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  1. Well I think I'll try this. I know that probably doesn't sound promising to most folks reading, but I'll clarify a little more. This isn't a pursuit in boredom, nor is it a pursuit of things to do when I have time on my hands. I'm rather busy and often try and push myself to do any tasks I have on hand to be completed as quickly as possible (while still being proper mind you). Seeing as how it is almost the beginning of December I'll try and keep up a mentality of working on this till the end of the month. I realize it can take much longer, but I don't expect to be "done" by the end of the month. That is more of a checkpoint to assess things.
  2. I found MLP somewhat inspirational in terms of pushing myself with the work that I do. It seems I take too much away from the media I enjoy.
  3. One thing thats got me wondering here: How are you visualizing Pony tulpas in a 3D space? Seeing as how they are 2D images and all. All the images I've seen of people rendering Ponies in 3D usually look terrible (no offense to those folks). So if you don't mind me asking, who here has an actual tulpa, and for how long? Also were you using guides/tutorials for doing it?
  4. Was about to tell you congrats on the cool analogy and then I got to the part where you said someone else wrote it. lol I see. My issue isn't with folks having a tulpa or anything, but folks going on the "it is a independent being" thing. I can easily see why someone would do or try this.
  5. Hello. I'm Sing. My name is a nickname that emerged from another Forum ID I use and I just decided to stick with it. I read and listen to a good chunk of fanfics, and intend to do some readings myself in the future. I run two Minecraft Servers as well. PS. Don't mind the Mane 6 thing. It is a toss up between Rarity and Rainbow, but all the characters have a trait I enjoy in the show. =P
  6. I'm not coming in as a hater here, so please don't get the wrong idea while reading my post. I find it sort of odd folks speak of the tulpa being fully independent, and I wanted to give some of my ideas on why. A tulpa exist within your mind. Stating the obvious here to start out slow. Everything that goes into the tulpa must come from somewhere in your mind. Yes. Even if you fully believe it is 100% independent its existence and many other factors that rely solely on you. Now if you have a spontaneous and random side to your personality you can assign this "friend" to an area of thoughts and subconscious you normally wouldn't operate in. Even if it relies solely on your subconscious it is still not 100% independent. Now it is hard to say with schizophrenia where the being is no longer beneficial and you don't want it but it continues to reside in your mind because that is a disorder. Now before people jump on me for hating I would like to say a few more things before ending this post. I make a habit of going on long walks and on foot trips (longest being around 20+ miles taking roughly a 8 hours to my recollection) and I carry on conversations and stuff while alone. Sometimes there isn't any conversation and it is me just running numerous scenarios and calculations out loud as it seems to help me think clearer and have a better train of thought. Conversation wise it is one side of my personality essentially criticizing or going into other unimportant areas during the walk. Essentially being along the lines of, "You said you were going to turn around a mile ago. Dude look at the time. XD". While I'm not parroting this other side of the conversation, I fully acknowledge that it isn't some %100 independent being as I know it all originates from somewhere in my mind. Anyways for those who think otherwise I would gladly read and look over your post regarding it.