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  1. Yep... that's an error all right. Good catch, @Sunamena, and thank you for pointing it out! I'll see to it that it gets fixed.

    Out of curiosity, were you perchance looking for a $20 subscription tier (or any other amount)? :o

  2. 2 hours ago, PawelS said:

    I can't see the pictures in this status update: https://mlpforums.com/profile/46927-raykv423/?status=1020924&type=status

    I sent an alert to the opsponies including a link to this very post. Thanks for mentioning you're experiencing a problem - I'll note that this one appears to be related to an ongoing server problem on our end and not the original subject of this thread.

    Unfortunately, everyone who'd be able to investigate this is either sleeping or otherwise occupied by their "real lives" at the moment so it might be a few hours before someone can deal with it. We get a lot out of our (tiny) budget but sadly, we end up in this situation sometimes when we lack the funding for professional staff and certain fancier server setups. :( Please bear with us and thank you again for mentioning the issue.

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  3. On 2020-09-28 at 7:49 PM, Codelyy said:

    I imagine this forum will stick around for quite awhile. It's going to be an emotional day when it does eventually close :(

    Out of curiosity, what gives you the impression that MLP Forums will be around "for quite awhile"?

    I have every hope of it being a long-lasting site myself too - I don't ask this to cast doubt on that. But I'm very curious to hear what gives you that impression as a user, what your ideas about a site's longevity are rooted in. :BrightMacContent:

    It is a good impression to have; you could say I have a vested interest in knowing what creates it as we all tend to like investing ourselves emotionally and temporally into things with staying power.

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  4. What if these problems didn't exist and they crowdsourced ideas from fans anyway? Now we get into the truly fun possibilities of this thread. :D

    (I split this from my previous post because it goes into a different albeit equally relevant line of conversation - this way you can quote my posts separately to respond more neatly to either one.)

    The first thing that came to my mind is how cool it would be for Fallout: Equestria to become the basis of an "MLP for Adults" franchise. The second thing I thought of was how various fanon ideas about alicorns could be incorporated into the official lore to finally give us canon answers about their power limits, lifespans, durability, physiology, and who knows what else - they're somehow still almost as mysterious as they were in FiM's pilot, even after six seasons with the show's main protagonist being an alicorn.

    Then there are the 4chan leaks which proved to be eerily accurate - see @Dreamstar Moonlight's latest masterpiece of a thread for more on that:

    It's fun to consider that some of the crazier-sounding ideas in these leaks could have been totally made up but then adopted by Hasbro, making the leaks retroactively true.

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    While it's somewhat well known that MLP's creative team is under orders to avoid reading fanfictions, I DID find evidence that someone in "Big Corporate" IS, in fact, watching MLP Forums.
    I can't prove if it is or isn't Hasbro, and this thread as mostly about speculating for fun what they could be after if they were. With that said, there is someone monitoring us and there is reason to speculate that it is someone at Hasbro. Read on for what I know:
    The "someone is watching us" evidence is logs that indicate a bot belonging to a company called Brandwatch crawls this site. I found it by coincidence while doing investigative work related to the recent string of DDoS attacks on us.
    Why is this relevant? Brandwatch appears to be a service that monitors online conversations about their clients' brands and products in the name of making it easier for businesses to understand what people are saying about them - which seems pretty darn aligned to this discussion. I have no affiliation with them; I mention them only because I found that they've been scanning MLPF and that seems like evidence that somepony with a lot of money cares about what we say here. It might be Hasbro. It might be anyone. Here are some screenies of how this company advertises its service:









    Now, again, while I have no way of proving that it's Hasbro is using Brandwatch to keep up with us, I did find evidence of Hasbro being a customer of theirs on the LinkedIn profile of Kevin Mullay, a Brandwatch executive:


    Crimson Hexagon was acquired by Brandwatch (source) - so it's interesting indeed.

    I'm not sure yet whether to feel creeped out that this kind of software is monitoring MLPF or honoured that someone with influence in Big Corporate thinks what we assorted rando ponyfans here have to say is worth paying attention to.

