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  1. Homura used the Power of Love so hard, the universe freaked out.

  2. It actually works, so accepting Windows because it just works isn't utter bullshit. It's just you who has forgotten the purpose of technology, which is to make things work. One could at least try to pay respect to a product which is created with actual efforts. Bloody fanboys...
  3. Gender equality is a stupid concept. Debate me if you want. Technology experts who constantly discriminate, talk, or brag about hardware specifications, consoles, operating systems, or programming languages are just annoying noobs (or just plain stupid). Katana is an overrated weapon made of over-forged cheap ores.
  4. wek up peepel:

    1. DND


      Tree is not a number either.



  5. That will do. The last time I checked the requirement was like 40 posts.
  6. Does it still have a minimum post requirement, though? That would be pretty stupid.
  7. I believe that bitch had been told nicely about her stupid hunts before all the death threats thing, and yet she still did it. You can't really expect people not to rage, because people have actually fought to keep those animals from poachers, and she killed those animals just because it's fun. People will stop when the cunt stops, sure, but at least if you've got the guts to murder a rare species, have the guts to receive death threats.
  8. Everyone I knew is now banned. What a great job you've done, mods.

  9. Fucking Game of Thrones spoiler. *le white bubbles on raging mouth*

  10. Sky Warden

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    Almost correct, but I was saying that originally religions are made by good people. I believe Jesus was a good man, and so was Buddha and prophet Muhammad. That's why I respect them. It's just that some people either misunderstood their noble teachings, or just used them as a mask to do what they want. For example, some dudes might want to conquer another land for riches, and made up some stuff like, "It's to spread the God's will." I've explained in length about it, and what I meant with him not listening to reasons is that he kept throwing arguments which I had actually answered. For exa
  11. Sky Warden

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    He doesn't understand religions or even figurative language and metaphor. Just leave him be. He doesn't want to listen to reasons, after all. I will recommend them this book.
  12. Sky Warden

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    You seem to miss my p o s t s. Doesn't matter. I'm used to people like this. Well, perhaps I also missed your posts which contributed to the debate, because I only saw one which is debate-worthy. That is, if you made any other, of course.
  13. Sky Warden

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I'm trolling or anything. At first, I just stated about how I don't like intelligent atheists despise religions, and then one of them came out and started and argument with me. I've stated most of my points, but they just keep coming and they don't even seem to even read my posts. They keep making the same arguments over and over, which I've actually answered. I'm just too tired to explain to them again, because I believe they can read and make a valid point.
  14. I find it funny as of how people who call themselves intelligent can't understand the less intelligent people.

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