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  1. I'd like to see her reformed, but that's cause I'm a nice guy who likes to see almost everyone get a happy ending. But since that would destroy the CMC's main rival the next best idea is a partial redemption, something where we get to see how Diamond Tiara is spoiled and a bit of her family life, then maybe she pushes a joke to far or something and realizes it has gone to far and is too hurtful or something then she tries to make it up. In the end of the episode she's still not friends with the CMCs but she's not being as rude and everyone knows that she does still have a chance to turn o
  2. Self defense I'd pull the trigger, I'd loose sleep over it most likely, nothing different then if I killed a human, I don't ever want to be in a situation like that, and if I survive it me getting PTSD is very highly likely given that after watching the D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan any WW2 game that has that battle I can not play or I start feeling sick and have to quit almost immediately.
  3. I'd like to see maybe not a full reformation, but a partial one, maybe she takes something to far and feels bad about it and tries to make it right, at the end she's not "Friends" with the Cutie Mark Crusaders but she's a little nicer and while she still taunts them it's less mean or something. In the same episode they could also show how busy her father is and how while he loves her he doesn't have enough time so she's trying to get attention and has been spoiled by him trying to give her things to make up for lost time.
  4. You do realize that Derpy was in the season ending right? In plain sight, Derpy eyes and all. Derpy's not been removed, she might not get another speaking role but she's still there, quietly watching, and waiting....
  5. I would imagine that one of the first things to happen would be a massive fight between the Bronies to try and stop that, I know I'd be fighting to stop that, then I'd imagine that the royal guards would show up and Celestia would set up rules. But I can assure you that a large number of Bronies would probably set up their own groups to prevent that. (With lethal force probably.)
  6. Firelord Derpy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Red, Would you rather have Batman's money and strength or Hogwart's magic?
  7. Just because she hugs him does not make him a love interest! I mean in the trailer she hugs Human Rainbow dash. People hug others quite a bit when they're happy, just because she's friends with him does not make him her boyfriend. Welcome to the Friend zone Dreamy Cutebottem.
  8. The Sims, Think about it, It'd be perfect! Non-violent (mostly) dealing with the day to day lives of the ponies! In fact I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't done this already. Other then that, Maybe War Thunder or Age of Empires, legend of Zelda poniefied would be cool!
  9. Firelord Derpy

    Movies/TV Is Pixar losing its touch?

    Cars 2 would have been good if the world wasn't the same as Cars 1. The film was in a completely different direction as the first movie save for the characters and I think people were throne off by that.
  10. Look, if everyone or most every one was born with the power to levitate things would it be evil to use that power? Even if it took a meaningless incantation like saying "Rise!"? Now suppose no one had that power but someone went to the Devil and bartered his soul for the power to levitate things, that would be bad. One thing is though that Magic in first example does not exist here thus it is a foreign concept, look at the people in Avatar the last Airbender, Bending is nothing more then a common ability that can be used for good or bad but it is normal, seeing someone shooting fire out
  11. I think like in the Harry Potter books it's a matter of perspective. The Bible does speak out against witchcraft but on the other hand in Equestria the rules are different. Besides in my opinion the magic the Bible was against was dealing with the Devil in return for power, being born with magical abilities and using them I don't think would be against the Bible since you did not go to the Devil to gain them. Now no one has magical powers but if I woke up and could levitate stuff with my Mind I would think it was awesome and since I did not say "Hey Devil! I'll give you my soul for the pow
  12. Firelord Derpy

