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    MLP of course. Writing, I am working on the great American novel, but I did take time to churn out a chapter of Fan Fiction. I love Sci Fi conventions. Played Pen and Paper RPGs. I used to explore old Indian ruins, but I moved from Arizona to Iowa...snow is pretty, but the novelty wears off real quick.
    I like food. A lot. I prefer an animal die for my every meal. But I would be willing to give up my meat eating ways to become a unicorn pony.(having a cool magic talent and telekinesis would be a worthy trade off.)

    *** I got married in January! I'm a newlywed and life is pretty good right now. Debbie is not a Brony, but she's toying with the idea of making an OC wife for Silverhoof (can't let me RP a single stallion on the prowl, now can we?).
    *** and guys, my wife can COOK! from scratch! and she likes it!(does the Church Lady Dance)

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  1. Silverhoof

    Rarity Fan Club

    1183 pages! The greatest fan club is still the most popular! Hail Rarity, best pony!
  2. 2017, Jan 1st. I am back after almost two years away. Good to see my fellow unicorns. May this year be a special year for everypony. I've been busy doing married stuff. But my first post needs to be on my favorite fan club. Unicorns rock!
  3. It would be great fun adapting to a new body. Especially if the pressure of staying forever wasn't an issue. Humans balance on two legs out of pure instinct. I imagine walking and running on all fours would not take so long
  4. OK. Pink I humbly request one of the great memes of Bronydom Rarity fighting a giant crab. I will leave the victor up to you
  5. It counts as common sense. you could just grab that and go. But the scenario calls for just three things. lets assume the day before you emptied your pack to show a friend. Now you can grab three things...what would you grab?
  6. A looming disaster threatens your home. The roads out are clogged with cars...a standstill. You have to get out, and that means trekking over some hills to a nearby town. This means two, possibly three nights in the wild. the alternative is certain death! You have a backpack and a sleeping bag (and you are healthy). But time is short, you can only grab three things from your home and then you MUST leave. Rules: 1) only three things, but you can coordinate with each other 2) these will be things that are actually in your home. I will start 1) box of matches wooden 2) bag of
  7. Silverhoof

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Hmmm, no question to answer. a looming disaster is threatening your home. you have time to grab three things and run for the hills. What three things do you take?
  8. I'm a unicorn, I can teleport 3 times my weight. Locked doors mean nothing to me. "Velcorn, I'm getting out of here. I'll take you with me if you wish. Where would you like to go?"
  9. 29) Turn your computer to a 24 hour mare-a-thon of MLP shows. Leave really ice pastries next to the screen. Pinky will not be able to restrain herself and she will break the 4th wall. Grab her and she will jump back to Equestria-taking you with her. 30) post on MLP forums that you know the secret way to Equestria--but you won't tell anyone. You will get a PM from an Admin saying, "You mean this one at_______?" Say no, but go to that location and you're in.
  10. I am totally screwed. (tries to look all fierce at the pony below. Grrrr.)
  11. Silverhoof

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    There is no Ying. There is no Yang. There is only Bi-Polar Sun Clown. Fear the Sun Clown, Celestia!
  12. I would love to go...but I'm married. Love is a bond that will keep me here forever.
  13. Silverhoof

    S6 on LGBT

    No we will not see this. for a basic reason. Hasbro is using the show to sell toys, not to make a statement. For five years not one of the mane six have been on a date. The merest hint of Twilight and Flash Sentry sparked howls of dissent. Hasbro backed off. this is not going to happen.
  14. Silverhoof's weapon of choice: magic. He does carry three daggers and he can manipulate all three at once...but they are used for utility. Magic has kept him alive thus far.
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