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    Hi there. Out of the mane six I associate with Rainbow, but in general I'm more of a Scootaloo >:D
    My OC is Psycho Blitz, because I'm a little psycho but if you get to know me I think I'm entertaining.

    Video games: I'm a dedicated Zelda fan, mostly, and I basically love everything Nintendo offers.

    Watching Cartoons: I really don't have to mention I like MLP. I also like Happy Tree Friends, MAD, America's Funniest Home Videos, and Swift Justice.

    Listening to music: I like metal, goth, screamo, and some Dubstep. Bands like Sisters of Mercy, Rammstein, Asking Alexandria I dig. My favorite pony song is Shatter (Curse of Pinkamena) by Bagpipe Brony.

    Creative Writing: I detest writing fan fiction, but I might give it a try just for ponies... Check out my other writing on my FictionPress account.

    Sports: I used to do a lot of sports like swimming, figure skating, soccer (for like 5 months), track and field, volleyball, and badminton, but then I quit like...all of them O_o

    Please talk to me O__________________o I'm psycho.

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  1. Psycho Blitz

    Which Pony Are You and Which Pony Would You Date?

    Hmm so it seems, according to the replies most ponies will date their own pony? Maybe I'm just strange. Thanks for the replies everypony
  2. Psycho Blitz

    S03:E04 - One Bad Apple

    Hmm, yeah you're right about that. Maybe it was just for shocks? Or to show how extreme the CMC can take their fear of Babs Seed? I'm not sure, but I agree that it was a little silly.
  3. Psycho Blitz


    Oh I couldn't do it on my other computer for some reason XD I got it now, but thanks!
  4. Psycho Blitz


    Yes exactly! Haha the puzzle should be something like the question this website asks to prevent trolling, something like, what pony is the color of Princess Zelda's dress? And only ppl who say Pinkie will be let in
  5. Psycho Blitz

    S03:E04 - One Bad Apple

    I'll be less critical than you in other parts, but I agreed with you in some places.I think about the fear of snitching thing, that was the moral--to not be afraid of snitching. Maybe it was a little extremely obvious ["shouldn't we tell AJ?" "no!"], but if that didn't happen, the episode wouldn't occur I agree with you about the adults not noticing. It makes me angry that DT and SS get away with everything. There needs to be an episode where Filthy Rich and SS's parents see how mean their daughters are. Same, I haven't really been bullied, but I've witnessed some. It's true that ppl bully if they are bullied, but usually it's not so extreme. I just like to think that the episode was exaggerating the "innocence" to show younger kids that there is a solution. Nice to hear a critical response; very thought-provoking!
  6. Psycho Blitz

    Which Pony Are You and Which Pony Would You Date?

    I personally wouldn't date a Rainbow Dash; we would be too similar. For the quiz thing I was a little bit Pinkie, and I do get along with my Pinkie friends a lot. IDK, for me it's opposites attract!Thanks for sharing
  7. Psycho Blitz

    Racing (Maybe as Rainbow Dash)

    I really like your profile pict. Maybe just stick that up there? Or get a picture of RD flying hecka fast? Haha idk, but have fun with your marathon! Tons of respect for you!!
  8. Just a random thought I had. I was wondering which personalities are attracted to each other. For example, out of the mane 6 I'm like Rainbow Dash, but out of all ponies I'm more like Scootaloo (I think I'm less arrogant). But if I would date a pony, I would date Rarity...and RD and Rarity are the opposite sides of the spectrum. What do you guys think? What pony are you most like, and who would you date?
  9. Psycho Blitz

    S03:E04 - One Bad Apple

    At first I thought she was pretending, but when she was still mean to the CMC when DT and SS weren't looking, I really thought she was a bully. XD MLP is good with plot twisting!
  10. Psycho Blitz

    Good Day, Everypony!

    Hi! If I married somepony, I would pick Rarity Except we are the exact opposite characters >< I'm a Blank Flank too, so welcome!
  11. Psycho Blitz


    Yes but to make a distinction, I like to use Pegasister. Yeah I feel like the characters were what kept me hooked on the show Really? That's awesome. Is there like a secret place for Zelda-MLP fans?
  12. Psycho Blitz

    Which Antagonist is the Most Intimidating?

    The only reason I think King Sombra isn't that scary to me is that he has less on-screen time than the commercial breaks. O__o If he was more of an active antagonist rather than an old story, he would be more scary. Like, I need to see how scary he was instead of just hearing about it...idk. I thought Discord was cool, and I actually liked the chaotic Ponyville. Nightmare Moon comes in second because her antagonism was more like a series of trials for the mane 6. Also, I agree that she was misunderstood. But I think the Queen Chrysalis was a tough enemy. She was so well disguised. She turned everyone against Twi, and even made Twi doubt herself. She was a succubus, feeding off Shining Armor. Plus, her evil plan was just so thought out so well. ><
  13. Psycho Blitz

    S03:E04 - One Bad Apple

    I like CMC episodes but Scoots really needs her own episode!! ;D Because no one knows anything about her except that she might be a chicken...
  14. Psycho Blitz


    Hey, thanks for the welcome everypony /) I'll definitely explore the forums and find my niche around here!
  15. Psycho Blitz


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: I thought it looked fun How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I watched it to prove how dumb Bronies were. Then I became a Brony I'm glad I did! Out of the mane 6 I'm like RD, but out of all ponies in general, I'm like Scootaloo Okay I guess I should add more description... I like listening to metal, screamo, etc. I like creative writing so maybe I'll make FanFicts... I like getting to know people I like video games like Zelda /) anyone?