    Gaming War Thunder Bronies

    Has anyone else seen what the WW2 Air combat Simulator "War Thunder" Has done for April fools day? If not check it out because it is pretty epic! http://warthunder.com/en/
  13. (One thousand years ago) Cow 1 "Hey Mooriella." Cow 2 "What?" Cow 1 "I just thought about a snake." Cow 2 "SNAKE! AHAHAHAHHAHAH" Ye Old castle of Everfree. Luna "And thus our dearest sister we hath.... Pray tell what doth that rumble under the midsummer sun be?" Celestia "Luna you speak weird." Luna "Verily" Nameless Guard name Phil "Your Highnesses! STAMPEDE!" Luna "NAY!" Celestia "Not again." (Loud rumble as a huge herd of cattle Stampede through the Castle causing massive damage.) Celestia "WHAT IN MY NAME WAS THAT ABOUT?" Cow 1 "I thought about a Snake your highn
  14. Well, one thing to remember about Equestria is that they may not be exactly limited to our morality and or the Moral rules may be different then ours given the diversity of the sentient creatures in their world. Take for example the cows, while they may have the ability to speak and reason they stampeded and could have caused massive damaged to Ponyville just because one of them saw a snake. What does this mean? Well while Applejack's behavior may have been slightly rude in that situation we do not know the full situation, after all with the skittishness of the cows (And the fact they s
  15. Silver Spoon's could mean some form of metal or jewelry work, after all we don't know what her parents do or what she does in her spare time. (By spare I mean not bullying the CMCs) Diamond's could just be being a Brat, but one theory is that it means leadership. Look at how she ran the school paper, sure she hurt other ponies feelings but until the CMCs had a guilt attack it she had turned the school paper into the most popular paper in Ponyville! With some refinement she could be a major player in Equestria's industry. I mean the "Canterlot Elite" is most likely made up of industry giant
  16. Firelord Derpy

    Sea kittens

    This has to be a Joke. Right? I mean no one could ever think that this will be taken seriously right? Also I don't like cats much and I love eating fish so.... FRY UP ALL THE SEA KITTENS!
  17. Firelord Derpy

    Gaming Planetside 2

    I play on occasion but not as often as I used to. I agree that soloing it usually isn't as fun as working with a team, also get a Under slung Grenade Launcher for the Engie class ASAP. Trust me it's worth it. (Oh and TR is best faction)
  18. Grand Duchess was what the daughters of the Tsar were called. The current head of the Romanov Family is not technically an empress since she has no empire and as such she is a Grand Duchess.
  19. I present her Imperial Majesty The Grand Duchess Rarity Magnumevna Romanov! Link to Deviant Art page. / http://gennadykalugina.deviantart.com/art/Grand-Duchess-Rarity-358706492 Featured on Equestria Daily Drawfriend! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/03/drawfriend-stuff-740.html
  20. I don't think he would bother getting off his velvet couch to do something like that. Of course we don't exactly know what he does, he may be a mayor like figure or a government official. Or he may be a spoiled brat who was born to money and is wasting it away. In that case I would assume that he's probably pretty happy being a playstalion and he does get some media attention. Besides, he doesn't strike me as powerful or competent enough to become a Nightmare whatever of his own.
  21. Princess Nobilis De Solarus Celestia.. Princess Nobilis De Selene Luna. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Prince Jerkus Von Blueblood.
  22. Firelord Derpy

    Gaming ArmA 3 guise.

    I GOT IT! It's still in alpha there's a lot of work that still needs to be done but the game mechanics are working and the main thing they need to do is add factions and units. ATM they have two teams "Red team" and "Blue team." But it's the alpha release so what are you going to do.
  23. The Bronies who left for good are fair weather fans and the fandom is probably better off without them. The Bronies who got mad and left will be back for the next episode. The Bronies who claimed to have left but are actually still here are not gone. I'm a Brony because I like the show, if I think an Episode or plot twist is terrible I won't stop liking the rest of the show because of it. Those who do may want to consider whether or not they are actual fans if they desert at the first sign of trouble.
  24. Maybe we're telling people to calm down because we're sick of everyone panicking over it from before the Episode even aired. At this point we've got until next season until we figure out what Twilight will do with her wings so panicking over is just grating everypony's nerves.
  25. DROP APPLEJACK AND RARITY?????? That's like dropping Frodo and Sam out of Lord of the Rings! INCONCEIVABLE! Especially since Applejack and Rarity are the two best singers in the show!
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