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  1. a gif of Pinkie Pie playing all of those instruments during the parasprite infestation. It was stellar. But my young eyes ignored it to watch a second gif of a skeleton puppet dancing.
  2. I'd dive into the potato chips and wait for them to leave. Then, when the cops atrive, I tell them everything, but they think I'm crazy and they send me to the insane asylum. Yup, potato chips.
  3. InstantClassic

    Hi everypony

    Welcome to the forum we got fun and games we got all the things you want Lots of it involves the Mane...6
  4. InstantClassic


    I too would like to take this as an oppurtunity to welcome you to this handsome looking forum.
  5. *grabs a football and throws it into the punch. Then grabs the bal and runs around with it* Thank you, thank you. Glad to be here. I will be signing autographs in the lobby. But I must first inform you all that the punch has caught the ball and scored the game winning touch down. How about a round of applause for the punch? And one for he one who threw the ball, huh? Huh? No? okay
  6. My name is InstantClassic and I am a brony who enjoys roleplaying and fanfiction (not in that order however). If you were to ask of tje Grinch would be able to beat Pinkie Pie in a blindfolded game of twister, i would disagree, as Pinkie is slightly more flexible. I am happy to be here and can only hope you all are happy to have me here. If not, too bad, because I have taken a liking to this place and I am not leavinf anytime soon.
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