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  1. More clothes on the women this time, please stop making gameplay awkward for me and my friends. Thanks, now continue making the game.
  2. I have come to the conclusion that since i haven't posted in a while and am not sure where the story is, I'm going to go dormant for a bit. (AKA I won;t play for a little while but come back) However, if you guys do need somebody to help with part of an attack, just message me.
  3. Sorry i haven;t been in the RP for awhile, have been distracted by things like a speech and all.
  4. I saw your avatar, and had to click your account.

  5. It's over now, Time to die! No not I, ONLY you! If I die, you die too! You'll die in me, I'll be you! DAMN YOU PETE, leave me be! CAN'T YOU SEE?! YOU ARE ME!

    1. Sekel
    2. Secret Person

      Secret Person

      Your brain melts when you like a song too much.

  6. So what class is everyone in now? I have neglected to post because I was guessing people weren't going to be doing much today. *Period
  7. 1st, Creative writing 2nd, Study Hall 3rd, Gym 4th, Business class 5th, Science 6th, History Dorm: Room *** north wing.
  8. I'm confused by the courteousness going on here...
  9. @Pixelate, Oh wait, i remember now, YOU'RE PIXELATE! Aha! For a second I was like, "Wait, when was the last time this person posted?!" Sounds like a good idea, but if everyone else feels like having an attack sooner, may I have a go? I have and idea involving those two particular Asian nations that have threatening to shoot each other for 60 years... Only if people want to go sometime this weekend though. If everyone wants to have a cooldown (puny), or you have a good idea, I won't object at all to that.
  10. I've seen that dance a million times, I think I could handle it if Pixelate doesn't really want to just yet.
  11. Is this right? Well, since the Line Trotter is not playing at the moment, who should take over? (I kind of want too now...) I wouldn't mind if Pixelate really has an idea right now.
  12. I'm not on the list, but i'm looking for it now.