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  1. I'm new too! Welcome I guess! Lol!
  2. I'm new and I wanted to put this post up to talk about Dimond Tiara. I mean what is up with her right?I don't know about you guys but even thought she's mean MLP has still blown my mind. She's pretty, rich, and a snob! Mlp is getting really good at chacterizing ponies based off of everyday life. Dimond Tiara symbolizes the common bully right? What do you guys think?
  3. Name: Dark Sorrow Species: Unicorn Description: A sorroful unicorn with a past he would rayher forget... He has only wanted a friend ever since he could remember but because of his Red and Black colors, many thought him to be evil and attacked him. Personality: Loyal, Shy, Quite, Trustworthy Strengths:Melee,health Weakness: Death to friends, Or anything that may cause harm to them. Other: When upset, he may become enraged giving him great speed. Stable:yes