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    Now haters will be hating, there is no logic to that, just anger. Good, their anger makes them strong. Soon they'll use their feelings and finishes their journey to the Arty side of the force.
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Alright so where to begin Im 25 yrs old and i do enjoy RPing with lots of others and im pretty talkative at times but sometimes can be quiet.


Video games


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I would consider myself alittle bit of a book worm i like to read every now and then i occasionally read Fanfiction the last Fanfiction was Fallout Equestria i dont like Clopfics and Grimdark. Im a pretty laidback guy im always looking for ways to better myself and to always push myself beyond what i think is possible i would say im a little like pinkie pie im usally always happy and optimistic. My favorite types of music are Metal and Dubstep. I watch alot of anime some of my favorite anime is the Gundam Series (Wing,G Gundam,Seed, 8thMSTeam, and 00). One of the things i would want is that special someone to spend time with.

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