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  1. I never thought i'd be back here, but being way older than most of you, i will give my 2 cents. I have some very strong opinions on this matter. it's something that should be mutal waited upon until both sides are ready to take that next step, it's a decision that should never be forced. and ending the realationship because someone won't? that's absolutely the stupidest thing have ever heard. If someone is refusing to respect your personal boundaries by all means get out immediately because that is absolutely not the relationship for you. if someone refuses there should be no begging, pleading, whining, temper tantrums or anything else of that sort. a simple 'no' from either party is the absolute END of that discussion.
  2. I really thought i had left here for good. but i've been reading this thread for a while now. So I thought what the heck. lol. I have both games but i will not be starting either one any time soon if at all. I have half a soul silver nuzelock to finish not even beat the elite four yet. The another playthrough. I want to to do. After that, I'll start whatever nuzelock variant sparks my interest. and then maybe i'll start X and Y (i'm really not that interested in this new generation all that much) See, I traded in a bunch of stuff that i didn't need or want anymore and was offered more trade in value if i preordered one or both of the games. I took it and paid off both otherwise I would have just left the trade credit in store (gamestop) for my brother to use. But i figured since it was mine to begin with I would just take it.
  3. i'm still up for this. sorry for not being around too much to talk about this but for the most part i've left this board. Ponies is not the only thing that's fun at con cosplay chess is a must attend evvent. at least in my book it is!
  4. I really like my first name! I knew several people who share the same name i do. Although I prefer being called by the first four letters of my name. if you call me by my full first name. It makes me feel like i did something wrong.
  5. What do I collect? I think the answer to that one is a fairly simple one. I collect dust. I mean there's so much of it all over my room. lol. Just kidding. - I have a small collection of teddy bears - Movies (I have some anime as well) - MLP shirts -MLP brushables -Anime figurines. (most of them are from full metal alchemist, I have some bleach figurines and some rurouni kenshin figurines) - Art from artists alley at anime conventions
  6. Well, I ordered another $150 worth of shirts but i ordered it on christmas eve. obviously they weren't there . but i was totally shocked when I woke up on janurary 11th. apparently they shipped it out on the 10th using overnight shipping. what? I was expecting them to take a little longer than that but they were really really fast this time around.
  7. It's supposed to be fire/psychic although that is something that is something that i heard and not been officially confirmed by anyone else.
  8. I was forced to use windows 7 becaues I had to buy a new laptop. before that I had a laptop which had vista on it. and a desktop with Windows XP on it. I really need to save up some money and get away from windows and use a mac. tired of windows running my life like this. lol.
  9. wow, I didn't even know you could do something like that on an Xbox.
  10. I choose you, fennekin! Yes that will be my starter, I had also imagined something like Kirara from Inuyasha. maybe we'll also get something akin to vulpix/ninetails.
  11. even though i'm not on a minecraft server I really should start playing.
  12. oh you are sooo sweet <3 thank you so much dearie. you have really made my morning. I really can't tell you how much this means to me.
  13. angels_gal

    Ask HT

    Do you have a food that you won't eat? if so what is it?
  14. yes! I have two of the most amazing plushies ever! made by our very own Elizapony who takes commissions. I can't stop showing them off because they are both absolutely amazing!! the links will take you to Elizapony's thread where I have pictures. if you all want to see what they look like. the first is Derpy Hooves, she is actually the first plushie I got. but for christmas she was running a buy one get one free. so the second one I chose was Luna: Derpy: Luna: She is actually a first season luna. Elizapony gave me a choice between first and second season lunas I chose first season because she already had the stuff and I love luna no matter what she looks like! So i was more than happy to take a first season luna!
  15. Nuclear....although my extended family all live within 30 minutes of each other. So, I see each other twice a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. but it's usually at least once a month. This is my mother's side of the family.