Working on a forum. (This one.)

    I'm so very happy to see the progress on this. Your persistence and attention to detail with this will soon pay off, DDR! One thing I wanted to comment on was the following: Some versions of MySQL set the innodb_file_per_table setting in my.cnf to false by default. If this is set to false, then all InnoDB tables will write their data into a single "ibdata" file in your MySQL data directory which will forever grow and never shrink. MySQL tries to reclaim space from "deleted" tables but it's not perfect. If this setting is disabled, and you previously imported a database and deleted it, it's possible that you lost some disk space to that pesky ibdata file.
  16. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Theater audience?

    I went to a Wednesday screening at a VIP theatre (an adults-only theatre with a bar/lounge and restaurant-style service). This particular screening was organized by Cineplex, BronyCAN, and Entertainment One for the local pony community and sold out. It kinda turned into a meetup, too, with lots of people showing up early and hanging out in the lounge afterward. It was a ton of fun but also admittedly a very unusual screening.
  17. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Gallery of Goodwill

    I know this post is a little late but PayPal isn't a requirement - if you have a credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo on it, you should be able to use it. Maybe that helps? It's usually possible to get a MasterCard or Visa debit card that links to your bank account (and open a bank account if you don't already have one) even as a minor.
  18. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    General Questions Payment methods?

    We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and money orders for commissions and subscriptions; and PayPal for one-off donations to the site. You can also contact me to work out alternate arrangements or get help with using one of the above.
  19. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Can we move the "Character Count" box?

    My real name is not hard to find; it's not constructive to threaten me with "exposing" that we don't have resources assigned to MLP Forums - that is a rather plain, non-contentious fact. Starting drama will only waste a lot of time and mental energy. What would be constructive is volunteering to help out. There's been an ongoing search for a new MLPF lead developer since @Lavo left that post, which has not proven very fruitful so far. Its scope will be expanded soon but we had a few other channels to try first. A project's lead developer is normally supposed to be the person communicating with the general public about technical things and it's hard for that to happen when that person doesn't exist. Our volunteers are not a mindless "resource" that can be assigned to whatever tickles a manager's fancy, and Poniverse isn't a magical source of them. Volunteer developers typically sign up to contribute to projects that they have a significant personal stake in (ie. they have a dream to realize or are strongly motivated to work with a particular technology). Canterlot Avenue's technical staff volunteered very specifically for that project - it's wishful thinking, and ignorant of social dynamics, to suggest that they'd be working on MLPF if only I tore them out of Canterlot Avenue. One of the first tasks the new MLPF Lead Dev will get, assuming IP.Board doesn't scare them away, will be to go through the Feedback and Site Questions sections and learn what all the broken things are that need fixing. Their next task will be to get to work fixing them.
  20. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    No section regarding selling items that's besides artwork?

    In light of this thread, I'm considering revisiting that rule and opening up some kind of user-to-user marketplace here. I have two possible approaches in mind right now - comments would be appreciated! making "for sale" threads a thing you can buy - ie. paying $10 (as an example - actual pricing might need more thought) to put up a thread in which you're allowed to sell something adding something resembling a proper marketplace, where you can post items for sale, arrange payment, and MLPF/Poniverse takes a small cut from the transaction (there's an IP.Board add-on for this, so I don't anticipate it being a strain on our troubled access to dev resources) @StormBlaze @Jon the Bronynerd ^
  21. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Selling items from eBay

    Note for everypony: I've allowed @Jon the Bronynerd to post this thread. Check out his auctions!
  22. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Donation problem

    Hey @Mickey Adaptus, I appreciate that you want to support us financially and want to work with you to find a way to let you do that! I took a look at iDEAL and accepting it would require us to open a Netherlandsbank account, which is not a path I'd like to go down at this point. However, I assume you have a bank account since iDEAL works through online banking, which gives us some options: - cheques - a money order - prepaid VISA cards - opening a PayPal account (maybe?) - VISA or MasterCard debit card, if your bank offers them I'll follow up with you via PM to work out a solution!
  23. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Scribblepwn3's Traditional art commissions (OPEN)

    A small correction: your customers can pay for a commission on MLP Forums via PayPal, credit/debit cards, or a money order, with no further effort on your part, Scribbler.
  24. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    Online Forum Currency?

    We're not in the financial position to start providing "free" ways to get perks normally reserved for subscribers. It would discourage those who can afford a subscription to avoid getting one and virtual currency is no good for paying Poniverse's (very real) bills. Objectively, the price attached to those perks is not very high - the price of two Starbucks coffees a month will get you most of them - so the few perks they do get will remain exclusive for the foreseeable future. You get a very complete user experience without them already. Note that if you have money in some form but can't use a payment card or PayPal to subscribe, we're able to make alternate payment arrangements as well. That said, there are some latent ideas for an achievement system floating around - that could encourage certain actions that benefit the community, and be plain fun, without conflating contributions to the community with contributions to its continued existence and development. I can't promise when or if that would happen, though - a forum admin may or may not have something more specific to say about this.
  25. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    The Church of Celestia - Summer 2014

    This sounds like the rest of us missed out on a lot of potential fun. How did joining staff get in the way of it happening?