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  1. Kaze Yousei

    staff A mix of Chaos and Sparkles

    Congrats to both of you on the promotions ^~^ Best of luck, Randi and Derplight
  2. (Replied to the wrong page at first. Sorry about that ) *Holds marshmallows near the fire-breathing pony* Do you mind roasting these for me?
  3. Hello. Could someone...pony? Uh, where am I?
  4. This is likely in the wrong place, but as I've only recently returned to the site out of curiosity regarding the recent update (Love what you've done with the place, by the way), I'm not too familiar with where things like this are meant to go anymore. Regardless, I'm looking to remove some of my older and no longer relevant roleplay character profiles that I no longer want or need. How might I be able to do that?
  5. @@Randimaxis, Alex could barely believe the strange stuff going on before him, but he was starting to get the feeling that he was never going to see this place he was meant to live in. But right now...he'd just had enough. He came full circle from being worn down to now just wanting a break from the insanity going on around him. He sighed and stared back at Discord. "I think I understand, but Dodric...Discord...whatever your name is, I haven't had a moment to sit down and think about where I am. I just got here a few hours ago and I haven't had a breather since then. So, if you'd be kind enough to take me and Inkwell to my temporary place of residence while I'm here in Equestria, I'll think about your request. But please...please take me home so I can get a break from this craziness..." Maybe pleading with some kind of cosmic horror (Or...that's what Alex thought he was by now) wasn't the greatest plan, but Alex was too tired and stressed to really be afraid now. Once he got a rest, then he could think about the rational sides of his actions.
  6. @@Randimaxis, Alex raised an eyebrow at the seemingly excitable pony. "Uh, well, we are in a hurry, I guess." He said softly, trying not to make himself stand out too much and just wanting a break from all of this terror. He was slowly starting to regret his choice, but it was a little late to pull out now. He was in this for the long haul, but he'd have to try and adapt before his cynical mind overloaded and broke. But first...he needed some peace and quiet and time to think about things. Though...the one thing that bothered him most was Luna. He still couldn't quite fathom how it was his problem that she hated humans. Whatever the reason, he was certain he had nothing to do with it.
  7. Alex had absolutely no idea what was going on. His homesickness flared again as he tried to drink his water, growing increasingly fearful under the scrutinous eyes of the ponies. He looked away from them, just wanting it all to be over as soon as possible. As he went to take a sip, he was yanked away, spilling his water and dropping the glass by accident. 'Maybe I should've just asked to go home...' He thought to himself as he was dragged out to the taxi.
  8. @@Hypn0ticD, Alex kept as quiet as he could, unwilling to speak or do anything of any sort to try and tip off the orange pony. But she seemed nice enough. Better than the pink one who just bounced away, and by the sounds of things, meeting with a Princess. He felt nervous and light-headed. "Um...c-could I have a glass of water please? I...I think I'm going to faint any moment now. It's, uh...It's my first time here..." @@EquestrianScholar, Pinkie bounced around, looking for Princess Celestia, intending to tell her about the minotaur dignitary that the scientist had brought with him. After all, if he's a dignitary, it stands to reason that the Princess should know about it. She'd surely tell Luna and things could proceed in an official fashion. Not that Pinkie observed official in the same regard as others, being an energetic nutball. (Short-ish post, but I'm still alive)
  9. Alex stared at the note and the key, reading it over and taking in all the information it held about Equestria. During this time, he felt conflicted and unsure. On the one hand, he really didn't want to go and only ever promised to enter the contest. He never promised to actually go. But on the other hand, he wouldn't really be holding to the spirit of his word. He was broken out of his deep thought by a knock on his door. "Ah! Uh, come in?" His dad walked in. "Hey, kiddo. Y'all okay in here? Ya look down about somethin'" "Just...You remember that contest a while ago?" Alex asked. "Eeyup. Ah remember ya made a fuss about it. Complained that ya had ta watch...What was it again?" "Transformers: Dark of the Moon... Well, I won the contest. I get to go to some crazy made-up place called Equestria, and...well, if I start saying this, everyone's gonna think I'm crazy. Plus, I don't really want to go anyway. It's not the kind of thing I'm interested in. But if I don't...well, I'll never live it down if I refuse..." Noticing how Alex felt conflicted and torn over this decision, his father pulled him into a comforting embrace. "Ah'd say to give it a chance. Y'all can always ask to come home if it's too much, rahght? Just be sure of your decision and make sure it's what you want." Alex nodded, returning the hug. "Thanks, Dad...I'll miss you..." ~~~ 3 days later, Alex was preparing to leave for Equestria. As the note had warned him, he'd packed for summer and winter climates, familiarized himself with the customs, and taken in as much of the extra notes and information as he could. The part about no meat was...regrettable, as Alex loved his meat and wasn't looking forward to a vegetarian diet for the next several months, but it was understandable. Ponies were, after all, plant-eaters. He'd even put in for time off and set his affairs in order. With him, he brought just a few things relating to his job as a YouTuber, namely his laptop and some recording gear. And finally, he'd informed his viewers that his gaming content would be sparse for the next few months and limited to whatever he had on his PC. Naturally, the top requests were the Five Nights at Freddy's series. He sighed and waited for the portal to open. He had to admit...he didn't feel joy or excitement at this. If anything, he only felt sad that he had to leave his home.
  10. Sorry for my own inactivity. As Hypn0 said, I was having trouble with Alex's motivations, but I have also been busy with life in general. I'll try and catch up and improve the quality of my posts in future.
  11. Pinkie giggled and rattled off several of her party plans, ranging from a welcome party on the level of the Grand Galloping Gala to a smaller one like Twilight's birthday that one time, not really paying attention to what the others were saying just yet. By the time they got to Canterlot, she had too many plans, but she felt there was a piece missing. A piece to give it a more personal charm to make the humans feel welcomed. Upon arrival, she burst out of the train car, full of energy and vigour. "Let's meet the humans! When are they arriving? Where are they arriving? Do we know what they're gonna be like? Do they like ponies? Oooh, wait, I bet they like balloons, right?" She asked, her usual excitable nature masking the simple act of asking for information on their inbound guests.
  12. Kaze Yousei

