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  1. I just logged into this site and it's been a LONG time

  2. yes, applejack is best pony!!!

  3. Hello Fellow navel peoples it's been a while thought i would come and visit, I have to say it's great to see this still going Cider Barrel
  4. Oh dear, goodness me. Well i guess you tired and that's what matters. I think you should have used a Program which tells you what blocks you need. oh and btw you Spelt Pixel wrong. CB
  5. I think Lauren said that she wasn't but i would like to think she was. - In fanfiction i feel she is always portrayed best as an Orphan or homeless in fact i could easily recommend a perfect fiction which involves scootaloo alot and it's very long. Scootaloo the Fugitive - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/82484/scootaloo-the-fugitive CB
  6. Well While i am here, i may as well put a better version of what i Originally Uploaded. Determination is going out to buy a slightly better microphone that doesn't suck. Here have a thing - Vendor2audition.wav CB
  7. Right then, i gave it a go Several times. anyway here is the audio I have done. Vendor Audition.wav (sorry about the Background Noise) I may as well get a new Mic cause i have stuff to put through. tell me if you would like a better Version. Cheers Cider Barrel
  8. @@BronyHaterSlayer, That one you did as the Vendor sounds really good, I think i will have to step up my game. @@masterchaoss, What format did you want it in Alex? P.S - I have the Episode on my Phone so i can listen to it in the car.
  9. Ah now this looks like something i can do, I do a great "Customer Support" impression. CB - Will Post an Audio in due time.
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    2. Tia Is Best Pony

      Tia Is Best Pony

      no my identity must remain secret..(even though i think its in my about me xD) did you show him save derpy though. i cant help but cry when i see that

    3. ~Cider Barrel~

      ~Cider Barrel~

      No worries i understand that secrets must be kept

    4. Just some guy

      Just some guy

      And then my faith in humanity died a little more as I read the comments.

  10. Applejack is best pony. putting it bluntly. this is the Honest truth. CB
  11. You my friend have an awesome AJ avatar.

    1. ~Cider Barrel~

      ~Cider Barrel~

      Thanks i wouldn't like to take the credit though as it came from this lovely animation.

  12. It's so good to see this Revolution hasn't died out, i have only been gone for like what? a month? maybe i should come back and party.... but then... UKofE might lonely. CB