    Hey Hasbro peeps - if you're reading this, and we all know you can if you want to, thanks for making G4 happen and working hard to make G5 a great followup! We'd love to have you join us here sometime - I know many of y'all who work on official pony are fans of it, too. :pinkie:

    To those of us participating in this thread, I'm super curious to hear whom you think Brandwatch is showing our posts to and what kinds of decisions they might be making with what they find. For all we know, it might be a Hasbro team trying to make sure they can respond quickly if a Sonic movie reveal-type situation arises. Or maybe positive sentiment here is used to help fight for MLP to get more budget? Or to validate that it's worth making toys based on the animations' story instead of animations based on toys like G1-G4 were? I'd love to see where our speculations here can go.


    To @TheGleaner's original prompt, it's fun to think about; we do know that Hasbro and show staff are well aware of the fandom; we have proof in the names Lyra, Octavia, and DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch all having been adopted as the characters' official names. They tried to make Derpy's name canon too... that was sadly retconned on account of Internet outrage. We had Word of God reveal that Hasbro ordered FiM's staff to avoid reading fanfictions precisely to avoid the ethical and legal dilemma that accidentally (or intentionally) making an episode about someone's fanfic idea without proper credit and licensing could cause.

    As to licensing a fanfic and properly crediting - they could hypothetically do that, but I imagine it's viewed as more trouble than it's worth when they already have their own creative team whom they pay to be familiar with the lore and come up with new stories to add to it. Practically, I imagine "properly crediting" fanfic ideas could be really complicated too with how freely fanfic authors share and borrow and steal ideas from one another all the time as well - tracing out an idea's original author might be really hard if not impossible. :(

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  6. Cute blep! This looks like a pony enjoying life. :P Are their eyelids painted or is that their natural colouring? Not a detail I've seen much on ponies before. I also adore the two-tone coat with the white underside, and the little shawl this pon is wearing. I'm curious to see and learn more about them!

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  7. That's a beautiful rendition of Izzy; thank you for sharing it with us, @jorge123esp. Her coat colour looks like Pipp's but it looks like you intended to brighten up the character in general - the electric blue mane contrasts wonderfully with that pink.

    I love the life you've given to her - I can just imagine her giving us an comforting, inspirational pep talk while that elegant mane cheerfully bounces about. Makes me wanna squee!

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  8. Welcome to MLP Forums, @HeartTheCat19! Not even halfway into your first day here and you're already offering art requests? You're in my awesome book already. :pinkie:

    I'd love to see what you do with my alicorn - here's a rough reference:


    This poner should be sized and built approximately like Luna - tall and slender. I'll get a proper reference made one of these days that reflects this and a few other updates...

    Some flavour text you may use for inspiration or choose to ignore: he has godlike cosmic powers (yes, I know), boundless passion for the science of magic, and is an inventor of futuristic sci-fi technology.

    Shading would be really awesome but I echo @Neoeryn's sentiment that I'll appreciate whatever it is you want to draw. It's very generous of you to offer your time like this as an artist like this so it's most important to me that it's fun for you. :ooh: Thank you for doing this!

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  9. Woo! Glad you like the idea of keeping this organized, too @Kujamih. Sorry for getting the names mixed up - all I did was "borrow" the titles of the other threads but I'm more than happy to teach you how to organize it yourself.


    To edit the list in the OP, do the following:

    1. Find the "Edit" menu in this thread's first post:
      Screenshot 2021-02-26 024242.png
    2. Use the "Link" tool to edit or insert a link (it does both):
      Screenshot 2021-02-26 023959.png
    3. A modal will appear in which you can set up the link!
      Screenshot 2021-02-26 024247.png
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  10. Hey @Kujamih - this looks like a really fun project! I love it when creative shenanigans between users arise on MLP Forums and plan to read through it myself. :sassy:

    In the spirit of bringing more attention to awesome fan work, I tracked down your other Fail Safe threads, gave all of them the new "Fail Safe (comic)" tag, and added a few links to this thread's OP to make it as easy as possible for anyone who comes here to find the actual comic.

    If this is meant to serve as the general "hub thread" for the series, think you could keep that list up to date? Or if that's too much work, I'd appreciate if you could apply that new tag to all new Fail Safe threads you make and leave a link to the tag in the OP; it'll go a long way to making the whole thing easy to explore.

