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  1. )NightmareLulamoon(

    Gaming Classic Gaming High Scores

    @, Arcade version? I think I'll take it so that we have some sort of start for diff. games and such, then anything beyond or isn't a new game added to the list requres pics
  2. I'm playing Xevious on my NES xP going retro today haha.
  3. )NightmareLulamoon(

    Gaming Classic Gaming High Scores

    @@Delernil, if you wanna post up a score, feel free to ^~^ I might post one later today on Xevious for NES lol. Tetris is by far one of my favorites though lol.
  4. I came up with the idea for some good ol' video gaming competition here on MLP forums . Here you can post any personal high scores for classic games such as but not limited to: Pacman, Galaga, Castlevania, Tetris, etc. Ideas to make this more fun are welcome, or general chat about old games too! ^~^. Score entries requre at least a pic of the visible score, name of game, and system played on. For example: Galaga, NES port, played on NES. 82,830 I don't think I'm going to count that score as an approved score because it's been a long while, but it's just a general idea how scores could be
  5. @@Oran Schvoletski, Blossom smiled, "Great, I'm just going to grab my bag and such and we can head out." She went back to her room and quickly fixed her slightly messy mane and put her bow in it. Once she picked up her saddlebags, she shut her door and went back out to the living room to wait for Autumn Dusk.
  6. @@Oran Schvoletski, Blossom giggled, "Sorry for waking you, I kinda forgot you were actually here. Well, anyways, want to come with me to pick up some groceries and such? I almost started cooking food but realized I didn't have any yet." She stood and brushed herself off, smiling.
  7. Blossom got up from her bed sleepily and trudged into the kitchen. Yawning, she opened the fridge and grabbed some imaginary ingredients to make an omelette. She began to heat up an empty pan and began preparation. A few minutes into the process, she opened the blinds to let in some light from the morning sun. The sun shone brightly onto the stove and the heating pan. Blossom noticed something wasn't right as she stared at the empty pan. "Where'd my food go?" She thought aloud. Sighing, she turned off everything and put it away. "Right, no food yet." She chuckled aloud and then went b
  8. @@Oran Schvoletski, Blossom smiled and headed to her room, stopping in front of the guest room. "I hope you like the room. Well, I better be off to bed, got some stuff to take care of tomorrow, so good night." She went into her room and shut the door, laying on her bed. 'Well, I'd say today was successful. Met two new ponies and nothing was broken in the house. Gotta get food tomorrow though.' Sitting up, she set an alarm and turned off the light then returning to snuggle up in her bed.
  9. )NightmareLulamoon(

    Gaming Silent Hill

    One and two were pretty awesome, Haven't had the chance to play any of the other ones. I think I liked two more than the first one though in my opinion. When I played 2 I got the 'Water' ending I preferred Silent Hill over the Resident Evil series though.
  10. woohoo, I posted lol I really hope this rp isn't dead, cause then i'd be sad
  11. Icy flew into Ponyville, landing in the middle of the marketsquare. A smile was on his tired face as he recalled the events of his last few days in the Crystal Empire. 'I never knew there was such thing as a crystal lake. I'm just glad they let the northern weather in so it'd freeze. It was kind of Princess Cadence to allow somepony like me to do that. Now to eat. I've been flying forever!' he thought to himself as he walked over to a nearby restaurant, not really worried about any weird looks he'd get from still carrying ice skates over his back.
  12. @@Oran Schvoletski, "Well, alrighty then, off to my place!" Blossom smiled and led the way back to her house and let him in. The house still smelled brand new as it opened into a large living room that had a fireplace and a sofa. A door straight ahead under some stairs was open, revealing the kitchen. The stairs wrapped up to a small bedroom, bathroom, and the attic. A hallway could also be seen from the living room that led to three doors. "Well, you can take the upstairs guest room or the other downstairs one, but the master bedroom at the end of the hallway is mine." She giggled and
  13. @@Oran Schvoletski, Blossom paid at the counter then returned to Autumn Dusk. "Well, to my house then! Do you have anything you need to pick up before we go?" She smiled, leading the way outside. It was already dark out, but the stars in the sky shone brightly. 'This day's gone by pretty fast it seems.' she thought to herself.
  14. I was told to upload my old drawings so I uploaded my sketchbook xP
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