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  1. Just hope you know (if you ever see this) that someone remembers you, and misses you

  2. You are still a brilliant artist. You should do one of your new girlfriend so we can see what she looks like Ponified. I tried to reach you on skype. We should talk.
  3. I am smarter then everypony else, duh! Oh wait, that sounds too egotistical...umm, I sometimes feel I am smarter then some of my fellow ponies. lol
  4. 6 Years Later Dear Rockshire, I hope you received my previous letter before this one. I so very much wanted to include Star Keeper in this little reunion via letter. He and I never really knew each other very well but in those final days of my time at Canterlot College our time together was important and effected all of our lives. There are, some things I believe, that only another mare could truly understand. It is why I pen this to you today. Raising two foals into adult hood has been a challenge. Its never something I really saw happening in my life. Vinyl and I reconciled after she finally found me 8 months after I vanished. She never did give up even though she was so very pregnant. She had stayed in touch with Whirlwind and after asking me my feelings on it, told him where I was. The reunion was happy and though I worried about his anger, there was none. Before these two arrived, Nightfall had been helping me remain hidden. The longer stay in the hospital allowed him to make a full recovery. I have been helping him learn to better use his magic and he has been helping me learn to control mine. Though I still must wear my crystal beads, there are more as a precaution instead of a need. My little foal, Snowfall, believes and shall always believe that Nightfall is his Uncle. Its what's best really. At 6 years old he took the return of his "Father" Whirlwind very well. Its like were a family; I real family. I would say the hardest part has been getting close to Vinyl again. I love her and if I was ever to be with another mare again, it would be her. But even after 6 years I am still ridden with guilt over leaving her alone. I don't deserve her. She needed me and I left because at the time I needed my solitude more. It was selfish and even though I try to push her away, she remains stubbornly patient. Our kids have grown up together and I am thankful for that. Nightfall has really become his own stallion, a fierce and loving creature. I adore him. Whirlwind and I have been able to final raise a foal together successfully which has been bitter sweet. I love him, but some wounds just can't be healed. I still see our poor foal in his features and it hurts. I'm glad he is here though. I wouldn't have it any other way. In closing, I am thinking of making a trip out your way at some point. I havent becaue I didn;t know if I would be welcome...if we would be welcome. My time at the College was short but changed my life forever. Each of you are apart of what has made my future what it is. I shall always be grateful for that. May the Princess of the Night protect and bless your family. I hope to hear from you soon. Warmest Regards, Obsidian Winter
  5. Obsidian Winter walked out of Canterlot Caster feeling worse then when she arrived. She had spent the evening and most of the day speaking with her mentor who, in turn, had spent most of that chiding her for her lack of dedication to reform and control her magic. Obsidian wondered if Twilight Sparkle ever had this problem with Celestia. She bet she didn't. She continued into the the light of the dying day, really unsure where to go. Nightfall was family but she couldn't stand that hospital for another moment. Whirlwind would be happy to see her but she really didn't feel deserving of sympathy or love. Star and Shire would be working on their own problems and Vinyl, though she would be angry with her, would in the end forgive her and she would end up with the same problem she would have with Whirlwind. Dogboots seemed the best option. He would be feeling pretty depressed and down and that matched how she felt. She closed her eyes and teleported to the Student Living center and checked what room he was in. Then with another brilliant flash of Ice and snow popped outside his door and knocked. After there was no answer, she looked both ways and let herself in. The room was empty of any pony but there were personal effects. She took one of the items and cast a scrying spell. It gave her a very generel direction of where he was. She sighed, and vanished again, this time re-appearing on the outskirts of Canterlot. She headed towards the nearest bar.