    I'm also curious: is this thread meant to replace the "Fail Safe (working title)" one you made in October (linked below)? My inner Twilight is curious what inspired this new one. :o


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  11. On 2021-02-24 at 8:45 PM, Skirmskirmskirm said:

    I’ve been thinking about either taking commissions for custom pony bodypillows (which would cost quite a bit considering printing costs) or opening an Etsy shop in conjunction with a printing company but am curious to know whether these types of things are even in demand anymore! I enjoy drawing dakis and risqué art but I’m not sure where the market’s the highest. Please help me out!!

    (PS, who would you like to see on a dakimakura the most? For research purposes)

    I know of a few people who love dakis and would probably be quite interested, given the art style is to their liking. :eager: There are also new fans coming into this fandom all the time, even if the pace is slower than before, who very well might get excited about a pretty oversized pillow with their new favourite character on it.

    There isn't enough Tallight Sparkle in the world; I totally wouldn't buy the Tartarus out of a beautiful pillow showing off the elegance of Twilight's final form in Season 9, nope.

  12. This is some grade-A sleuthing work you've done, @Dreamstar Moonlight; and I'm super happy to see it here in the form of a thread! I plan to keep it pinned and featured for at least a few days as a resource we can all rely on to get up to speed with all things G5.

    I expect to have more thoughts on the topic later, after rest and work and other IRL commitments, but I want to leave a few notes with my impressions!

    One, I found it quite interesting to learn about how many times it turned out that some rumoured G5 leak turned out be seemingly real. Quite a lot of random things leaked out of Hasbro and DHX over the course of FiM's run so I wonder if it's a systemic security problem or a guerilla marketing tactic to start warming up the hype train before a big release like yesterday's.

    Two, having the full timeline of G5 information in one spot makes my inner "internet historian" really happy. Seeing how all the puzzle pieces that were dropped over the months and years come together to paint the big picture of what's coming our way - I expect to look back at this day fondly in a few years as the moment the G5 hype train left the station.

    Three, the connection to Imalou- I had no idea about that before reading your post, and found it heartwarming to learn that a fan artist was hired by Hasbro to work on the very IP they love. I tend to hear more about companies keeping a cautious distance from hiring their fans - good reasons for this exist but I can still have the warm fuzzies over this. :squee:

    And for my last point right now, as a pony fan with a tendency to get way too excited about aesthetics and canon theorycrafting, I really enjoyed the collection of images you collected to display here that take us from those mysterious blankets (we have a dedicated thread for those, by the way, for anyone who wants to rave or rant about 'em) to the characters' names and a cleaned-up version of the official logo.

    I plan to return to this thread tomorrow when my brain is less mushy. I enjoyed the heck out of reading that opening post and would love to keep up with any future writeups like it that you make in the future. Thanks so much again for putting this together and sharing it here.

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  13. 19 hours ago, Pentium100 said:

    Big pipes.

    I have used Cloudflare and some other pai tiers (including the enterprise tier of some other company) Seemed to work fine, as long as the real IPs did not leak (the pipes in that case were not very big). IIRC it stopped most Layer7 attacks as well and what got through was not a big problem.

    OTOH, I remember cloudflare cutting off service by itself on the free tier if an attack reached a certain level.

    I wonder who are that bored to attack this site though. And what they hope to gain.

    Big pipes indeed, yes - measured in terabits. :ph3ar: Earth will have bigger problems than MLP Forums being spotty if someone manages to knock our host offline...

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Cloudflare. It's nice to hear a success story about it!

    Out of curiosity, has all your experience with Cloudflare been on their paid plans? They advertised layer 7 protection as a "Business and up" (>$200 USD/mo) feature last time I looked into this, and the free tier's main option for mitigating such attacks meant placing the site behind irritating interstitial pages with sometimes-barely-working captchas. I hope it would work fairly smoothly, and transparently to a customer site's users, when one pays good money for it.


    On motivations for DDoS attacks - some general commentary (not specific to this attack):

    Usually people DDoS a site for lolz. Little more than personal amusement from the power rush that comes with sending a shadowy anon some Monero and feeling like they get to play god by then pointing a botnet at any site they'd like to disrupt.

