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  1. Homura used the Power of Love so hard, the universe freaked out.

  2. It actually works, so accepting Windows because it just works isn't utter bullshit. It's just you who has forgotten the purpose of technology, which is to make things work. One could at least try to pay respect to a product which is created with actual efforts. Bloody fanboys...
  3. Gender equality is a stupid concept. Debate me if you want. Technology experts who constantly discriminate, talk, or brag about hardware specifications, consoles, operating systems, or programming languages are just annoying noobs (or just plain stupid). Katana is an overrated weapon made of over-forged cheap ores.
  4. wek up peepel:

    1. DND


      Tree is not a number either.



  5. That will do. The last time I checked the requirement was like 40 posts.
  6. Does it still have a minimum post requirement, though? That would be pretty stupid.
  7. I believe that bitch had been told nicely about her stupid hunts before all the death threats thing, and yet she still did it. You can't really expect people not to rage, because people have actually fought to keep those animals from poachers, and she killed those animals just because it's fun. People will stop when the cunt stops, sure, but at least if you've got the guts to murder a rare species, have the guts to receive death threats.
  8. Everyone I knew is now banned. What a great job you've done, mods.

  9. Fucking Game of Thrones spoiler. *le white bubbles on raging mouth*

  10. Almost correct, but I was saying that originally religions are made by good people. I believe Jesus was a good man, and so was Buddha and prophet Muhammad. That's why I respect them. It's just that some people either misunderstood their noble teachings, or just used them as a mask to do what they want. For example, some dudes might want to conquer another land for riches, and made up some stuff like, "It's to spread the God's will." I've explained in length about it, and what I meant with him not listening to reasons is that he kept throwing arguments which I had actually answered. For example, the whole thing about figurative language and metaphor. My problem here is that some people despise religions and think that those who believe in it are dumb because, "lol lern science n88b." I will counter that advice with, "Learn how to read literature."
  11. He doesn't understand religions or even figurative language and metaphor. Just leave him be. He doesn't want to listen to reasons, after all. I will recommend them this book.
  12. You seem to miss my p o s t s. Doesn't matter. I'm used to people like this. Well, perhaps I also missed your posts which contributed to the debate, because I only saw one which is debate-worthy. That is, if you made any other, of course.
  13. I'm trolling or anything. At first, I just stated about how I don't like intelligent atheists despise religions, and then one of them came out and started and argument with me. I've stated most of my points, but they just keep coming and they don't even seem to even read my posts. They keep making the same arguments over and over, which I've actually answered. I'm just too tired to explain to them again, because I believe they can read and make a valid point.
  14. I find it funny as of how people who call themselves intelligent can't understand the less intelligent people.

