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  1. "That is assuming I go through with being an adventurer. I still have my doubts, since I don't have anything as impressive as many others I have heard become adventurers. I'm not a swordspony or an acrobatic brawler, or even that skilled in my healing art. An adventurer usually needs to have a firm basis in their own skills if they want to make it, and I'm not prepared to go into cooking school, let alone to Germaine or any kind of wilderness or foreign city." Velvet looked down in shame that he was so close to refusing just to pre-empt the homesickness he knew would come. "What I'm afraid of most is, if I take to the adventuring life...that I might not come back. I'd leave business unfinished, family and friends I might never see again. It's the same in all adventuring stories. Once they've tasted the adventuring life, they can't stop. The road calls to them, or they get bored of the calm and quiet and off they go again. I can't abandon my responsibilities like that, Mr. Briar, but I'm afraid that that there won't be a middle ground."
  2. "If that were to happen and the druid could be persuaded, sure. But experts often find their way here, or to Canterlot and Manehatten, as well." Velvet sighed, letting out a shuddering breath. He was almost on the verge of tears from the pressure and his own feelings. He was so afraid that he'd let someone down eventually. His plants never felt let down, but considering them true friends was delusional, childish and, frankly, pathetic if he were to consider that angle. "I appreciate your kindness, but my worry is that my dilemna has been made worse with the addition. Now, instead of two paths, there are three and the well-being of a travelling partner who may not have the patience for a pony like me. Adventurers can be rough types and I'm not. If we came to blows, I wouldn't even be able to put up a fight. Regardless of my positive qualities, that alone raises doubts that I would be fit for a life on the road, even if only briefly."
  3. Velvet waved to Brittle as he made his way to the chairs that Briar indicated. It was fairly obvious he was nervous and stressed over ultimately having to face Briar. First, it was better that he let Briar know how he felt about this choice. "It's good to see you, too. For my visit...I'm afraid I still haven't quite made up my mind on your offer. It's still daunting, and I feel my heart is here in Equestria, rather than yearning for distant lands and excitement. I'm no adventurer and I never truly planned to become one, but part of me feels that turning down the offer would disappoint you and nothing feels worse than someone being disappointed in you." He took a breath and continued, wanting to get a fair bit off his chest while Briar was willing to listen. "The biggest decision I'd have to make was what I wanted to do with my future. And now I'm being asked if I want to leave my home, my shop, everything, to go on an adventure into potential danger with a stranger. I've thought about it and still no answer, but I couldn't bear to let anyone down. So...I wanted to try and ask a few more questions about it, though...I'm starting to think it might not be for me, if this is how I react to the offer of adventure."
  4. @Blitz Boom Two days after Briar and Brittle visited Velvet's shop, the Earth Pony had decided he was getting nowhere on his own. He had managed to find many reasons to go and just as many to stay. Ultimately, he was leaning towards not going, though what stopped him from saying so was that he was afraid his new friend would look down on him for choosing not to adventure, even though he didn't think it was for him. He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door to Briar's room, his only clear goal being to talk about this with the experienced adventurer and get information to make his ultimate choice, even if he ends up staying.
  5. "Thank you. I'm sorry for the...well, I'd call it panicked rudeness, personally. I'll see you there before you leave, and I might close up early to think things over before they overwhelm me again. If not, then I hope we see each other again, regardless." Velvet said, waving them off as they left. Not long after, he would begin closing up the shop, mulling over the decision in his head about whether or not to seek out these ponies, and go on some kind of adventure. He'd never been especially brave nor was he the kind anypony thought of when they imagined a brave adventurer in the wilds beyond pony civilization. Heck, even some areas in pony civilization were wild, untamed and ripe for adventure. Many such things happened in the Everfree Forest, when he last heard. By the time he got to his home, he was exhausted, taking care of his balcony garden and preparing something simple to eat before he flopped onto his bed. It took a while, but a stray thought occurred to him. What did he really have to lose by going on an adventure? The mundane concerns like paying rent and looking after plants paled in comparison to what he could potentially gain by adventuring. Perhaps he could even bring back some of those exotic plants as he was sure Briar suggested. However, tired as he was, he set the thought aside for now and decided to approach the issue with a clear and rested mind in the morning.
  6. Velvet wrote down the names as Briar listed them, spelling out what he'd written to check for whether or not he'd spelled it correctly, hoping it had been spelled out for Briar at some point as well. He gazed at the list with his heart pounding in his chest, trying to keep calm as the feeling of being overwhelmed returned. Perhaps he should close up early today and spend the time debating and resting his overactive mind. Hopefully nopony would mind him going home early.
