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Status Updates posted by Twilight Sparkle ✨

  1. Worked a pretty darn awesome search feature into today.

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      EQDMusic and aren't in the same league. Take my word for that, and see for yourself once launches.


      @Link:'s backend is written in PHP. Loads of JavaScript is involved with the front-end as well, though.

    2. King


      So we could regard Pony.Fm as a sister Site to MLP Forums


      Wish there was a radio I could tune into and listen to song stored on Pony FM ^_^

    3. Leslichu


      I'm betting once cascades over the internet such a feature might be regularly requested

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  2. Spring break = 31-hour days! =D

    1. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      What if I told you, we have no spring break in Asia. XD

    2. chattydash



    3. Zygen


      So your a timelord now Feld0?

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  3. Happy birthday, Kurt!

    1. Kurtiss


      Thanks a lot, Feld0! :3

  4. I can has faster MLP Forums? I can has.

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    2. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony



      Will do. Didn't know that about tickets. ^^

    3. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      MLP Forums with jetpacks and red bull :3

    4. Betez


      I just hope it won't show the html version of the site, with all the elements gone.

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  5. Happy birthday, o member #6! I remember the days when you watched that MLP thread on 3DS Forums like a hawk, waiting for registration on MLP Forums to begin. ^_^

  6. Haven't seen you in a long time, Kodiak. If you get this message, happy birthday! You beat me by two months to becoming an adult...

  7. Ohey, it's your birthday! Happy 17th! =D

    1. Jokuc


      Thank you :) I had a very nice birthday.

  8. Working on some really cool expansions. :-)

    1. King


      Yay ^_^ Just make sure it includes a Soda fountain :3

    2. Tia Is Best Pony
    3. ProjectRKA


      @Dawn Rider: Wouldn't mind that :D

    1. Shanks


      The irony is that it is the twilicorn thing that got her tied with Applejack on my best pony list even though I am against it. If Hasbro did this to make us appreciate Twilight it certainly worked with me.

    2. Erza


      cool one dude :D

    3. Dave247


      I don't need my desktop background to remind me of that. :3

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  9. Hello! Glad you were finally able to get on!

    1. Dreamsong


      Thanks so much!


      Och, I'm sorry you had to struggle with my ISP to get the validation email through, but hopefully it's fixed an issue before it effected anyone else! :)

  10. I can has Visa card? =D

    1. Betez


      Anyway, congrats Feld0. I wondered how you were paying for all this, being a minor an all.

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      I couldn't do it without a significant degree of parental cooperation. As I get a bit older and older, though, I'm gradually able to move things into my own name.


      PayPal is the next one on the list...

    3. Flow


      Congrats dude! Good luck with that, I already have mine and it's a Visa card too!

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  11. Hey Scootabloom, I haven't seen you in a while. How are you?

    1. Scootabloom


      Time to check up on what I missed. I got some notifications on Canterlot and such ><

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Aww man. How could your parents do that? =O


      I'm glad to see you back, at any rate. I missed you.

    3. Scootabloom


      Situational things we needed to sort out before I could get back on here :/ but it's all good now.


      I missed you and everyone here too. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again :D

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  12. Alpha 2: Now with responsive layouts!

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      I should note, Alpha 2 is currently in the works and not live yet. A lot of significant changes are being made to justify bumping the version number up, which pave the way for lots of awesome new features.


      Planning to blog about my progress soon!

    2. Batbrony


      Sounds good Feldmeister, hope everything goes smoothly! :)

    3. Xievie


      This sounds interesting, but I haven't heard anything about this. If I may ask, what is this

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  13. Hacking Night: LIVE!

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      I'm livestreaming myself developping

    2. Twiliscael


      Well, this is some admittedly, for lack of a better term, kickass music.

    3. Not Robin

      Not Robin

      Wow, I get to watch the feldicorn at work *eyes glued to the screen*

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  14. Webserver upgrade complete! MLP Forums is now faster than ever.

    1. Radiance64
    2. ReGen


      Gotta go fast!

      Gotta go fast!

      Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!


      ...I felt that was appropiate.

    3. The Leafeon Pinkeh

      The Leafeon Pinkeh

      Hmmm im not sure if im the only one with this problem but my laptop took a long time to load my notifications. This has never happened before. I had to exit off the site and get back on for it to work :/

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