    Private Equestria Divided: Titanfall (Action RP)

    @@~Chaotic Eddie~, "Yeah...I'd do the same if it were anypony I cared about. I'd do my damn best to bring them home safe. Twilight...she showed me that much." Dash stopped herself, not wanting to go on too much. Especially when her confidence in herself stemmed from her having the support of her friends. Their belief in her allowed her to believe in herself. "So, uh, after we get this armour, reckon we could see about breakfast? Haven't had any real food in a while."
  13. Kaze Yousei

    Private Equestria Divided: Titanfall (Action RP)

    @@~Chaotic Eddie~, Dash followed after her, eager to get a new suit of armour. Her old set wasn't going to prevent bullets hitting her much longer. "I can tweak the HUD no problem, but the rest of it... Not so much. But Wrench is good at that, right? Or she wouldn't be repairing our Titans."
  14. Kaze Yousei

    Private Equestria Divided: Titanfall (Action RP)

    @@~Chaotic Eddie~, "Yeah, that's true. Need to spec it for my style, and Rainbow Dash is all about style." Dash boasted, keeping up her boastful exterior, trying to hide her uncertainty and her fears. She had to be strong for everypony. She had to be the hero they needed her to be if she was that important.
  15. Kaze Yousei

    Private Equestria Divided: Titanfall (Action RP)

    @@~Chaotic Eddie~, "Gotta shower first, Sweets, but yeah, I'm comin' with. Say, uh, got any spare armour sets? Mine is pretty banged up after the battle then the trek here." Dash said, pointing out the terrible condition her armour was in. She might be able to fix it with parts, but she wasn't a tech and it'd just be easier to get a new suit anyway. Wrench seemed busy enough with the Titans.