    Less commonly, they're in it for profit and try to extort a ransom out of a website "in return" for "allowing" it to be online.

    And sometimes, they're in it as haters trying to enact some sort of "cleansing" agenda, where the intent may be to damage the reputation of their target and drive users away from it, often by making users get frustrated with trying to use the site and making them resent its staff for being apathetic or incompetent.*

    *Note: While I dislike drawing attention to attacks and attackers on principle, and we usually don't, the community has a certain right-to-know when one causes visible disruptions so we can rightfully direct our collective ire toward the malicious actors and even band together to defend our corner of the ponynet. So that y'all know it's not a matter of MLPF "dying," staff giving up on it, or anything along those lines.

    We as a staff team aren't always great at communicating this since the sysadmins are usually more preoccupied with fighting problems than announcing them. But it never hurts to tell us or ask questions when something's not working right! The "worst" that'll happen is that your "X is broken for me" report will receive an explanation once the proverbial fire's been put out.


    Regardless, DDoS attacks are fundamentally antisocial, they're jail-worthy crimes, and they're inevitable in this day and age when one does anything of note on the internet.

    In fact, they're almost a testament to a site's notability - that someone thinks a site is a big enough deal that it's worth spending money and risking a criminal record to try and, if not totally take a site down, annoy its users and staff. Receiving one is like a compliment that your site matters. B)

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  14. 2 hours ago, raykv423 said:

    Is this the first time the MLP Forums got a DDoS attack? 

    Nope; not even close. MLP Forums has been DDoS-attacked so many times over the years that we long ago stopped keeping count. Due to the defences we have in place, the vast majority of such attacks come and go with no impact other than the attackers' wallets lightening up and those of the criminals who run their botnets becoming a little heavier.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Neoeryn said:

    There was an account called epichacker something that created an account a few hours ago. Not sure if they're related to the incident going on, but just clicking on their profile cause me to lose connection, and we have a really strong internet service. Just wanted everyone to look out for this account just in case!

    I appreciate your intent of looking out for your fellow MLPF users. :) Without commenting on any particular account, including the one you're referring to, I want to say that the connection issue you experienced was almost certainly the result of the DDoS attack itself and not anything specific to any one account.

    Coincidental random fluke. Unless you happened to try accessing several profiles repeatedly and consistently observed the connection drop on just one - I really, really want to hear about it if that's what you observed.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Pentium100 said:

    They manage to get around cluoudflare protection? Or did they managed to find out your real IP?

    We don't use Cloudflare's "protection" for several reasons but, above all, because it has historically caused us more downtime than it ever prevented - it's been tried a few times here over the years. I know their marketing is slick and many other sites use them but I've found their free product creates a false sense of security, makes promises it can't keep, and generally creates more problems than it solves. Almost like security theatre.

    Our "real IPs" are public but this doesn't worry us because our datacenter is effective at stopping the kinds of attacks that knowledge of a site's "real IP" normally enables. Attack traffic that gets through that, Cloudflare is ineffective against as well - at least on their free tier (I can't comment on their paid tiers as we never had the budget to try them) - so our sysops team would be actively working, as @tinker explained, to mitigate such attacks either way.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Pentium100 said:

    I think that fewer people see status updates or blogs. I know I see fewer of them, just because I have to scroll down on the main page and I do not always remember to do so after refreshing it.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. Conversations are the lifeblood of forum communities and, while blogs and statuses are "just" other ways to have conversations, it's good intel to have that as a user, they kinda disappear from your world. This isn't great when you're looking for more conversations to participate in! It is also not-great if you're the one writing up a blog entry in particular and hope to expose it to as many interested people as possible.

    I'm still happy to hear other perspectives on this too like @WWolf's and anyone else's. If you ask me, there exists opportunity to revisit how we treat these "status-y/blog-y" topics as forum communities are ostensibly about encouraging good conversations and it sounds like the current approach might actually be discouraging them. :wacko:

  18. 6 hours ago, WWolf said:

    A lot of threads from the old days would be locked now if revived as they’re “blog/status update”-y.