  6. Obsidian walked towards Rockshire and lowered her horn down towards her underbelly. She closed her eyes and focused her magic. This was not something she usually did. It was so delicate a procedure, one that if she messed up, she could kill the foul on accident. Of course she didn't tell anyone that. Her horn took on a frost blue aura and magic surrounded Rockshire. Sparks of magic flew from her horn as Obsidian winced as the magic contorted and twisted under her careful control. After a moment her eyes flew open and the magic faded. A very light brushing of frost coated Rockshires belly. Obsidian stood between the two apposing parties. With a tired look on her face, she carefully formed her next words. "I can tell you both there is absolutely no question. The response from my magic was so strong, it was like being slapped in the face. Before I tell you who it belongs to, I have something I need to say. I know this has all been stressful for all of us, but I don't want to get between personal disputes. Nightfall, I know wants to be a good father, but given our relationship, I don't know how that will work. I don't even know if it his foul. It may Whirlwinds. In fact, it most likely is. I see how Star Keeper and Rockshire are now and I won't risk that for my own foul. I am going away, not knowing when or if I shall return. "Whirlwind, I know this is a shock but I have no choice here. I won't allow whats happening with Star Keeper and Rockshire to happen with Nightfall, yourself and possibly Vinyl. Vinyl, I love you, but you need to understand you can't follow where I must go. I wish there was another way, but I can't see it." She slowly engulfed herself in a thick, frosty ball, as she focused her magic. "The child belongs without a doubt to Star Keeper. I love you guys...." with that and a brilliant flash of blue and show, she was gone. ((I need a break guys. Too much OOC going on right now in my life. Poor health of myself and my family dictates I need to take some time. I myself have been sick for over a month and a half. Now my best friend has the flu. I'm sorry and I'll come back soon. <3))
  7. Hey guys! I am looking to add some folks and be added as well. User name: Obsidianwinter I look forward to adding you guys and seeing ya around the game.
  8. Alright guys, Chapter one is up. Its short, but its up. I hope you all like it and find it interesting. The next chapter will introduce the villain and stuff gets pretty interesting. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/82033/my-soul-to-keep
  9. Apple Dapple It had been a long class and with all the running around she had lost track of Echo. She remembered him saying something about meeting at lunch. She passed several student heading to and from the cafeteria but did not see her Echo. She went out the back of the school and smiled a little to herself finally finding him. He seemed awfully prim and proper, not usually the type of pony she would spend time with. But hey, this was her first year in High School and her cousin Applejack told her to try and make friends. She walked over to him and cleared her throat. "Ah'm awful sorry 'bout bein' in such a rush all day long. If ya don't mind, ya wanna eat lunch together?" Obsidian Winter She sighed, annoyed. Vinyl was being cute again....that whole shy routine was just too much. Why did she have to be all cute and lovey. She hated ponies like that, usually because it was all fake. She tried to dismiss all Vinyl had said and done but it wouldn't go away. She glanced over at her as she did her work. That dark coat...beautiful mane......deep, red eyes.....she shook her head. "what am I doing?" She gathered her things and left the class to head to the office.
  10. As Star Keeper entered in the room she quietly closed the door with her magic, but did not freeze it shut. She wanted to keep this civil if possible. "Alright, so here we all are. We need to finally put this issue to rest so we can all go back to how things were before that terrible dance. I thought we had moved past most of this already, it seems the lies just keep on going. Star Keeper wants to try and take custody of what he believes is his foul. I think the first thing we should do is see if the child is even his." She looked over at Rockshire with a frown. "Clearly we can't trust your word at all. Your lies and stories has done nothing but make all this that much worse. I hope you realize this." She walked over to Rockshire. "With her permission I can use my magic and find out who the real father is" ((OOC. I figured at this point, since there really is no fair way to determine this, I could do roll a 1D20 or 2D20. Its up to you guys. Sorry for not being around..Its been a rough damn month.))
  11. The first three Ponies have been chosen. THey are also my first victims in this. /salute. Here is the paragraph that announces them. ;-) Three ponies stood on the high ranges of the Macintosh mountains watching the most beautiful sunset they had ever seen. When the sun had vanished behind the mountain they moved back to their camp site and settled in for the night. Misty Leaves gathered the firewood, Rockshire made the fire pit and Ginger Snap put up the tent. All three ponies returned from there work about the same time and before long a roaring fire was ablaze, casting shadows and warmth all around the three friends. "
  12. Thank you all so much. This is a great start. As I said, I will try to be faithful to your characters as much as I can be. I will be providing the link to the story here once it posts later tonight.
  13. Whoa....1986? That would Gen 1 I think. I love the idea though I don't know how much attention Gen 1 will bring to you. I agree Quantum Leap is an awesome show and I like the idea of a crossover.
  14. Alright everypony, so I lost my original thread where I had all the volunteers I needed to do this, but somehow that thread was lost and I can't find it, so....I need some new volunteers for this Fimfiction I am writing. I can't tell you what its about other then it is not a grimdark or a clopfiction. I cannot promise your OC will be betrayed exactly as you want but I will look at your story and background and try to use them as best I can. I also cannot promise your OC will be all through out the story. I CAN promise I will not kill off your OC so thats something. This is basically me reaching out to the community to feature their OC's instead o making up random ones. If interested, please submit below! Thanks! Obsidian Winter