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  1. Taking a break from the forums for a couple days.

    1. Blivy


      I personally wouldn't get a pony tattoo but that tattoo is AMAZING!!!!

    2. Elegron


      days? um sir, its been 2 months.

  2. "I'm sorry, but... uh... I don't even know where 'here' is. This place is just some white void, and I cannot seem to find an exit." This was when Thunder Strings looked around the strange, white box of mystery, searching for a way out. He now knows that Winterglade also has no idea what is going on, so he can relax now that Thunder Strings knows she isn't evil. "So, um... Winterglade, is it? Oh, yes. Well, the question I have is why we are the only two here? I mean, if there is no way out, then how is there a way in?" Thunder Strings started to panic. He was shaking; his hooves were making a constant tapping sound on the metallic-like surface beneath his hooves. "Why us?!"
  3. Thunder Strings turned around in a sudden jolt as he heard the voice of Winterglade. Of course, 'Where am I?' wasn't a sentence that he wanted to hear, but at least he had a mare to talk to. "Hello? How did you get here? The last thing I remember was me getting hit with a blun--" Thunderstrings stopped and stared at Winterglade's eyes. "Oh, how rude of me. I didn't even introduce myself. I am Thunder Strings, and I have no idea where we are!"
  4. Walking in my neightborhood when I see a bundle of homeless people crowded around a barrel with fire in it. I go to them, and sing the first few lines of "Art of the Dress", and whadayaknow? It's like a brony choir all up in here. I... I didn't expect that.

    1. Batbrony


      Huh, that is officially the most random, unexpected brony encounter I've ever heard of!

    2. Master Blade the Bearded
  5. I respectively gave you 2 bits for the cookie, trying to avoid confrontation.
  6. I've seen you around the block. 6/10
  7. Oh haha, nice pixel joke. Do you even lift?
  8. I voted for Zoid because that reminded me of Zoidberg.
  9. We all know that there have been some pretty bad inventions that society expected us to purchase. Well, how about the ones that are so awful that they must be showcased in this thread? Yes. Those ones. I will start off with my personal favorite: