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    I am currently studying as a Business Finance Major, but enjoy dubstep music and dancing, both to dubstep and partner style dancing. I am personally not a very good artist so im constantly amazed at the awesome artwork that bronies put up.
  1. ok this is going to sound rather strange but here goes: In the bible (and especially Revelations) if any multiple of 10 years (in this case 1000) is use it is not talking about the literal time, it is instead referring to a complete set of time, this set could be any number of years and would usually require some outside knowledge to know the actual time. So lets apply this 1000 years since NM sealed: complete time set of Celestia ruling alone 1000 years since Discord sealed: complete set of time when harmony ruled 1000 years for Crystal Empire: complete set of time that Crystal Empire wa
  2. true; I understand the Question. The First Question. The Question that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight, the question He has been running from all his life: doctor WHO? Doctor WHO? DOC TOR WHO?!? TPAM gets that reference
  3. ummmm.... what Just Ate Me? . . . OOOooooh colors...trippy
  4. Whew good to be back...wait . . . WHAT! NOOOOOooooooo...............
  5. Im all for a team (I may be making a ranked team with some friends though so no promises for long term) Im in the NA server and go by Sorenwolf (big surprise there) I can do mid and tanky support (thresh) though im trying to learn other locations currently
  6. i thought I said WOONA was the only one allowed to swallow me. LET ME OUT! I WANT WOONA!!!
  7. NO! Woona is the only one allowed to swallow me.
  8. to...much....CUTE!!!! *collapse from heart attack of cute*
  9. Seeing how most of you descided not to actually read the article. here is a small snipet of what I am talking about now tell me that we have too many
  10. you are cute. but not as cute as baby woona is.
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