  15. Oh really? I'm sorry. I'm not a master of logic, so let's use the most basic ones for now. There's men. There are good men and bad men. Okay, get it? Then let's continue. Good people (Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc) made religions were made to guide morality. Can you interpret those words? If you can, let's continue. Bad men do bad things, using religions as their mask. That. Get it? Now, give me a good reason why should I despise religions, which are good things, instead of dumbfucks, who did all the shits? From reading your other posts, I've come to a conclusion that you're just one of those guys who completely miss the point of religions, don't understand about era or figurative language, and despise people just because they were born centuries before your more-scientifically-advanced-grandpa-who-got-his-knowledge-from-the-tireless-work-of-less-scientifically-advanced-people told you about the moon. Sorry, that's a bit more complicated sentence, but it's valid. I hope you can read it.
  16. Yeah, because it's been treated as a name for more than a thousand years. Where do you think that name came from? It's from the word Salam, which means somewhere around peace, goodness, safety. The way of Islam simply means the way of peace, goodness, or safety. That's the real thing. It's just that people have been using it as a label for so many years that it ended as what it is now. There's a thing about Islam is about submission to God instead of the way of peace, but submission here means following the God's orders, which is to bring peace and well-being, which is basically the same thing as the other root. Happy?
  17. Yes. I'm aware that trying to make sense with people on the Internet is useless. I've explained religions successfully to many people in a period of time, and some just couldn't understand my explanation. Seems like you can't understand my explanation as well. It's either me who just don't explain well enough or it's just you who close your mind and prefer to keep your hatred. Yes, quoting a dictionary made by those who don't even understand Islam. So smart. Let me guess. Oxford dictionary? Personally I believe what I've studied and understood myself more than what people just simply tell me. Yes, that's my point. Islam isn't a label. It's an adjective. People who follows the guides are safe because it teaches people to live safely. What are you arguing against? It proves that you didn't open your mind to my posts and you just tried to disagree with me without even trying to understand what I'm telling you. See? It's the people who edit religious text for their own benefits. It's not the religion's fault. It's the people. Jesus taught Christiany to guide His people. Some dudes just edited His text for their own benefits. They might hate someone from other religion and added false command in the holy book. It's the people, not religion. Again, read. I've said what's needed. If you still disagree with me, read my posts again with an open mind. I don't know what kind of grudge you have with fake religious people, but it's always good to let go, give mercy, and continue with your life. That's what Buddhism taught me.
  18. People blame America when it's only the government who are doing bad things. People blame the religion when people who don't even understand a shit about it do bad things. People misunderstand their religions and kill people with it as their mask. It's the people. They don't follow their humanity, which is the metaphorical God. It's people. Learn the difference. Learn what object does what. Men kill because of their worldly desires. Violence is tempting, I'm telling you. Religions obviously forbid violence, but they mask themselves with it. It's not because of religions, but men. I told you there are so many misunderstanding in religions. Why? Because people are too dumb to understand written text. Let's take the Islam against Atheist case for an example. There's no command to kill people whose religion status isn't Islam, because Islam isn't a status, but an adjective. It means safe. Muslim means people who are safe. Islam means a way of safety, because that's what the religion is all about. To guide people to avoid harm, like by forbidding alcoholic drinks. Non-Muslim means people who don't live safely. I will say a Christian who follows his religion's teaching and do good things is Muslim because he's safe from harm. Even a good Atheist is safe from harm. It's even mentioned in the Qur'an that God doesn't care about social status and see people by their heart. About the Old Testament, have you ever wondered if it's ever been edited by someone? I heard the Bible is edited by many people and there are more than 40 versions of it now. While Jesus might be a very kind man, how could you be so sure if the other authors were good as well? Now, why do you disrespect religion that much?
  19. How would you think that way? Have you even ever learned them? I highly doubt you have, because of the way you said religion is just a form of escape from confusion. Have met many people like you. Those who see useless things much more than the important ones, like what matters and what doesn't. If people in the past couldn't observe the space from the moon and think that someone lived up there, so what? What's the big deal? They meant good with their religions. They wanted to guide people to live safely, and peacefully. Just that. You're just cocky because you happen to live in an era where technology and science is more advanced. You're can't differ what matters and what doesn't, and see what the issue is, despite of how advanced education is in your era. Islam didn't make sense to me at first, but after learning Buddhism, I found out that most of the things I thought literal were just metaphors. There's no difference between religions. Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Buddha shared their religions to guide people, and that's what matters. Aside from the whole thing about interpreting words literally, there are also a lot of other misunderstandings. I find people misinterpreting the Qur'an in a seriously high level. They don't understand which is a guide, which is a historical record, etc. They even misunderstand what religions are. Not many people don't misunderstand Buddha's teachings because it's told in a simple language. It's not written with figurative language and metaphors. That's the only difference. They're basically teaching the same things. I've met many religious Christians who are kind and helpful to others. I've met many religious Muslims who are polite, and respectful. I've met religious Buddhists or Hindu who are cheerful and caring. That's what matters. That's what religions were made for. You're basically mocking people who share a great wisdom just because they dress in a very old-fashioned clothes. You don't listen to their words. You're too busy insulting their dress. Is it ever mentioned that God is a literal guy floating up in the space in the books you've read? I've never read any statement which is close to that in mine.
  20. Ah, it's that kind of statements again. Well, can't help it. First of all, what did you expect? Them printing, "This book contains the use of figurative language, metaphors, and similes. Please read this artistic book with care," on the book cover? After all, you're only seeing the building from one side of a wall. Let's make an example. "Lust is harmful," is said to be true words of God. Lust is harmful. It's true. Then, what do you think God is? Some sort of invisible being living up in the sky? Has it ever crossed in your mind that what they mean with God here is a figurative expression? Could it be an expression of that ultimate force in our heart that makes us feel which is right and wrong? Could it be something that we call humanity? It's divine. It's pure. It's holy. What is hell? It's described in a such dreadful way. Could it be the feeling of intense guilt we get from doing wrong things? I guess you interpret, "True words of God," as literal words said by some kind of supernatural being. You even misunderstand that part, so stop thinking that religions are stupid. People are forgetting the main purpose of religions. They're there to guide your moral. That's all. They're not trying to fill your head with fantasies like you think they are. All the metaphors were used to give you a better view about it, because you can't describe abstract things like feelings. People also loved art, and they respected the idea of goodness they were following, so it's very normal to them to write it in a such beautiful way. When you see something that doesn't make sense, try to understand it again. It's very likely that you just don't get it.
  21. Nice one. It feels new to me. Not cliched. 9/10 It's the expression, dude. You should see the ending video in the anime.
  22. I find it interesting about how atheist people think they're smarter than religious people. When you meet a figurative language and metaphors in novel books, you think it's artistic and try to understand the real meaning behind it, but when you meet a figurative language and metaphors in religion books, you take them literally and label it as "nonsense." What a smart people.
  23. Thank God it's not a dubstep. 8.5/10
  24. So someone complains about people complaining about life, and shares their sad life story and acts strong about it. My sides. XD

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