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  1. When I was younger I used to drink tons of strawberry milk, I don't really drink it anymore because it makes me queasy. I like chocolate milk but I usually just drink white milk the most, love it!
  2. Your avatar is really awesome! Did you make it yourself? :)

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      Being lazy is the backbone of the world. Let's bro hoof instead. xP /)

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  3. I have done some drawing of ponies, but not much else. Though I hope to make something really awesome! Oh, I bought shoes and painted ponies on them, does that count?
  4. Well, I have a occassional habit, of accidently biting the side of my gums without even realizing it and usually do it when I'm nervous or bored.
  5. I guess my favourite accessory would be my hair bow, it's the biggest one I have and I like to wear it everywhere, be it in my hair or attached to my top.
  6. People can change to horrible human beings in a short amount of time and that it's okay to drift apart from some close friends..
  7. Something that makes me really happy is when I make someone laugh, it makes me feel good that I have made them laugh and also that I have done something
  8. I usually go by a different username, but I have just recently started using this username. I used to go by ikmss18, I made it when I loved Inuyasha! It means Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo with the date before my birthday on the end. The username I go by now is just my full first name with a 'x' on the end!
  9. I hug everyday! I hug my friends and TRY to hug my family members, they don't want hugs. <_< Out of the mane six I'd probably hug Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie!
  10. Probably not. I'd probably just be best friends with my gender swapped self yeah... It would feel so wrong to date my rule 63'd self.
  11. I was embarrassed at first but I pretty much got over it because of my love for ponies. They're just so adorable and cute, I mean how can you NOT love them!
  12. I actually got three pieces of pony merchandise, a Fluttershy, a Pinkie Pie and Cherry Pie. It was about last week I guess, I was very excited!
  13. Three MLP things I want for Christmas are: - A Tixie toy - A Derpy toy - A Lyra toy You cannot get them where I live! Which totally sucks!
  14. I usually use earphones and when I listen to music I have to have it up the loudest it can go, or close to it. I know its bad for my ears but oh well.