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  1. To be honest i never thought in a million years that i would have become a brony but allow me to explain. I officially became a Brony on August 26th 2012 when i was going to my local job corp to get my Computer Technician Certification there was a guy in my class who sat two seats away from me and knew that he was a Brony cause he would always be talking about it and making jokes and references from the show. I already knew what a Brony was at the time cause when you go to job corp you experience a lot of different internet culture and memes. I didnt think twice about it but after he showed me
  2. Why do i feel so alone?

    1. Undubbed Wubs

      Undubbed Wubs

      *hugs* You aren't alone in that feeling.

    2. HeavyRain


      *sigh* i always feel this way everyday i feel like no one cares very much anymore

  3. Does Anypony here play World of Tanks

    1. Obsidian Sky

      Obsidian Sky

      I do... well did. Im a little bit on a hiatus right now. The sirencall of Warthunder G.F claimed me.

    2. HeavyRain


      ahh i see *sigh*

  4. Wish i had more Friends to play World of Tanks with

  5. Looking for a Nice RP that can keep my attention for more than five minutes

  6. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    yeah so i would say its pretty easy to get cash if you do the treasure hunt with those skill mods on and pursuits,
  7. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    its gotten quite a bit easier to get up high amounts of cash doing pursiuts and treasure hunting which you can do daily and the rewards keep getting better as you do them and for when i just did the treasure hunting thing i got about 1k Rep and about 7k in cash from just a day one.
  8. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    Yeah i can do pretty well with Audi A1 against Most class A cars which most of them are Speedboost cars and it also depends alot on the driver as well.
  9. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    well i just started back playing a couple of days ago.
  10. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    you can get cars from using In game cash as well and most of the speedboost cars arent that good.
  11. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    Alrighty will do and thanks for having a bit of interest.
  12. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    Hey nice cars i really want the Audi A8 and i was wondering would you play it with me i mean you dont have to im just wondering. I just now got back into the playing the game and i need some friends to talk to and race agasint.....Maybe. well its not really pay to win in the purest sense cause you can get alot of the parts that you can via the cash shop as rewards for doing pursuits
  13. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    well all i say is good luck and have fun.
  14. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    i think it can be used on Mac cause ive seen people play it on a mac.
  15. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    its a pretty good game i would check it out if your a need for speed fan cause it has alot of elements from Carbon and Most Wanted.
  16. HeavyRain

    Gaming Need for Speed

    Hello there everypony i was wondering if anypony played a game called Need For Speed: World for all those who don't know allow me to give you a brief rundown. Need For Speed: World is Racing game based off of the Need for Speed Franchise for the PC. It takes elements from both Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: Most Wanted which are the two best selling titles in the franchise. You can Race in a six different race types. Circuit,Sprint,Drag,Team Escape (ala Most Wanted),Pursuit Outrun (Most Wanted), and Reverse (where the track is mirrored) and you can choose between playing it in eit
  17. My life is such a bore.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeavyRain


      yeah thats true Ala the movie Blood Diamond

    3. Panne


      Life is about perspective! I got stabbed by a knife, but that guy got stabbed with two knives! See perspective!

    4. HeavyRain


      yep i see it

  18. Has Anypony here felt like they were having a slump where you didnt feel like watching or looking at any MLP Related media.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. HeavyRain


      dont know really i used to enjoy doing MLP RP's and such but i just havent been able to bring myself into doing MLP RP's or even watching the show

    3. PoisonClaw


      I've felt that way for a while now. Might take a break from MLP once this season ends.

    4. HeavyRain


      ive been taking a break since about season 3

  19. Not Feeling well. feeling very lonely and Depressed

  20. At the current moment i have been playing Hearthstone its a rather fun Card game and i wish more people would play it with me.
  21. well i guess i fit the role of not having any brony friends wouldnt mind talking to other bronies been having a rather bad MLP slump as of late.
  22. Anypony play a game called Hearthstone?

  23. HeavyRain

    Post your Desktop

    well here is mine and its one of my favorite Pokemon ever and forgive some of the clutter on my desktop.
  24. *sighs* Being Rejected by a mare is such a bitter pill to swallow.

  25. Hey everyone. I haven't been feeling the greatest as of late i've been going through a rather hard bout of depression as of late and how you might be wondering. Heart and hooves is coming up soon and im still single, i have really no friends to speak off and my family minus a couple of people dont care about me even in the slightest. I just feel like its me against the world and i just wish that someone wants to talk to me or even RP. But i doubt anyone cares so i will just stop now.

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