  7. "How long will you be in Vanhoover, Mr. Briar?" Velvet would ask after a silent moment of debate, possibly a moment longer than he actually needed. The hoof on his shoulder was comforting, even if Brair was more of a pony-shaped plant than a pony with plant elements. He could still feel his heart racing and the fear of the unknown eating at him, but what did he have to lose now that he was thinking on it. "If you're going to be in the city much longer, please come and visit before you leave. I'll have an answer for you by then, if not sooner." If nothing else, it was progress, even if it was spurred by Briar's touch and an awkward silence. Eventually, Velvet went to the counter to get some paper and a pen, offering it to Briar. Of course, he had no way of knowing that he was hardly the only one to shy away from the call to adventure.
  8. Velvet took a breath to calm himself, his doubt and uncertainty clashing with his curiosity. It was enough when one was suggesting he adventure, but now both were. He almost shut down from what seemed to him like the pair unintentionally overwhelming him with all of this. “I...I’m not sure. I‘m not an adventurer, so I can’t just say yes without hesitation, but I can’t say no, either, because it might help. But...I don’t know...I need more of a reason to go out so far. I can learn more about cooking, gardening and medicine here in Equestria if I wanted. But when you leave, I might never get this chance again. But I’m too afraid to take it...” Velvet tried not to break down, but it was getting hard to hide how much this ate at him. How cornered he felt by such well-intended and heartfelt offers of assistance and broadening horizons, and how ashamed he felt that he hesitated and even seemed to push away the offered hoof out of fear.
  9. "I wouldn't be such a bad idea to spend my vacation abroad. I don't know about going exploring or adventuring, but seeing somewhere new on a holiday might be nice. I really don't want to be rude and turn down your suggestions. It's just a big commitment that I'm not sure I'm ready for, though I wouldn't be able to tell when I am ready for it. Perhaps these gifts are wasted on me, a pony who can't decide his path and gets scared of going anywhere that isn't home, whether it's mine or my parents' home." He was starting to feel bad, caught between being polite and his fear. Without a drive one way or another, he just wound up with an upset stomach and feeling like he was being ungrateful to a stranger who had no obligation to help him offering advice of his own free will. He'd have to face it sooner or later, a fact he accepted with a small amount of resignation. "I'm sorry... I don't mean to be like this. I've just never done anything like that. I wish I was braver. That I could just leap at the chance to adventure."
  10. Velvet shuffled nervously, unsure how to react or respond to Brair's advice and suggestions. It seemed logical and sensible, but it was also, to Velvet, a daunting task. Even slightly overwhelming. "Still...It seems rude to draw the attention on me like that... Your suggestions are all very sensible and adventurous, but I'm not sure I'm the type to go adventuring like that. I mean, I'm a florist who likes to cook. Moving out here to Vanhoover was scary enough. I don't even know how I'd handle going to Germane or a battlefield. It's not that I don't want to... I'm just afraid. Of many things, and none of which I could pin down in a short amount of time." He took a breath, trying to calm his nerves to better articulate himself before he panicked at the pressure and overload of potential new things. "It's just a lot to take in, and I'm not sure I see myself in those situations. There's better, braver ponies than me to go out and adventure..."
  11. “It’s an extension of the Earth Pony magic most forget about. The reason why Earth Ponies are better at growing crops and tending to the gardens and livestock. My mother being a Unicorn helped, since I can manipulate it. Without a horn, I can only turn subtle Earth Pony magic into a healing touch. Not that I’m complaining. I just can’t shake the feeling that, despite my aspirations, I should be doing more with it. Every now and then, I think...maybe I can’t decide what I want to do because I have this talent and don’t know what I should do with it.” Velvet said, staring at his own hoof for a moment before looking back to Briar. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make it about me all of a sudden. You’re most welcome, and I hope you’ll be okay from here. Sorry again for...Y’know...making it about myself.”
  12. "That sounds like good advice. Alright, I'll spend my vacation in Ponyville." Velvet said with a smile, accepting the bits as they were floated towards him and putting them in a pocket on his apron. "I wish the worth of my plants were seen as universally as you seem to. Supply and demand tend to influence how much you can make from these. But it's not always a bad thing. Some ponies wait until the price comes down so they can afford it easier, and some start a trend from something that doesn't seem like it would catch on. It's not perfect, but as long as ponies appreciate what I have to sell, then I don't mind playing with the prices a little. A customer returning is more valuable than the money they spend, I say." He grew concerned as Brair opened his eyes, then shut them, unsure what he could do to help, if anything. "Yes, I do. Quite proud of them, actually. Um, please hold still a moment. I haven't tried this on ponies very often, but it should help to ease the discomfort." He said, placing his hoof on Briar's. A soft green glow transferred from Velvet to the plant pony, a soothing warmth to counteract the strain of seeing.
  13. "I do indeed. This particular one wasn't doing very well 'til I got to it. It wasn't responding to the old fashioned way, so I used my healing touch on it. I think this one might be appropriate for you and Brittle. To represent the care you give her." Velvet said with a smile. He put his heart into these plants, as much as he did the meals he prepared at home. And he was prepared to part with one he'd cared for for so long if it went to these ponies and brought them joy. "I'll keep your recommendations in mind for vacation spots. I'm looking forward to getting a change in scenery for a bit, actually."