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    Hi... My name John. I'm a shy person who second guess EVERYTHING. I believe I'm funny person but I'm not sure. I'm a gamer. play 360 (GT Jghx5) and PC but I can't give out my Steam ID just yet. please feel free to send me a invite but for a reason and not to give yourself an extra friend that means nothing jack.

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  1. Ok. Just brought Kid Icarus Uprising and I can say. Its a pretty awesome game!

  2. WELCOME FRIEND!!!!! Yeah this is a nice these people got running here! Ah don't worry mate a lot of people here too have there love for the show hidden from family just because of what they think or say. Like always I hope you enjoy your time here on this great forum.
  3. Well it the only forum I found but then again i didn't look much after this was the first result on google. Anyway WELCOME! hope you enjoy your stay! Also there a LoL thread somewhere around this forum that has a lot of people talking in it. Maybe you'll find a buddy in there somewhere.
  4. Like nobody knows me. I leave random comments and make people laught a few times but I doubt anyone know or care about me. So am at the bottom of the chain or pole i guess. At least I can get out faster that way =D
  5. Welcome my Friend! I hope you enjoy your stay here and find a some new friends as well.
  6. How about puck. The cutie mark reminds me of a hockey puck and she looks like she can be a hockey player. But if you want to stay on the cookie road cream would be a good idea (if you don't go to far with it).
  7. Why I make a Deviantart account if I can't draw?

    1. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

      Rainbow Dash Loyalty

      I can't draw either lol, I just use mine to favorite art x)

    2. Jghx5


      Same here

    3. cd_solidsnake


      Because muffinz

  8. I didn't have that many gitches when I was play New Vagas. Sure its not as great as 3 but I still had a fun play though it. Then again I play the PC version so maybe more crap was fixed.
  9. Man Stone tower temple is annoy.

    1. Radiance64


      Yeah I remember having some trouble with it.

  10. You have to be high to think this a good idea. Say goodbye to your life on earth is something not many can do (unless you have nothing to live for) and risk are so high you mint as well be dead. You got to worry about the rocket taking off, food, supplies, water, how well they get more stuff to mars, how well you build house on mars surface since the planet has bad storms, oxygen, etc etc. The hold idea is stupid and I hope it goes nowhere.
  11. Thought some of the comments I've gotten I understand a few more things but I think LoL is a "pay-to-win" when you look at the metagame level of things. You can give someone 1.0 extra mana regen and you completely screw everything up. To some they don't think about it may think its fine but in the long term of the game you have 1 character (or more) who have more then they should and it can mean you can win or lose because that guy had mana problems but can get a ruin that helps with that a bit and not worry about it for a while and get better items quick. Thanks but I'll stay with Dota 2. The MM shit (or isn't real) and the community annoy (that coming from a CoD player) at times but still a bit better to me. NOT SAYING LoL IS A BAD GAME. Just needs rethinking is all.
  12. The artist look at her model from season 1 and said that it doesn't work well compare to her sister and made her look like her sister more (or better in my opinion).
  13. I'm more of a Dota 2 man my self but I can see why people can like LoL more. It just a couple of things that make me not want to play LoL. First the idea that only a few Heros are unlock a week and they keep getting switch out make a guy who doesn't own (or want mind you) a credit card to get a character were in Dota 2 there all unlock from the get go. I get that you should learn all the character as best you can but I like a few on the side just incase. Also I learned some thing like its becoming a "pay-to-win" game now. I don't know if that true but if someone could answer that thanks. Not much else. I just spent more time with Dota 2 to try another to get caught up with characters and how they play to play LoL. Still not saying its a bad game by the way.
  14. ...ok...? Sorry. I find this hard to believe or just to wrip my head around. I'm a person who when you hear the word "girl" on the internet I think of this. Guy In Real Life I'm not against this but I think its weird to me is all.