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  1. SuperUltimateBrony

    Discord Fan Club

    Damn. I did not expect 29 pages to come out of this.
  2. SuperUltimateBrony

    Rainbow Power and Kingdom... Good or Bad?

    It'll just make Twilight more OP than she already is.
  3. SuperUltimateBrony

    Discord Fan Club

    "Do you like carrots, Angel"? *Angel screams like a girl*
  4. SuperUltimateBrony

    What would make you quit FIM?

    If all the rest of the mane six became alicorns. I haven't watched an episode since Pinkie Apple Pie, but if they all become alicorns, I'm done. Forever. Or if Hasbro markets so much toys and make episodes based off of that alone. Lower quality = Bad
  5. SuperUltimateBrony

    Discord Fan Club

    Bump this thread! Post more Discord!
  6. SuperUltimateBrony

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    It's been a while since I've done this. I've done all of these except Rarity, and they all work.
  7. SuperUltimateBrony

    Your Favorite Candy?

    How did you find them two months later? This thread hasn't been bumped in a while. By the way, how are you, DashForever? It's been a while.
  8. SuperUltimateBrony

    Do you ever regret being a brony?

    Are you sure you're not just feeling restless since the new season doesn't premiere until the winter? A lot of bronies get conflicted feelings whenever there is a huge wait. I don't think you should leave the fandom. Leaving the fandom because of trolls insulting you seems like you're giving up on yourself and being ashamed that you like such an amazing show. We bronies will always have another ponies back. Just ignore the parasprites. They'll never be anything, while we're getting national attention. We've even made charity groups to prove how awesome bronies can be.
  9. SuperUltimateBrony

    Parents telling little girls to NOT watch MLP?

    It's sad that they're trying to petition Hasbro to take down our fanfics and artwork. They do know what petitioning is, right? If they're trying to petition it, that means they're trying to make Hasbro not do it. Our artwork and fanfics are protected by the first amendment, so they can't do a damn thing about that. If bronies never started to form, the show would not be the cultural phenomenon it is today. I don't mind their comments though. We're notorious. Nothing we haven't heard before, anyway.
  10. SuperUltimateBrony

    Rarity or Rainbow Dash? Who is best pony?

    That's some nice photo editing skills. Well done! But don't be dumb. Rainbow Dash is the best pony on the show. Rarity just needs to be 20% cooler.
  11. SuperUltimateBrony

    Rarity or Rainbow Dash? Who is best pony?

    Are you loco in the coco? Rainbow Dash is my favorite. Rarity is my least favorite of the mane six. Besides, it's been proven that Rainbow Dash is best pony. See?
  12. SuperUltimateBrony

    Hottest Mane Six Pony?

    I have to go with Applejack. A country girl, and a farmers daughter. How could Applejack not be the sexiest pony. Plus, have you seen the cosplays of her? Sweet Celestia.
  13. SuperUltimateBrony

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts III

    It's in development right now! Finally, it's taken seven years but it's coming out soon. It's going to be released on the PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the trailer.
  14. SuperUltimateBrony

    Poniverse Logo Design Contest

    Wait, you could have submitted more than one? Damn, my friend is going to be pissed to hear that. Well, again, good luck to everyone who entered.
  15. SuperUltimateBrony

    Poniverse Logo Design Contest

    Well, my friend entered this. I'm waiting for an update to let him know if he's won or not. On another note, how many contest entries were there?