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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    @@Little Red, ((Son of a nutcracker... I said in my last post I would do better, too. Curse my girlfriend for being so awesome and distracting me from everything!)) Rush had given up on tactics a long time ago, and was just wailing away at whatever was relatively close to him and didn't look like an ally. It seemed to be working pretty well for him so far, or at least well enough that he wasn't dead yet and most of the things he hit were.
  3. Alex Kennedy

    OOC Equestria Online [OOC]

    I'm still here, I promise! I just haven't had a chance to post or much idea what to say. And I've been kind of busy. But I'll do better, I swear. It's not like me to just disappear from an RP. I mean, there was that one time I guess, but I was kind of only ever a cameo in that to begin with. Anyway, I'm still here.
  4. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    @@Little Red, Rush shrugged and charged the wolves head-on, ever eager for a chance to hit something. He struck wildly and would probably be just as much danger to any ally close to him as he was to the wolves. But that's what happened when he felt like letting loose. ((Sorry to have been gone so long everyone. Site hasn't been working very well for me, and I've been busy with my new girlfriend. I actually almost dropped out, but I couldn't just leave you guys. It goes against my code of honor or something.))
  5. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    @@Midnight_Aurora,@, Rush nodded. "That's technically what I originally agreed to come along for in the first place. I vote we go get the materials before we head back. After everything that's happened, it wouldn't make since to go back empty-hooved. I suppose if you guys want you can go ahead, but I'll be sticking with Lunara."
  6. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    Rush nodded. "It... definitely did happen. I don't really know what it was, but it happened. It seemed pretty impressive, and I'm pretty sure that's why you passed out. So... yeah, that was real. Do you have any idea what it was? It would be pretty useful if you could learn to do it again."
  7. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    @@Little Red,@@Midnight_Aurora, Rush shook his head. "If you're staying back here, I'll wait with you. Safety in numbers and all that. Plus, I'm not about to turn down some alone time with a couple of beautiful ladies. So you're stuck with me until you're ready to go back." He walked over to where Lunara had collapsed and sat down next to her.
  8. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    Rush shrugged. He's in the necklace, right? So it'll be fine. Probably. All he knew is that he was about done with all this guild madness for the day. People kept dying, or almost dying, or having to be rescued... it was exhausting. Following Red and Caliber, he headed off.
  9. Alex Kennedy

    OOC Equestria Online [OOC]

    See, you assume that Rush is even capable of understanding that, or that he'd really care even if he could. As far as he's concerned, it's your personal problem, and as long as it doesn't affect anyone else, it's not worth him worrying about. ...It's not that he's a jerk or anything, but Rush is a very simple guy, and he doesn't take the time to worry about things unless they actually concern him or people close to him. No offense, but you don't really count as being particularly close.
  10. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    Rush didn't really care much about whatever had happened to Snowflake in the past. So he was ugly when he didn't have that necklace on- good for him. It didn't seem to really be affecting anything, so Rush was just going to accept it. "If there's more fighting to be done, I'd like to get into it. I barely got to have any fun with that guy."
  11. Alex Kennedy

    OOC Equestria Online [OOC]

    I think that means she's going to hit it really hard.
  12. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    Rush held his ground and prepared to counter it's attack with one of his own. So what if it was as strong as him? That only meant that he was just as strong as it was. Of course, that was before taking into account the speed and magic and everything else, but those were minor details, really.
  13. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    @, Rush shook his head. "This is probably a bad idea. But I'm getting bored just watching." He drew his greatsword and charged in wildly, putting all his might into the first blow. The more of it's health was taken out before it gained his stats, the less good those stats would really do it... Hopefully.
  14. Alex Kennedy

    OOC Equestria Online [OOC]

    In terms of level, I choose to believe that the game is similar to Elder Scrolls, such that overall level and ability in specific things are not directly related. Which is to say, Rush is probably level fifty tops, but his frontline combat abilities are well above that, because he's pretty much been fighting nonstop since he got in the game. ...This also means that his non-combat skills are are all very low, as he's basically never used most of them.
  15. Alex Kennedy

    Private Equestria Online [RP]

    Dead. Rush hadn't really been thinking about death until now. But... he'd be fine. He'd never lost a fight before, and he wasn't about to start now. This would only serve to steel his resolve, make him more determined than ever to end this. Up until now, he wasn't sure if he even really wanted to leave. At least here his strength was good for something, and he had a proper foe to turn his anger on. But that wasn't fair to the others. If they died in here, and he hadn't been doing his part, than it would be his fault as much as anything. So he would do all he good to end things, and get everyone out of here quickly. As they came up on the boss door, he let these thoughts give him strength as he prepared to fight. @@Midnight_Aurora,@, ((I consider you two the leaders right now)) "I'm ready."