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  1. Another lucky star fan. :D

  2. Konata1000


    This is pretty good. I just think that her hair and her mouth are a little weird. Aside from those two things, it's a very good drawing.
  3. It wasn't exactly her fault. The amulet took control of her like it would for any pony else who uses it. But yeah, I like it how they brought back Trixie. Hopefully she learned her lesson and she won't be a huge asshole anymore.
  4. The worst character in all of Equestria is Diamond Tiara. She's a stuck-up, arrogant, snobby little brat. I think that Diamond Tiara may be worse than Trixie.
  5. I don't really have a least favorite episode. I love every single episode with a passion. But if I really had to choose, it would probably be the first episode.
  6. Well, Cadence hasn't really appeared in enough episodes for her to be a favorite character that's not a background character. My favorite is probably Princess Luna. Princess Celestia tends to creep me out a little bit, but she's still a good character.
  7. My favorites are Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Derpy. I really think that all three of them should interact with with one another and other characters like the mane six. I know that Derpy has in "The Last Round Up", but parents complained about her appearance for some reason, so she had to be removed from the episode.
  8. It would make the most sense if her cutie mark was a zap apple. But I highly doubt that any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders will be getting any of their cutie marks anytime soon. I kind of want the Cutie Mark Crusaders story archs to last for a while anyways. But you never know, Apple Blooms cutie mark could be something besides something apple related.
  9. Pinky Pie is my favorite. I think that her puffy, fluffy, curly hair made her look cuter. Pinky Pie is also my favorite mane six pony.
  10. The best pet in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is probably Gummy. I love it how he always looks so derp. It really sucks how he only appeared in a couple of episodes. The worst pet is Opal. Opal is a huge asshole to Rarity in every single episode she's in.
  11. (I know some of these are live actions shows but they still air on "CARTOON" network and Nick) Allow me to list out a huge pile of shit. Sonic X, MAD, I Carly, Fred the Show, Brickle Berry, Level Up, Ben 10, Marvin Marvin, and Victorious.
  12. The PC is great. You can download an emulator for almost any console and just download a crap ton of ROM files. Also, don't worry about emulators and ROM files for newer consoles and games. Those all fail anyways.
  13. In all honesty, every Call of Duty game gets too much attention. Each Cally of Duty or Modern Warfare game is the same recycled shit over and over again but with new weapons. They don't even have to try to make it too much different because they know that ten year old fan tards will buy it because its a rated mature game with weapons and violence so they think it makes them look "gangster" or something.
  14. Ugh. I don't see why people love these two together so much, even as couples.
  15. Needs more Diamond Tiara being kicked in mud.