    Can you please share more about this? I know MLP Forums didn't always have blogs and I'm curious what your experience with this encouragement of moving certain topics into them has been like from your perspective. In particular, I wonder if it ever feels like it stifles your or others' efforts at conversation at all.

  19. On 2021-02-09 at 6:30 AM, BornAgainBrony said:

    The only problem I've seen it cause in the past is the creation of spam threads. Threads that literally only exist for people to boost their post count. On some forums these ended up consuming 50% of all post data or more.

    Other times, users responded to every thread they could almost like a social network bot with nothing real to contribute. Just "Cool story" or "nice." Probably why the character limit exists but that's a minor hindrance to folks who do that.

    So yeah, some DO indeed use it like a social status indicator, and I guess I could've easily imagined that happening years ago. I've seen no indication of it now though.

    The ponies that founded MLP Forums were veterans in the community management game and found many of the behaviours you described to be problematic in nurturing and maintaining an inviting, pleasant community. Human Pony attention span is finite so even if users don't "give in" to the psychological temptation to increment that counter next to their posts, it'll still constantly pull attention away from it and make one notice it a little. I'd rather that attention be directed toward the contents of the thread and personalities of its participants.

    It's no coincidence as well that post counters are not incremented by "spammy threads" and that they have a dedicated place to live in in the form of the Forum Lounge area. ;)

    On 2021-02-09 at 6:30 AM, BornAgainBrony said:

    Yeah, it is. And I hope that doesn't mean those icons are next on the chopping block, since they're at least a relative indicator of post activity.

    I second @Jeric on the species ranks being here to stay. They add a lot to the site's theme and are designed to function more like milestone or seniority markers than as quick dopamine hits, and so they serve more as recognition of ongoing activity than as a direct incentive to get addicted to spammy posting.


    On 2021-02-09 at 8:49 PM, Harmonic Revelations said:

    Back in the day, if my memory isn't simply failing me, the amount of brohoofs you got was also at some point visible on posts, and I think that was removed for similar reasons. To discourage metagaming from people who are trying to min-max stats instead of creating actual worthwhile content. 



    On 2021-02-09 at 10:00 PM, Rikifive said:

    You can still focus on grinding brohooves when on mobile tho 1Cm0bed.png

      Reveal hidden contents

    A4N3pr8.png Yeah! AORb7fS.gif

    That's unintended and will be "fixed". Thanks for the heads-up! Enjoy it while it lasts. :ButtercupLaugh:

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  20. 1 hour ago, Califorum said:

    That makes sense however seeing numbers go up due to something you are doing is satisfying for everyone I bet.  

    The "rank badge" under your avatar (that starts at Blank Flank, then progresses through Muffin > Cupcake > etc.) is meant as a fun replacement for in-thread post counters that rewards you with a progression of new badges as you make more posts over time but without emphasizing the specific number as an important piece of information for all the world to know while reading your content. The FAQ page that contains the list is sadly broken at the moment (there's lots to still fix up that broke during the upgrade) but here's a partial screenshot of the list from the admin panel:


    These badges fulfil the "fun" aspects of post counts but differ spirit by reinforcing MLPF's pony theme (everyone starts as a Blank Flank, just like newborn foals!) and feel more like long-term rewards for ongoing contributions to the community; watching a generic number count up with every post, in comparison, is more like the short-term dopamine jolts from getting a like on a Facebook post. Yes yes, I know we have a brohoof/reactions system but there are no "rewards" for it beyond the software's "won the day" thing and a somewhat hidden "leaderboard"). Being motivated to earn the next badge is more fun and creates a friendlier community atmosphere in my opinion than being motivated to increment a counter over and over again.

    Most forums show post counters because that's what most forum software does out of the box but I've observed it subtly breeding elitism over time on many sites, creating a sense of classism between longtime users and new ones. This has torn apart more forums I've been on in the past than I can count; de-emphasizing the counters helps make the site more welcoming to newer as well as less active users by not constantly intimidating them with higher numbers than their own that we humans reflexively compare and generate feelings about - and making MLPF fun for new users is just as important as keeping it fun for everyone who's already here.

