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Status Updates posted by HeavyRain

  1. Why do i feel so alone?

    1. Undubbed Wubs

      Undubbed Wubs

      *hugs* You aren't alone in that feeling.

    2. HeavyRain


      *sigh* i always feel this way everyday i feel like no one cares very much anymore

  2. Does Anypony here play World of Tanks

    1. Obsidian Sky

      Obsidian Sky

      I do... well did. Im a little bit on a hiatus right now. The sirencall of Warthunder G.F claimed me.

    2. HeavyRain


      ahh i see *sigh*

  3. Wish i had more Friends to play World of Tanks with

  4. Looking for a Nice RP that can keep my attention for more than five minutes

  5. My life is such a bore.

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    2. HeavyRain


      yeah thats true Ala the movie Blood Diamond

    3. Panne


      Life is about perspective! I got stabbed by a knife, but that guy got stabbed with two knives! See perspective!

    4. HeavyRain


      yep i see it

  6. Has Anypony here felt like they were having a slump where you didnt feel like watching or looking at any MLP Related media.

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    2. HeavyRain


      dont know really i used to enjoy doing MLP RP's and such but i just havent been able to bring myself into doing MLP RP's or even watching the show

    3. PoisonClaw


      I've felt that way for a while now. Might take a break from MLP once this season ends.

    4. HeavyRain


      ive been taking a break since about season 3

  7. Not Feeling well. feeling very lonely and Depressed

  8. Anypony play a game called Hearthstone?

  9. *sighs* Being Rejected by a mare is such a bitter pill to swallow.

  10. Hey everyone. I haven't been feeling the greatest as of late i've been going through a rather hard bout of depression as of late and how you might be wondering. Heart and hooves is coming up soon and im still single, i have really no friends to speak off and my family minus a couple of people dont care about me even in the slightest. I just feel like its me against the world and i just wish that someone wants to talk to me or even RP. But i doubt anyone cares so i will just stop now.

  11. Bored Looking for a Good RP to be in

  12. Why does loneliness hurt so much?

  13. Anypony got pokemon x or y and want to add me as a friend here is my friend code FcJago 0662-4140-4699

  14. Feeling lonely and depressed

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    2. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      That One Techpriest You Used To Know



      I could... you know... RP with you. If you want to, that is. No pressure, nothing of that sort. And I can add you on Skype.

    3. HeavyRain


      alright my skype name is aries1933 just say your from here

    4. That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      That One Techpriest You Used To Know

      Alright. :D


      I'll do it tomorrow, as sudden commands to remove presence from computer is sudden. Sorry. o(>.<)o

  15. Anypony here have a facebook i wouldnt mind having more Brony Friends to talk to

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    2. HeavyRain


      nopony ever reads any blog i put out

    3. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      that's not the point..I did it to get my feelings out, I dont care who reads my blog. I was surprised that I did get some hits, and even a comment. if that's what you are after, come up with a eye catching title.

    4. HeavyRain
  16. Does anypony here heard of or play a game called pokemon showdown i need more friends to play with

  17. I found a online program to play the pokemon tcg card game and i was wondering if anypony else is interested in playing the game online.

    1. Ferret


      I was never able to figure out how to play as a child.

    2. HeavyRain


      its not that hard to be honest and the game has a ingame tutorial so you can learn how to play

  18. Well everypony im back does anypony wanna talk to me on skype add aries1933 just say you are from here

  19. Hey Everypony does anyone want to talk to me on skype my skype name is aries1933 just say you are from here

  20. im lonely Anypony want to talk to me on skype

  21. I need some new brony music to add to my playlist anyone got any good brony artists for me to check out

  22. Why do most RPs im in either grow stale or go dead?

  23. Am i the only one of feels scared to wear pony merch on a college campus?

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    2. HeavyRain


      @TwilightCircuits i Dont think i would feel very comfortable wear in a tail in public but i will keep your suggestion in mind

    3. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      It's a part of my personal belief and faith anyways. I wouldn't expect anyone to wear one if they didn't want to.

    4. HeavyRain


      @TwilightCircutsI understand where you are getting at though i did look at your profile and your quite the Philosophical person and i appreciate it but its not just at college but i dont even feel like where that stuff at home

  24. You know i walk around my campus and i see people kissing and holding hands why do i feel so defeated?

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