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  1. Greatest. Firelord. EVER. *bows*

  2. I'd like to see her reformed, but that's cause I'm a nice guy who likes to see almost everyone get a happy ending. But since that would destroy the CMC's main rival the next best idea is a partial redemption, something where we get to see how Diamond Tiara is spoiled and a bit of her family life, then maybe she pushes a joke to far or something and realizes it has gone to far and is too hurtful or something then she tries to make it up. In the end of the episode she's still not friends with the CMCs but she's not being as rude and everyone knows that she does still have a chance to turn out okay. Something like that may work.
  3. Self defense I'd pull the trigger, I'd loose sleep over it most likely, nothing different then if I killed a human, I don't ever want to be in a situation like that, and if I survive it me getting PTSD is very highly likely given that after watching the D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan any WW2 game that has that battle I can not play or I start feeling sick and have to quit almost immediately.
  4. I'd like to see maybe not a full reformation, but a partial one, maybe she takes something to far and feels bad about it and tries to make it right, at the end she's not "Friends" with the Cutie Mark Crusaders but she's a little nicer and while she still taunts them it's less mean or something. In the same episode they could also show how busy her father is and how while he loves her he doesn't have enough time so she's trying to get attention and has been spoiled by him trying to give her things to make up for lost time.
  5. You do realize that Derpy was in the season ending right? In plain sight, Derpy eyes and all. Derpy's not been removed, she might not get another speaking role but she's still there, quietly watching, and waiting....
  6. I would imagine that one of the first things to happen would be a massive fight between the Bronies to try and stop that, I know I'd be fighting to stop that, then I'd imagine that the royal guards would show up and Celestia would set up rules. But I can assure you that a large number of Bronies would probably set up their own groups to prevent that. (With lethal force probably.)
  7. Red, Would you rather have Batman's money and strength or Hogwart's magic?
  8. Just because she hugs him does not make him a love interest! I mean in the trailer she hugs Human Rainbow dash. People hug others quite a bit when they're happy, just because she's friends with him does not make him her boyfriend. Welcome to the Friend zone Dreamy Cutebottem.
  9. The Sims, Think about it, It'd be perfect! Non-violent (mostly) dealing with the day to day lives of the ponies! In fact I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't done this already. Other then that, Maybe War Thunder or Age of Empires, legend of Zelda poniefied would be cool!
  10. Cars 2 would have been good if the world wasn't the same as Cars 1. The film was in a completely different direction as the first movie save for the characters and I think people were throne off by that.
  11. In case you're interested, here's the link to the latest chapter of my fanfic. If you get the chance to check it out, I hope you like it!

  12. Look, if everyone or most every one was born with the power to levitate things would it be evil to use that power? Even if it took a meaningless incantation like saying "Rise!"? Now suppose no one had that power but someone went to the Devil and bartered his soul for the power to levitate things, that would be bad. One thing is though that Magic in first example does not exist here thus it is a foreign concept, look at the people in Avatar the last Airbender, Bending is nothing more then a common ability that can be used for good or bad but it is normal, seeing someone shooting fire out of their hands is a common sight, but if someone did that in this universe's New York everyone would freak out. As for Twilight Most people would recoil at the idea of using time travel to warn yourself not to worry, but mainly because it's a really dumb thing to do! Like using a loaded .50 cal machine gun to pry open your gas cap on your car. Sorry if i misinterpreted your reply in any way, I need to have another cup of tea to be at full mental capacity.
  13. I think like in the Harry Potter books it's a matter of perspective. The Bible does speak out against witchcraft but on the other hand in Equestria the rules are different. Besides in my opinion the magic the Bible was against was dealing with the Devil in return for power, being born with magical abilities and using them I don't think would be against the Bible since you did not go to the Devil to gain them. Now no one has magical powers but if I woke up and could levitate stuff with my Mind I would think it was awesome and since I did not say "Hey Devil! I'll give you my soul for the power of levitation" I don't think it would be wrong to use a gift, especially if I used it to benefit others, now of course with great power come great responsibility and I would probably pray about it and ask God about using the powers but if I haven't sold my soul then I shouldn't have to worry. Also remember that Equestria's rules are different then ours, not only physically but spiritually as well, it stands to reason that if there is a Jesus figure in Equestria he would not disapprove of Unicorns using their magic since they were born with it just like he wouldn't disapprove of Pegasi using their wings. Now if someone were to make a deal with Equestria's version of the Devil and sell their soul for ultra powerful dark magic and then use that power to enslave an entire empire of innocent crystal ponies then that may be an issue.
  14. Has anyone else seen what the WW2 Air combat Simulator "War Thunder" Has done for April fools day? If not check it out because it is pretty epic!