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  1. The final boss on ratchet and clank 2, I did him 1 once then it asks u if u what to redo it or move on and I fought I pushed the move on key but I didn't I gave up and never play it since. (Around 2-4 years ago, also I say stupid ps2 remotes.) =(
  2. The first ever champion I played was Annie with her bear Tibbers, She is my favourite champion at the moment. I have frost-fire Annie as my skin for her. And can anyone tell me how we could of won this, We were down 32 kills and 8.4k down!? This was one of my best games as Annie.
  3. realing hard to ask for help...

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    2. Clarity


      Sorry that I can't help you with that, cause I don't even now what you're talking about. >w<

    3. Bluey


      *Cleaning writing up*


      I made a password helper what u type in the password first, then type it anther six with only looking at it once (i was bored), and i what to show u guys.

    4. Bluey


      oh and i also forgot to say "uses a batch does not send a email to anyone, i don't know how to do that and even if i knew i still would not do it"

  4. Bluey= Master yi (i am still looking 4 a good chap)
  5. i use to play it it was fun i was a beta testerXD
  6. One of my friends made this i take no credit for this. ( i did ask him.) 8:35 PM - Waydeling(TaK): 8:35 PM - Waydeling(TaK): link 8:35 PM - Waydeling(TaK): looky 8:40 PM - Bluey [TaK] / [H-C-G]: that looks kool mind if i take it and show same people? 8:40 PM - Waydeling(TaK): As long as you give credit 8:43 PM - Bluey [TaK] / [H-C-G]: yer yer i know =/
  7. We all know fluttershy is NOT the youngest
  8. I Just edit about me now it is 20% longer

  9. i am sad becouse of my family why do i have to be sad :( ?

    1. StarGazer


      try to smile in your heart and think of your dreams and better days :) please don't be sad