    Please give the new look without these counters a chance and pay attention to your feelings about posts and their authors as you read various threads and write your posts. :) The difference is psychological and might be pretty subtle but I expect you'll feel a friendlier vibe to the site after an adjustment period.

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  21. On 12/15/2020 at 5:28 PM, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

    My paypal just has my email address; I don't trust them with my mobile number.

    This is an interesting datapoint! It contradicts various posts I found on PayPal's own forums that state you can't use PayPal without providing a phone number.

    I'd appreciate if you could answer some or all of the following questions in the hope of generating communal wisdom:

    • When did you sign up for PayPal?
    • Which country is your PayPal account based in?
    • Do you recall PayPal ever asking you for a phone number (or demanding it) during signup, verification, login, payments, or at any other point? If yes, how did you bypass the request?
  22. @Treeglow Flicker I'm one of the ponies who does "money things" around here and I sympathize with your disdain for cellphones. I was unaware until your post that PayPal required a mobile number and would love to have a detailed conversation with you to explore alternatives to it.

    I'm not the greatest fan of PayPal myself but we use it due to popular demand and because it's "easy" (it issues payments "to" email addresses and tends to cost less than wire transfers). I agree that in principle, a bank account should suffice for handling one's financial affairs and that it's silly to require a phone number (a mobile one at that!) as a precondition for getting paid. I don't want that to be a requirement for doing business on MLP Forums even if we're not the party asking for the number. What a weird world we live in.

    To determine our options, I'll need to learn more about your personal banking situation (most importantly, the country your bank is in) so I'll continue this conversation in a PM thread with you and Pathfinder. I can't promise we'll be successful in finding a good PayPal alternative but I want to try.


    Feel free to skip the rest of this post; I wrote up my initial thoughts on "huh, how else other than PayPal could we pay artists?" in case you (or anyone else who encounters this thread) are curious but it's merely idle musings.

    BTW: If you're not Treeglow Flicker but you're reading this as an artist, and don't want to or can't use PayPal to get paid, please reply to this thread, too! It's helpful to know how much interest exists in having alternatives. :o


    Here are some thoughts we can dig into - and for anyone else who may come across this thread and wonder what's possible:

    Poniverse maintains bank accounts in Canada and the USA. USD is our "primary" currency but we're capable of handling CAD as well.

    Wire transfers are the usual way of transferring money internationally between different banking systems but tend to be too expensive for smallish payments. PayPal works by performing "local" bank transfers through their own bank accounts in every jurisdiction they operate in. They make this convenient for registered users but are not the only service that does such things, and won't let you receive money to a bank account without registering.

    The cheapest way for Poniverse to issue a bank payment to someone is via mailed cheque in US Dollars to a US address. This is because our American bank has an online feature that lets us dispatch a number of cheques to US addresses every month free of charge. If you're comfortable accepting a USD-denominated cheque and have a US address to receive it at, this is likely the easiest non-PayPal method.

    Some other other pay-to-bank-account options off the top of my head:

    1. CAD payment to Canadian bank account via Interac
      • Estimated cost: $2-5 CAD in fees per payment
    2. USD wire transfer to any bank account
      • Estimated cost: ~$30 USD in fees per payment - probably a ripoff for our purposes.
    3. CAD wire transfer to any bank account
      • Estimated cost: Looks like $15-135 CAD - probably an even bigger ripoff than USD wire transfer.
    4. Hoofwritten USD or CAD check, mailed internationally.
      • Estimated cost: $1-5 USD (cost of preparing a physical check + postage)
    5. USD or CAD money order, mailed internationally
      • Estimated cost: $1-5 USD (cost of preparing a money order + postage)

    Some other potential options in this space:

