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Status Updates posted by Brosparkles

  1. Just a baby drinking coffee. Always drinking coffee, and smoking big cigars... Well if they freed me from this prison. Well if I was a car. I bet I'd be a good car, and that's what tortures me.

  2. Drifted off for a second and had a dream where my eyes were the texture of egg yolks and popped when I rubbed them, so, y'know. Best to just not sleep again.

  3. Just cut/dyed my hair and this purple hair dye smells like artificial grape to me. Kinda nice honestly.

    1. InfernalEnergy


      That's neat! I bet your hair looks amazing! :grin:

  4. Turns out I have Bell's palsy as of yesterday. The left half of my face is paralyzed. :(

    1. Brosparkles


      Temporarily, I should add. At least, usually temporarily.

    2. Libra


      Dang, that stinks. Hope it gets better soon.

  5. Going out to eat at an Indian place tonight for my birthday, never been, but I hear it's really good!

  6. Guy I commissioned for some art about 5 months ago just deleted his tumblr, and won't respond to any messages I send. I guess it's what I get for paying in advance, but still, disappointing.

  7. So confused...did d&d tonight, and the monk just intimidated a dragon with info no one else even knew...

  8. Well, there goes my d&d group... Each half angry at the other.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brosparkles


      IC kinda, Me (Cleric) and the fighter disagreed immensely with a plan involving poisoning a public taphouse because a gang drinks there, innocents do too, and my cleric's diety despises poison. Plus the rogue pickpocketed someone fairly obviously, and tried to blackmail the fighter about his backstory. OOC the rogue and monk keep talking over us and blaming us whenever anything goes wrong, then trying to make everytging a stealth mission even though half the group has heavy armor.

    3. SpookyBrony42


      Seems to me to be a problem with the thief player. A reasonable player would realize that poisoning innocents would cause a problem. It's one thing to role play an evil-leaning character, but it goes too far when it ruins the game.

    4. Brosparkles


      Well, poisoning was actually the monk's idea. We might still be able to make it work, the fighter is the only one there I know, (BF invited me to his group when one of them left) and then he wanted to stop so I didn't really want to play without him there, but he said he and the DM are discussing it. It's a lot of the rogue (well, rogue/bard/cleric/wizard because he wants to be able to do everything.) talking over everyone and dominating the game I have issues with.

  9. Man, something about this banner creeps me out. Great work to the artist, but...

  10. Back after like a year. Dunno if I'll be making this a regular thing, mostly just here out of nostalgia's sake, but hi.

  11. Finally went ahead and ordered all the card's I'll need for my pokemon tcg deck, league play outta be fun.

  12. Bowie existed so all us misfits learned that oddity was a precious thing. He changed the world forever. (Not my words, but they fit.)

  13. I think my internet's having issues, it's being extra slow recently...

  14. Man, I'm weirdly tired today.

  15. I.can't believe I put the trust in the people I did. And yet here I am about to do it again.

  16. I'm back. I'm not going to leave a site just because I strongly dislike some people on it.

  17. I think this is goodbye for me, at least on these forums.

    1. Nuke87654


      Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully things go for the best for you man.

  18. Man, holiday season retai sucks. Especially at 4am. :(

  19. Dogs are just firm cats.

  20. I just finished the beginners guide. I'm still unsure how to feel, and I think that's the point.

  21. I am disproportionately angry about 18th century Russian history today.

  22. The bigger the explosion...

  23. Finally re-did my profile to be a bit more descriptive.