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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Brosparkles

    What tattoos would you get?

    Yep, that's it! Loved the podcast, each of their animations, plus just a cool logo imo.
  3. Brosparkles

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Yeah,he had even suggested half upfront half on completion but I didn't want to bother with it. Not out that much money, but still sucks.
  4. Brosparkles

    What tattoos would you get?

    I have a skeleton key on my right arm, and I'm thinking of some runes on my back, maybe a darksign from DS1 as well. (Bonus points if you recognize this specific key.)
  5. Brosparkles

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Disappointed, someone I commissioned for some art just deleted their blog, and won't respond to me. I paid in advance, so I suppose they don't have any reason to actually do it...
  6. Brosparkles

    Tea or Coffee?

    Both, I enjoy Tea and Coffee, though I typically drink Coffee for the caffeine, and Green Tea later in the day. (Drinking some Coffee rn actually, peppermint mocha)
  7. Brosparkles

    Civ mixing help

    I just think that a lot of African powers are under-represented, so they could add an interesting empire a bit out of the norm. (And also because I play a lot of Ethiopia in Europa Universalis 4...) as far as other African powers go, Carthage comes to mind (but not with Rome, punic wars makes that a pretty big no.) Ghana, or for a medieval civilization, Mali or Songhai, though they probably wouldn't make great picks for your current issue. Indian empires such as The Mauryans (Interactions with the Greeks, but not so much with the Romans.) could be interesting as well.
  8. Brosparkles

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    I've heard this before, and I just can't imagine pouring milk first. Seems like you'd splash milk everywhere. So cereal first
  9. Brosparkles

    Civ mixing help

    Throwing this one out there just because I never see it used, the Aksumite Empire. While I suppose it doesn't fit "didn't have extensive contact with rome" as they were pretty key in trade with Rome, they're rarely mentioned as such, being by far the least often noted of the great powers of the time (along with Persia, Rome, and China) Even if they wouldn't make a great fit with Rome, they're one I'd love to see used in general. As far as similarities go, one comes to mind right away, Emperor Constantine and Emperor Ezana, both ruling polytheistic empires until both converting to Christianity and massively changing their empires because of it. (A mere 2-3 years difference in when they converted, too!)
  10. Brosparkles

    General Do You Have An Accent?

    Everyone does, even if you don't know it. Mine would be American Midwest, though it's only Michigan so not real strong. To me it sounds normal but I'm sure everyone's accent sounds normal on the area they're from, and not as much in other areas.
  11. Brosparkles

    Who Here is Gay?

    I am, both romantically and sexually attracted to only men, though I thought I was pansexual for quite some time.
  12. As a lions fan I guess I'm rooting for falcons vs steelers just because I don't like the other two teams.
  13. Brosparkles

    General Do you plan on getting married?

    Firstly, I do still browse these forums on occasion, so you may want to stop the badmouthing because you think I can't hear you, it's bad form. I could go on and on about how you're not telling whole truth, that I told you many times over that your physical appearance doesn't mean anything, and that I told you many times sex doesn't matter to me. Or how you said I was "too ugly for you", and yet now go on to say I couldn't look past your appearance. If you'd like to actually talk to me about this sort of thing instead of bringing it up in a public forum, I've sent you some PM's, read them. Or we can discuss all about how you said sex is too important to you to keep dating me and then went on the hypocritically slander me about this sort of thing, but I'm sure these fine people don't want to hear about it, and I'm sure you'd rather not have me continue to tear down this neat little fort of lies you've built yourself, so I'll leave this here for now. And as for the question, yes, I do, though my BF and I have only been dating for 3 months or so, so certainly not anytime in the near future. Maybe a few years down the road.
  14. A friend and I are watching Vargskelethor videos and playing nuclear throne.
  15. Brosparkles

    Gaming Which Pokemon Sun and Moon starter is your Favourite?

    Rowlet, I usually prefer grass starters.