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  1. More clothes on the women this time, please stop making gameplay awkward for me and my friends. Thanks, now continue making the game.
  2. I have come to the conclusion that since i haven't posted in a while and am not sure where the story is, I'm going to go dormant for a bit. (AKA I won;t play for a little while but come back) However, if you guys do need somebody to help with part of an attack, just message me.
  3. Sorry i haven;t been in the RP for awhile, have been distracted by things like a speech and all.
  4. I saw your avatar, and had to click your account.

  5. It's over now, Time to die! No not I, ONLY you! If I die, you die too! You'll die in me, I'll be you! DAMN YOU PETE, leave me be! CAN'T YOU SEE?! YOU ARE ME!

    1. Sekel
    2. Secret Person

      Secret Person

      Your brain melts when you like a song too much.

  6. So what class is everyone in now? I have neglected to post because I was guessing people weren't going to be doing much today. *Period
  7. 1st, Creative writing 2nd, Study Hall 3rd, Gym 4th, Business class 5th, Science 6th, History Dorm: Room *** north wing.
  8. I'm confused by the courteousness going on here...
  9. @Pixelate, Oh wait, i remember now, YOU'RE PIXELATE! Aha! For a second I was like, "Wait, when was the last time this person posted?!" Sounds like a good idea, but if everyone else feels like having an attack sooner, may I have a go? I have and idea involving those two particular Asian nations that have threatening to shoot each other for 60 years... Only if people want to go sometime this weekend though. If everyone wants to have a cooldown (puny), or you have a good idea, I won't object at all to that.
  10. I've seen that dance a million times, I think I could handle it if Pixelate doesn't really want to just yet.
  11. Is this right? Well, since the Line Trotter is not playing at the moment, who should take over? (I kind of want too now...) I wouldn't mind if Pixelate really has an idea right now.
  12. I'm not on the list, but i'm looking for it now.
  13. We can always time-skip to a few days to a week later again after everyone is done with a short amount of "well that just happened".
  14. Done. Morning I believe, that's what Black Mask posted.
  15. Arti watched in horror, as the nearby building keened over towardly their truck. The driver tried to gun it, in vaine. The building begin to fall right for them, when suddenly everything froze, and with a bright light and flash, he was back at his first class, study hall, with Mr. Cultrou, minute before the bell would ring. "Geheim!" yelled Mr. Cultrou, "Whip that drool off your face, I know you don't think this is a class, but no one sleeps in my room!" Arti wiped his face, "Sorry sir," he said, right as the bell rang. Arti picked up his stuff and headed for the door, not before turning to Mr. Cultrou, "Also, good job on that emergency plan and rallying kids up, just make sue you don't miss anyone next time." Mr. Cultrou just stared confused as Arti left.
  16. "Go Go GO!" yelled an officer, as multiple covered troops ran through the rain and into the building. They quickly found the kids in the other building, and used tarps to get them temporary passas under the rain to the armored vehicles. However, more electric poles were falling, and the roofes of all the building were falling apart, and the hazmat guys and soldiers couldn't stan long int the puddles of acid a goop. "You heard the authorities!" yelled Mr Cultrou, "Everyone line up! We're getting out of this hellish downpour!" Arti helped the nurse carry a few more wounded students onto stretchers and carry them up, as the solders handed out face masks to help them not to suffocate. As students packed into the trucks, some began to head out of the city. However, they were already showing signs of corrosion damage, only a few tank doing recon down the city where mostly unaffected, and even their treads were weakening by the minute. As the truck carrying Arti, mr. Cultrou, and the other students drove for the gate, a deeply corroded tree fell, and knocked down the gate to the street. The truck tried to revers, but with melting tread and acid mud, it was unable to move. Other solder armor was already corroding far, so only a few came to help try and push it, as the storm seemed to spit more rain in response.
  17. I suggest just having Katie Acknowledge Ben right before we go back to the past.
  18. We may want to et Luna return shortly before wrapping this up. I'd assume Jeremy is making mental notes, and the others are preoccupied, yet still remember that there are experiments.
  19. By now, Vincent had lead Ben into the sewer, which where threatening to overflow with the acid. He then went up to the bridge, using the wooden board to block as much acid as possible from him and Ben, ad took him down into the factory, before getting into the elevator. At the school, Arti was pacing too himself, while Mr. Cultrou did a round checking on the students. "Geheim, stop that pacing, as long as where here we're fine!" "I'm not so sure, i'm begining to smell some gas..." replied Arti, "haven;t you said in class acid emits poison gas?" Mr. Cultrou frowned and lowered his tone, "Yes, but i'm not sure we have enough rags too help..." It was then the Military trucks rolled into the school. Men wearing full hazmat suits, and soldiers wearing ful armor and gas masks ran into the buildings to evacuate students. They had to avoid all of the fallen and melting power lines, trees, and poles first, as the windows on every building metled inward and everything looked to be being bleached.
  20. I was thinking you should lead the dark guardian into it, someone risking themselves for it and all and another pushing it the rest of the way, causing a glitch in the wall. I guess that's fine. Everyone appears to be waiting...
  21. Vincent nodded, "Let's go!" and he began to lead Ben upstairs, Arti staying behind because he prefers not to get melted to death. Upstairs, the windows had been melting inward, as the wind blew acid right into the side of the building and windows. Everyting smelled awful, So Vincent pulled out a rag and gave it to Ben to cover his mouth. He then lead Ben outside, holding up the large wooden board he found, before getting out from under the collapsing porch-roof. Now he began to run Ben to the Dorm building a few meters away. __________________________________ Outside the city where the storm stayed, the media and emergency services where buzzing. The sun was starting to set, and what radio connection they had to hospitals, the power station, and the military reserve in the city was fuzzy, and the leaders of the national guard had only now finished contemplating whether or not to evacuate. "It's better now than never!" said an officer in the radio, "Get those armored trucks you should have had ready by now at the highway, we need to get to the Hospitals and school first, and evaluate the situation to the commanders outside!" "You are clear to go" said a official lady person into the radio, as multiple lines of trucks began to drive into the city, just off the highway to avoid the wall of cars trying to leave, some having corrosion damage.