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    MLP of course. Writing, I am working on the great American novel, but I did take time to churn out a chapter of Fan Fiction. I love Sci Fi conventions. Played Pen and Paper RPGs. I used to explore old Indian ruins, but I moved from Arizona to Iowa...snow is pretty, but the novelty wears off real quick.
    I like food. A lot. I prefer an animal die for my every meal. But I would be willing to give up my meat eating ways to become a unicorn pony.(having a cool magic talent and telekinesis would be a worthy trade off.)

    *** I got married in January! I'm a newlywed and life is pretty good right now. Debbie is not a Brony, but she's toying with the idea of making an OC wife for Silverhoof (can't let me RP a single stallion on the prowl, now can we?).
    *** and guys, my wife can COOK! from scratch! and she likes it!(does the Church Lady Dance)

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