    • Payoneer
      • looks like a PayPal competitor
      • also appears to offer ability to send payments directly to bank accounts
      • unsure of what fees would look like but I heard that it can be cheaper than PayPal
    • Stripe Connect
      • a service designed for companies to pay users (like Lyft paying its drivers). sends money to the user's bank account.
      • unsure of what fees would look like
    • Payment to non-US/non-Canadian bank account through a foreign exchange service like TransferWise, OFX, CurrencyFair, etc.
      • Poniverse uses one internally but I haven't looked into what paying a different party with one of these would look like.
    • ACH payment to US or Canadian bank account
      • unsure if this is possible at all for us; this is the mechanism by which PayPal, Stripe, and other services interact with US and CA bank accounts
    • Cryptocurrencies
      • low fees!
      • potentially high "fun factor" (YMMV)
      • may have taxation rules requiring special attention depending on your jurisdiction
    • Western Union
      • best known as a method by which low-income workers working abroad send money to their home countries
      • has extensive international footprint
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  23. 23 hours ago, Beetlejeric said:



    Actually that was decidedly the co founder of MLPF who missed that one. It was right after he launched this place and I don’t think they started to take on any staff. 

    @Twilight Sparkle  you are in big trouble now mister! :P


    You can always report the topic. It’s actually the number one reason why we get reports. 

    MLP Forums was a FiM-exclusive community at launch by design due to the founders' vision of a gathering space that was predominantly focused on the G4 TV show and fan labor surrounding it, to the exclusion of virtually everything else (gaming, politics, other shows, movies, "general discussion" were all underemphasized discussion areas here as well). Though other FiM- and MLP-themed forums existed at the time, a laser focus on the G4 TV show itself was surprisingly rare in the world of pony forums at the time.

    A 'previous generations' section wasn't "missed"; it was deliberately omitted as MLPF was not specifically intended to attract their fans (fans of G4 who also happened to be fans of previous generations fell into this target audience, of course).

    Having a clear, specific focus area is extremely important for small fledgling communities as, for users to stick around, they need a critical mass of other users and content that are interesting to them. If you're only gonna have 200 users in your first month, it's easier to achieve this when they're all interested in celebrating the FiM TV show than when 50 of them are into FiM, 50 are into fan art but not the FiM show, 50 like the previous gens but don't care for G4, and 50 don't care about ponies at all but wanna talk politics and video games with people who wear pony avatars.

    Threads about previous generations that were relevant to G4 in some way (ex. comparing G4 art style to prior gens, tracing the history of the MLP franchise, comparing similarities and differences across generations, etc.) had a home in Sugarcube Corner or Show Discussion before 2016 and arguably still do. As MLPF stepped on its hooves and secured a robust identity as a FiM fan forum, it had enough strength in that core competency to begin "allowing" other lines of discussion.

  24. Title: The Last Problem
    US Air Date: October 12th, 2019
    Written by: Josh Haber
    Synopsis: Years from now, Princess Twilight is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together.


    This is it. The end of the line. The end of season nine. The end of Friendship is Magic (at least the moving-picture part of it - the comics have a few issues left yet; please don't riot, IDW fans). Show's over, fandom's dead, nothing to see here anymore. Everycreature, shoo and go home already; the apocalypse has come and gone.


    What are you still waiting for?


    Wait, right.

    Episode 24+25's title was a lie. THIS is the End of the End of the End...... of the End?


    Join our adorkable purple equine for the last time as she shows us the grand outcome of Former Sun God Celestia's decade-long personal training program to weaponize friendship in defending Equestria and infecting the entire world with her harmony propaganda.


    There's just one teeeeny tiiiiny wrinkle: Equestria's last friendship problem went unsolved. Watch the glorious Twilight Sparkle find out she missed something in taking over the world commemorate a lifelong tour-de-force of unforgettable memories to fix it. Will she finally fail at something? Will we get one last round of Twilighting? Did she even survive the battle from E24+25?


    If you're looking for something fun and special to do to pay your respects to Friendship is Magic, try writing a friendship lesson letter to Princess Twilight Sparkle about what her adventures have shown you, what you learned, and how the show affected your life. She'll be pleased to read all about it now that her own world's problems are all over.

    You can adapt the following template to get started!


    Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

    Thank you for <something - or many somethings - positive you took away from the show>.

    Before I discovered that Friendship is Magic, <a peek into your life before ponies>.

    Now that it's over, <what changed in your life since your journey as a ponyfan began>.

    Your faithful student,


    Maybe she'll even compile another Friendship Journal if she gets enough of them.



    One final, personal note: All good things come to an end. Don't be sad that the show is over. Be happy that you were along for the ride!




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