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    The magical land of Ooo, or underneath your bed, or sometimes i'm in michigan. You never know. POTATOOOES!
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    (3 milloin cabillion years later.....)
    I am a bonified Schneider Monkey. In case you have absolutely NO FREAKIN IDEA what a Schneider monkey is, (you deprived children!) Maybe this will help. Max Schneider will forever be ALL MINES.
    I LOVE Adventure Time, Marceline Abadeer is my favorite character, close second Lumpy Space Princess, third being Lady rainicorn. But mostly MARCELINE. AND BMO. NEVER FORGET BMO.
    I like Kumquats. A LOT.
    I don't love One direction. I'm NOT a "Nialler". Just because I say "POTATOES!!" all the time doesn't mean I'm impersonating him.(i know this because one of my bff's is always telling me this. *sigh*) If you ask me this question, I will END YOU.
    Did I mention i like to use CAPS A LOT???
    I'm really into Theatre Arts and acting and stuff. I'm pretty good at improv, if I do say so myself.
    BAI! I LOVE YOU! *kissy face*
    (btw, i love everyone. just sayin.)

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  1. BeatrixBow

    Favorite Names (or what would you name your children)

    Hmmm...I like not common names, color names, and names that sound pretty cool. Girl: Soleil, Victoria, Brielle, Rory, Cadmium(Caddy. This is a shade of yellow.) Camilla, Margot, Keira Boy: George, Austin, Henry, Michael, Charlie, Maxwell, Trevor, James, Ronald, Jonas, Indigo. Ok, I'm done. :3
  2. BeatrixBow

    Will the humans have different names?

    I agree. If they don't have the same names, they'll probably just make a slight change. I can't imagine Rarity having a different name though. Hmm.
  3. Good observing. I guess they could be the same, but I think they would mention if Twilight was in a relationship. Plus, why would they suddenly decide to bring him up in "Equestria Girls"? Oh, yeah, Twilight has a boyfriend. -_-
  4. BeatrixBow

    Favorite Species of Pony and Why?

    True, true. I like them all, but I'd most likely be a unicorn. Whenever I imagine myself as a pony, (which i do very often) I'm a unicorn. The cool powers and all.
  5. BeatrixBow

    Hi Spike is best pony

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the forums today! I hope you enjoy your stay! Heh, that rhymes.
  6. I say Dashie and Flutters first, then Pinkeh and Dashie. Both great pairings, but Dashie and Fluttershy......I really like that pairing. <3
  7. BeatrixBow

    [OFFICIAL] Equestria Girls Trailer

    *Fluttershy Yay* I hope I get back from my trip to Sudan to watch this in time. This looks way cool! Imma meet me some bronies...of course I'm going to wear my mlp stuffs.....anyone else freaking out here like this loser??
  8. BeatrixBow

    Movies/TV Powerpuff girls reboot

    Ooh, I love PPG! I grew up with them, I have a plush Bubbles, I have a Blossom sippy cup form when I was little. Man, that was my show. I still watch it sometimes, but it only comes on late. (er, early). If this is true, I hope I have the channel it's coming on cuz if I don't....... Oh, someone's gonna be in a WORLD of pain! (hehe just kidding! I make a joke!)
  9. BeatrixBow

    What do you think is the most coolest MLP merch

    This : Is probably the best pony merch I've ever seen. (in my opinion...) I saw it at Hot Topic and am saving the money for it cuz I WANT THAT DERPY MESSENGER BAG SOOOOOOO BAD! And it's mini! Mini things are COOL! Carry on, everyone.
  10. BeatrixBow

    Soaking Wet and Clueless

    Glob, I loved the beginning! The beat is pretty cool and this will defiantly be listened to by Beatrix Bow and her brony friends very often, I can guarantee you that pal! Great job, this should be a big hit! Stay cool brah.
  11. BeatrixBow

    Qwerty, Dvorak, or Colemak?

    I use QWERTY, because that's just the way I've been typing since the beginning of my days. I've never really used any other type of keyboard, but it looks like it would get a little hard to get used to! That's just my opinion. I will most certainly try the other types one day, though, just to see how it would feel.
  12. BeatrixBow

    2012-2013 House Project

    BEAUTEOUS. Very lovely!! It's amazing to think that a house like this was built by students! (not implying anything, just saying it's SUPAH KEWL.) I really love it, I want to live there.
  13. BeatrixBow

    Dream Date!

    Hmm....that's tough. Pony Joe. We would get high on donuts and coffee and then we would sell our goods and services to everyone, if they want a jelly-filled or not. Hehe. But in reality, maybe this guy: Max Schneider, man. MAX SCHNEIDER.
  14. BeatrixBow

    ~~More Frozen Mint Drawings!~~

    Well, here's more praise! I really like all of them. I literally just went, "DAWWWWW!" out loud and my sister is giving me weird looks. Heh Heh. Anyways, my favorite is the filly with the script. Good drawings for in the car! I can barely draw a tree in a non-moving room! (Ok, that's exaggerating) But I really like all of them, good show! JOLLY good show!! *applause*
  15. BeatrixBow

    Need help naming my "ever-so original" OC

    Cool new OC! Uhm....that's a toughy. I really like his design and cutie mark, but coming up with a name for him is hard! I suggest using this: Which has helped me a couple times, but isn't that reliable and clever a source. Just a start, you know. And for what it's worth, all I think of when I look at him is "Black Rock" for some reason. Anyways, good luck!