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  1. Annoyed. My partner and I decided to treat ourselves after a rough week of work and ordered doordash, only for them to deliver it to the wrong apartment. We finally found it after searching our apartment complex for half an hour, but it kinda defeats the purpose of it being a treat at this point.
  2. I've been listening to Neil Cicirega's Mouth Dreams album as a whole for the past couple days, it's transcendent. Specific song would be superkiller.
  3. Just a baby drinking coffee. Always drinking coffee, and smoking big cigars... Well if they freed me from this prison. Well if I was a car. I bet I'd be a good car, and that's what tortures me.

  4. Yeah, I kinda messed my build up, could use a re-spec for optimal DPS.
  5. If they did it wouldn't do as well, they're incredibly successful because they don't compete with Sony/Microsoft/PC Gaming. Instead of sharing the same market they have their own seperate one, and it's working. Their whole strength is in their first party games and their consoles being different. I wouldn't buy the PS5/Whatever Microsoft thing is next because I already own a gaming pc, but I bought a switch because I can't play Nintendo games elsewhere, and the portability factor is nice.
  6. In order of favorites, not neccesarily best mechnically. Kanto: Ninetales Gengar Dragonite Snorlax Nidoking Johto: Sneasel Skarmory Suicune Murkrow Crobat Hoenn: Sableye Flygon Spinda Tropius Altaria Sinnoh: Shaymin Honchcrow Togekiss Roserade Gliscor Unova: Chandelure Cofagrigus Emolga Zoroark Excadrill Kalos: Goodra Trevenant Gourgeist Skiddo (only non-fully evolved one but look at 'im!) Heliolisk Alola: Salazzle Decidueye Mimikyu Buzzwole Ribombee Galar: Centiskorch Polteageist Corviknight Grimmsnarl Perrserker
  7. Cats(1998). It's the first movie I have any memories of because it scared me like nothing else as a little kid.
  8. 2008 Dodge Magnum. Got it because I could afford it. I also own a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville, but I don't drive it anywhere, it's pretty broken down and exists as my "backup vehicle" should anything go horribly wrong with my current one. Debating selling it.
  9. Now? No, I'm 23 and live several states away from either of my parents, who are now divorced. When I was younger? Vaguely, but I feel like if I had one I wouldn't want one. I've always been kind of a loner, though idk if that would have changed had I had a sibling.
  10. Typically pants, usually jeans. I'm using the American terminology here since I didn't realise that pants referred to underwear in the U.K. (Which I also wear, of course) Occasionally a kilt, they're comfortable and I like the style.
  11. No, because my biology is different than that of a cartoon horse, as unfortunate as that may or may not be.
  12. I basically just watch his twitch streams at this point, but Northernlion is always consistently funny and charismatic.
  13. Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Spinach, and I generally prefer a white sauce to a red sauce.
  14. Currently I do Software Quality Assurance. People say I "play video games for a living" but it'a not really playing them.
  15. 100%, but that's because my headphones have in-line volume control and I find that easier. As for my headphones, roughly 40%.