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  1. This is like The Cure with extra grunge. Welcome to my playlist, dear new song! Thank you Midnight Scribbler for posting it!
  2. Your anti-war song for the evening. "Where do the boys lie? Mud! Mud! Mud! How does the grass grow? Blood! Blood! Blood!" My favourite song from Bowie's latest album, released in March of this year.
  3. Oh yeah, SteamOS looks very interesting, and I can't wait to get my hands on that controller! I use Windows as well, mostly for running Reason and Adobe programs. Windows 7 ain't all that terrible. Y'know, for Windows
  4. Yay DWM! If I wasn't using i3, I'd be using DWM. If you haven't tried i3 yet, check it out. It's a lot like DWM except with actual config files, and a keyboard shortcut to re-read those config files, which makes it much nicer to tweak! That said, if you have DWM working like you want, it's hard to argue with 2000 lines of C that provides so much functionality.
  5. A lot of Linux users are also Ubuntu users, so I imagine many of us Linux ponies are using their default: Unity. The distro doesn't really matter, though, since any user interface can run on any distro. I voted for the tiling WM. Specifically, i3.
  6. decoherence

    General Do you smoke ?

    Thing is, smoking WAS badass, once upon a time, when we weren't as smart as we are now. Therefore, my rule is that smoking can only be badass if you are an otherwise badass person older than 50. For example, David Bowie, Sean Connery or your uncle Steve. I am a smoker. I smoke because I'm addicted. I don't particularly enjoy it anymore. Addiction saps your will to quit. I'll say it again: addiction saps your will to quit. That is why it is so hard.
  7. I remembered another. There were some mean older kids at a camp I used to go to who kept telling me I was going to die whenever I did something. "Oh, you let an ant crawl on you? You're going to die!" "You sat on the toilet? You're going to die!" "You looked at the nozzle of the fire extinguisher? You're going to DIE!" And gullible little me believed them. Sigh. Speaking of mean kids, I also used to get really, really upset if I saw kids hurting insects. When I was six or seven one kid half-squished this big, beautiful shiny blue beetle and it was sorta still alive (but its guts were h
  8. Thanks for giving it a listen! Technically the singing is pretty on-beat (I made sure of that in post) but yes, there are a few times where i went with a later beat because, well, there's a lot of singing and my breathing technique isn't very good (and I vainly tried to do it all in one take) -- point is, if it *sounds* offbeat in an objectionable way, that's something that needs fixing, so thanks for pointing it out. One or two specific examples would be very much appreciated (just note the time in the track and the word that is 'off') so I can know exactly what you mean. It can be difficult
  9. If we had the exact same show but with real ponies, I think that would be HILARIOUS!! I'd totally watch that -- but you'd be more likely to see it late night on Adult Swim than Saturday morning on Hub. So yeah, I'd still watch it. Probably for slightly different reasons (but a lot of the same reasons, too)
  10. First of all, thanks so much for your insights! Here are those points I didn't want to mention in my first post. Some of these are just my opinion. - The vocal line is scratch. As you correctly surmised, it was not sung in sections (though what you are hearing are sections of 3 different complete takes.) The melody is beyond my current abilities and will either have to be re-written to better suit my voice or will have to be outsourced (and still re-written. It does get pretty stale!) Sadly I no longer have access to a quiet room where I can be loud. - The instrumentation is too busy.
  11. I just want to point out that in the latest comic (which you should all totally go buy!) Cadence and Shining Armor are in high school together. So based on that, either Alicorns age very differently than the rest, or Cadence is around the same age as Shining Armor and there's some other explanation needed for continuity. Another question: Was Cadence born an Alicorn or did she become one like Twilight did? And when did that happen? And am I thinking about this way too hard? .... naaaah!
  12. OK, well this is OT and it doesn't look like we're going to get a resolution soon, so we'll just have to agree to disagree for now. Simply put, I don't see respecting the roots of a language as being necessary, so long as it is still able to serve its purpose and allow people speaking (more or less) the same language to communicate. That's my position in a nutshell. People see things differently and that's fine I'm happy to discuss this in another thread if you want to start one but I fear it would become inflammatory (not from either of us, I don't think, but it's an issue people might have
  13. Argh! I can't sleep now! Okay, here's the thing about English. It changes, constantly. We don't say "thou art" anymore, we say "you are." We don't write 'auld' anymore, we write 'old.' So what exactly is it the Americans are supposed to be respecting? Whatever iteration of English the Queen happens to speak? And should their English move in lockstep with whatever English the British monarch is using? Or should the Americans be respecting the English 'the rest of us speak' because there is no such language! Like I said before, Newfies don't talk like Kiwis. Canadians don't use the same spelling
  14. Good one! 'Comprised of' is redundant. It's like saying "composed of of." Yes! It can be used as a more conversational form of 'ergo' or 'hence' if you have been explaining something and want to draw the conclusion or make the 'punchline' for lack of a better word. As I grow more tired, it gets harder for me to make intelligent conversion. So why am I not asleep yet? But English is constantly manipulated and molded to suit specific geographies. If a large group of Japanese left Japan and started their own nation, I would fully expect them to 'bastardize' it to suit wha
  15. Starting a sentence with a conjunction is pretty well accepted in informal writing. In fact, the most legitimate use of the technique is to imply a kind of informality. I agree that it's annoying when overused. One word sentences are also used for effect, the most common use case being to create impact, which you illustrated nicely. Of course, it has been a long day and it could be that some jokes and whooshing over my head What annoys me is when people inappropriately start a sentence with "Well," or "So,". This is another example of conversational style writing. A good use case for star
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