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  2. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "I can understand that. I can only imagine what impression I've left on you two." Velvet said, standing aside for the large Diamond Dog to move past him. He wasn't sure what to make of them. He was almost ready to panic, though he was starting to think he just did that in any situation he met somepony for the first time and was in such proximity. The story made him aware they could be dangerous, though his rational mind told him that worrying about them attacking him was silly. He took a moment to breathe and calm himself before resuming the conversation. "So, do either of you drink coffe
  3. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "Uh no, no. But I am surprised to see you both here so soon. I was given to understand adventuring was a long process. At least, that's what I got from many of the stories and biographies I read. Aside from it being dangerous but potentially rewarding. To be honest, I had figured it would take you another week or two to arrive, but I guess I underestimated transport and how long it actually takes, didn't I?" He was glad that they came, though he wondered if his house was big enough for the two of them. He only had one bed and one couch, after all. Would they be comfortable sharing? Or wou
  4. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    Velvet opened the door with a confused expression. "Hello. Can I help you?" He didn't recognize either of these two, but they seemed to know him, though he couldn't begin to place where. Then it occurred to him that these two, being unusual sights in civilized society, could be the adventurers he'd been writing to for the past several weeks. One way to be sure, really. "Lulu and Flaxxy, I presume?" He asked, hoping he'd got it right. If he didn't, he would be out of ideas.
  5. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    It took Velvet some time to muster up the courage to write back to Lulu and Flaxxy, though he wished Briar and Brittle well and expressed how he was looking forward to seeing them again after the time away. To the other two, he would eventually write back and share his own experiences, even if he felt they were not so grand and exciting as their adventures, and ask many questions about adventuring and what it's like out there beyond the borders of pony civilization. He'd write back often once he crossed the threshold and communicated with them in earnest. He had done much thinking since B
  6. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    Velvet was about to step in on Brittle's behalf when Briar reacted. While it saddened him that such action took place, he could see why Briar resorted to it. Not that he felt any better for at least trying to understand. He gave Brittle a sad look, as if to silently apologize for the rude stallion's actions, even though he knew it was too late to salvage anything with her at this time. At least he could hope Briar would see he tried to reach out and remind her that not all ponies seek to hurt her, hoping that when she calmed, such a thought might help bring some positivity to her. "Yes, I
  7. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "Perhaps I should. It would be nice to have another friend, at the very least. When I'm ready, I'll see about heading out on an adventure. For the meantime, a friend sounds pretty swell." Velvet smiled at the pair, brushing his mane aside a little. It seemed he'd have a fair bit of learning to do, and perhaps finding someone to help manage the shop for him while he was out on his trips once he was mentally and physically prepared for an adventure. He gave a little bow towards them, with a friendly wink toward Brittle to be polite. "You're welcome for the ice cream. Next time you come
  8. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "Payment isn't necessary. It was a treat for new friends. That and I feel kinda guilty about how I acted in regards to your offer of adventure. It was hardly mature of me to act the way I did and I was a bit too eager in trying to prove to Brittle that I don't mean her any harm." Velvet had been thinking about it little by little, and came to that conclusion. He should have been calmer and more patient, thinking the situation over more carefully and not becoming upset the way he had. Even if his decision remained the same, and it likely would. But there was always the chance he might have
  9. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    Velvet smiled at the pair. "Hazelnuts would be a separate topping or flavor and soy is an alternative for ponies with allergies to your usual dairy products. I won't be long." He said, pushing the door open and entering the shop. He addressed the pony at the counter warmly and politely as he usually did, placing the order for his new friends. It wouldn't take long to be served on a good day, he hoped, rejoining Briar and Brittle with the ice cream. Briar's was topped with maple syrup, a common topping in Vanhoover, owing to the maple trees that grew there in abundance.
  10. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "Well, they have raspberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, and mulberries. Mulberries in particular aren't super common around these parts, but they are quite sweet when they're fully ripe and they're related to raspberries. but look closer to blackberries. The tree is actually deciduous, so it sheds its leaves around Winter Wrap Up time and...oh, sorry. It's probably not that interesting to hear about the tree itself right now. But anyway, they're perfectly safe, but if you have an allergy to raspberries, it might be best to avoid them. Cherries are probably safest, so long as you don
  11. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    "Hmmm...What about berries aside from strawberries? It sounds like poor Brittle is allergic to strawberries. There's a few ponies like that around the place, so you aren't alone there." Velvet said, starting to wonder if he was pushing a bit too hard. But then, it was his nature to want to help others, and he was showing them around the place before they left. "Then what about other types of berries? Are there any you tried that you remember liking and didn't upset your tummy?" He didn't want to guess too randomly. It was a poor time to go too crazy with experimentation when the pair were d
  12. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    Velvet chuckled at the joke, though he did wish such jokes weren't necessary, Perhaps in time, such barriers need not exist, but for the time being, better to try and ease the situation with humor. "Well, the price varies depending on whether how many scoops you want. This place doesn't do more than three, which is 2 bits per scoop. You can add in an extra bit for some toppings like nuts, strawberries or flavored syrups if you get it in a cup instead of a cone, which is an extra bit or two. The choice can be surprisingly daunting, but it's worth it when you find a flavor you like." T
  13. EcstaticWind

    Open Casual stroll

    Velvet nodded and led the pair down the street, pointing out shops in the area that might be useful to the pair for various adventuring gear or supplies, whether it be food, rope or camping equipment for the road. Though, since he wasn't an adventurer, he didn't quite know what they needed, so he was pointing out anything that seemed adventure-y. Along the way, he paused and pointed out a small ice cream parlour. "This place is one of my favorites. They have this very nice chocolate fudge sauce that they drizzle over the scoops of ice cream served in a cup. Would you and Brittle like some
  14. @Blitz Boom Sorry to make you wait on a reponse. I just finished my university exams for the year, and last week was some pretty hectic studying. On the bright side, I'm free now and will be working on a post right away Also, as a general question to everyone, are there any ways to get notifications outside of the site? Google Browser notifications don't seem to work as well as I hoped they would.
  15. @Blitz Boom Sorry my recent post is short, and that you had to wait so long for it. Been busy lately and trying to catch up.
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