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  1. Oh you decided? Aw, well I'mma throw out my ideas anyways. Silent song Melody wisp Luliby mist Or any combination of the three. Sorry for mis spells. Darn smart phone isn't so smart :/
  2. I agree with your friend. The mane is beautifully done. And I do like her eyes. I do think her done could be a tiny bit longer as well. But you did a fantastic job. I love the coloring. Great job!
  3. Theeeeen make them be each seperate sex and a bit dramatically resembling that sex?? So you'd have three versions really lol
  4. Omg this is a very neat idea! I'll start on mine first thing in the mornin......well...first thing after I wake up that is...and do my chores, and walk my dog....eh, I'll do it. You just wait heh,
  5. Fluttershy is my favorite too! She is so courtious and good with animals. And shes been working on her self confidence and assurance here lately. Anyways....Whoo! New member! Like me! Nice to meet you fellow pony lover friend. I love to draw as well I hope you make lots of good friends here and have a fabulous pony time!
  6. Well most tv shows, especially kids shows tend to lean to the male audience, with a hint of female influence. I really like how this a show catering to more of the female gender with a slight male influence. And I like how the show isn't much for romance. Yes there are a few cute episodes here and there. Like hearts and hooves day. Oh and don't doubt female power. We can be just as strong and good leaders any stallion. And don't forget, there are stallions in high positions. Like shining armor. The captian of th e royal guard. And if not for marrying Cadence, was probably Celestia's personal body guard in my opinion lol. I'm sure there are people wanting a prominate male figure in the show, but honestly, I don't see that happening anytime soon
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! And I will have to look into Sai, thanks Berry for telling me about it. Unfortunatly I have to make a few more posts before I can get into the RP forums, but thats ok! I don't think that will be a problem lol. But when I am able I will look you up Nightfall
  8. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I was referred here by Obsidian Winter How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was always a fan on MLP! The old and now the new since I have discovered it! Go ponies! Hello there one and all ponies! My name is Jewel Heartlight, but you all can call me Jewel I am so excited to be here. My Partner Obsidian Winter led me here for those of you that have come across her. I drew a portrait of myself for my avi, but it is sadly not finished yet as I don't know what digital art program to use. Any good suggestions? Anyway, I am very happy to be here and hope to make lots of pony friends and start some awesome roleplay! Until next time I post! Tootles!
  9. This pony is so excited to be here!

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