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  1. "Hmmm...What about berries aside from strawberries? It sounds like poor Brittle is allergic to strawberries. There's a few ponies like that around the place, so you aren't alone there." Velvet said, starting to wonder if he was pushing a bit too hard. But then, it was his nature to want to help others, and he was showing them around the place before they left. "Then what about other types of berries? Are there any you tried that you remember liking and didn't upset your tummy?" He didn't want to guess too randomly. It was a poor time to go too crazy with experimentation when the pair were due to leave that day. "I'm sorry i don't know too much about what changelings can or can't digest aside from love. It'd be easier not to overthink, like I tend to do..."
  2. Velvet chuckled at the joke, though he did wish such jokes weren't necessary, Perhaps in time, such barriers need not exist, but for the time being, better to try and ease the situation with humor. "Well, the price varies depending on whether how many scoops you want. This place doesn't do more than three, which is 2 bits per scoop. You can add in an extra bit for some toppings like nuts, strawberries or flavored syrups if you get it in a cup instead of a cone, which is an extra bit or two. The choice can be surprisingly daunting, but it's worth it when you find a flavor you like." The Earth pony offered a smile, trying to be helpful to Briar and Brittle. He wanted them to know that, even if he didn't have it in him to venture out into the wilds beyond, he would still accept them as friends. After all, that had been the lesson that Princess Twilight had tried to teach, were it not? Though, he wasn't sure if he could ever know for sure, having never met the Princess personally.
  3. Velvet nodded and led the pair down the street, pointing out shops in the area that might be useful to the pair for various adventuring gear or supplies, whether it be food, rope or camping equipment for the road. Though, since he wasn't an adventurer, he didn't quite know what they needed, so he was pointing out anything that seemed adventure-y. Along the way, he paused and pointed out a small ice cream parlour. "This place is one of my favorites. They have this very nice chocolate fudge sauce that they drizzle over the scoops of ice cream served in a cup. Would you and Brittle like some? I can personally say it's really good." He said, wanting to ensure they left on their journey with a positive impression and perhaps a desire to return one day.
  4. @Blitz Boom Sorry to make you wait on a reponse. I just finished my university exams for the year, and last week was some pretty hectic studying. On the bright side, I'm free now and will be working on a post right away Also, as a general question to everyone, are there any ways to get notifications outside of the site? Google Browser notifications don't seem to work as well as I hoped they would.
  5. @Blitz Boom Sorry my recent post is short, and that you had to wait so long for it. Been busy lately and trying to catch up.
  6. Velvet recoiled as Briar's vine made the aggressive action. He hadn't necessarily doubted Briar's ability, since he was an adventurer and all, but it still spooked him when it happened. "Uh, yeah...Please don't do that. I appreciate showing me that you can protect her, the demonstration...I don't actually think it was that necessary." He was staying a little further away for the moment, the signs of him being spooked returning as he politely waited for Briar to head out first, as he was now closest to the door.
  7. "If harm were to come to her, then I'll do what I can to help tend to her injuries. But I doubt it will come to that. The worst the cities have is ponies being snooty, and that's usually just the celebrities. At least, from my experience." Velvet smiled at Brittle. "Are there any particular treats you like? Even if you get most of your sustenance from love, a treat now and then might help make you happy." He said, offering to hold her hoof before they headed out. He knew he was still a stranger to her, but he was determined to display kindness and compassion towards her.
  8. "As it happens, I do know a nice place in the city to gather what you need, and I'm sure I can make something for you, though I would have to visit a place for Gryphons to get the necessary meat. Though perhaps you'll be able to buy some supplies for the road." Velvet seemed to cheer up considerably, now that he was being asked what he knew but also had the capability to help, knowing enough about the city to address Briar's specific need for honey and meat, and had enough knowledge to try and find what they needed if he didn't have a ready answer. A contrast to his fears and uncertainty. "I hope Brittle is fine with my company a little longer." He said, just wanting to help out where he thought there was a need for it.
  9. Velvet smiled at the pair. "Please, don't think of yourselves as burdens. I am more than happy to accommodate, even if it's a challenge to keep up at first. Have you eaten yet?" He asked, standing up. He intended to offer breakfast, but he understood if they declined. After all, they held no fear of the open road and the many wonders and dangers he wasn't yet ready to face. But if nothing else, he wanted them to leave with the knowledge that they now had a friend who was willing to help should the need arise.
  10. "Yes, please. And please let them know they're welcome to stay with me if they need a place to stay in Vanhoover until the road calls them again. You and Brittle are welcome to stay as well. I haven't got much to offer in terms of space, but it's comfortable and out of the elements, and I can provide a good meal if it appeals to you." Velvet extended a hoof towards Briar, hoping his offer was acceptable to the plant pony. "Maybe one day, I'll reconsider my future, but I don't think I'm ready to leave this life just yet."
  11. "Perhaps. I'm sorry I can't commit to adventuring and I hope I haven't been a burden on you with my...fragile nature. Honestly, the future in general scares me, and I doubt it's knowledge that will alleviate that. I'm scared that when I do make a choice, I'll regret it and it will be too late to change it. No one lives forever, and we're never sure how much time we have. I want to make sure I've used my time wisely." Velvet forced himself to say it, to dig deep and finally put words to his fears of the future, which played a role in adventuring being so daunting a task where others would be more willing to try it. He felt like a fool and a coward now that he said it, but at least he said it.
  12. "That is assuming I go through with being an adventurer. I still have my doubts, since I don't have anything as impressive as many others I have heard become adventurers. I'm not a swordspony or an acrobatic brawler, or even that skilled in my healing art. An adventurer usually needs to have a firm basis in their own skills if they want to make it, and I'm not prepared to go into cooking school, let alone to Germaine or any kind of wilderness or foreign city." Velvet looked down in shame that he was so close to refusing just to pre-empt the homesickness he knew would come. "What I'm afraid of most is, if I take to the adventuring life...that I might not come back. I'd leave business unfinished, family and friends I might never see again. It's the same in all adventuring stories. Once they've tasted the adventuring life, they can't stop. The road calls to them, or they get bored of the calm and quiet and off they go again. I can't abandon my responsibilities like that, Mr. Briar, but I'm afraid that that there won't be a middle ground."
  13. "If that were to happen and the druid could be persuaded, sure. But experts often find their way here, or to Canterlot and Manehatten, as well." Velvet sighed, letting out a shuddering breath. He was almost on the verge of tears from the pressure and his own feelings. He was so afraid that he'd let someone down eventually. His plants never felt let down, but considering them true friends was delusional, childish and, frankly, pathetic if he were to consider that angle. "I appreciate your kindness, but my worry is that my dilemna has been made worse with the addition. Now, instead of two paths, there are three and the well-being of a travelling partner who may not have the patience for a pony like me. Adventurers can be rough types and I'm not. If we came to blows, I wouldn't even be able to put up a fight. Regardless of my positive qualities, that alone raises doubts that I would be fit for a life on the road, even if only briefly."