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  1. @@EquestrianScholar, “Why, yes I am. More of a telegram to be honest in shape, but I admit it is a letter.” She would look at the mare; she… wasn’t very strong with humor, so joke must have gone a little bit… weird, especially since not everyone even saw the thing in question from around here. Whatever the matter, she would expectedly look at the mare. After all, she came here on an invitation, after all.
  2. @@EquestrianScholar, Spending some time in navigating to the note itself, Daawn would take a second to think who she could ask where to find the said Miss Opal. The only reasonable person she knew who could guide be would be most likely studying in the library, so she would head there first, asking the first pony who was familiar to her at least on the level of name, as she… didn’t mistrust anyone, but her nature still kept her wishing to be… private, about matters like that – even if she disagreed with herself on that, sometimes.
  3. @@EquestrianScholar,@@strideralchemy, Daawnily would look at the other pony going towards the guild, wondering if she was here on a task as well. She wasn’t born yesterday and knew that, when someone called for people in… her sphere of work even, usually there would be more. Or maybe she was just visiting, that was also a possibility. No matter the inner thoughts the mare was having, she would start thinking and trying to recall where exactly the meeting was supposed to take place in the guild, standing near the entrance in the meantime, awaiting for her memory to click in place.
  4. Usually, Daawnily wouldn't mind taking any route to her target, but today she decided – since she has been stuck with her wings for ages, in the form of a pegasi she might as well try and use that! She would try to utilize her flying to navigate herself faster either past the problematic spot or to the shortcut she remembered, stopping perhaps only if someone would need medical attention and she could see them from her point of view. Want to use skill check Fly, which I have +7 to!
  5. Daawnily, being a mare of… many actions, not always many words would just silently cruise towards Research Guild, only sometimes stopping if others needed her direct help, wellbeing of those around her had a small edge of priority over her current task, but even still she wanted to make haste. Minutes are precious, always are in her line of work – so if someone wanted to contact her, it was either very timely manner, or something entirely different. In the first case, her haste would be justified. I wonder what kind of scales the festival will be this year – she thought to herself on the back of her mind, she would always be busy around this time of the year. Celebrations, especially big in scale always left those in need of medical attention in generous amounts.
  6. Morning, June 18th, Equestria, Centerlot – Daawnily’s personal housing. Looking over the letter one final time, before putting it away – Daawnily would sink into her thoughts, who could be the mysterious person wishing to contact her? Would they be dangerous, or is it someone really paranoid? She didn't really quite knew what to make of it, but giving all her thoughts a last glance, and a wink – she would stand up and start packing her belongings before setting out to the guild. It wasn't even the matter of money as it was a matter of curiosity, beside if someone needed her help, she is the one to do the helping job. ----------------- Daawnily would set her course towards the Research Guild.
  7. Morning, June 18th, Equestria, Centerlot – Daawnily’s personal housing. For many, waking up in the morning is a rather boring, mundane and unpleasant task – for some it’s a painless routine, for the owner of the bed in which a white haired pegasi was laying it was somewhere in between. With a sound of the alarm spell finally kicking in full force, the mare would carefully remove the blanket and stand up on her hooves. Looking around her surroundings she would walk through one of the doors into her bathroom, doing her morning chores of hygiene she would then descend from the second floor of her house to the first one, heading to the kitchen and starting to prepare her breakfast, whilst she would be sorting everything else out. Minute after minute, a usual morning would commence on a routine, but there was something special about today and several days following today. Summer Festival was almost here and with it, there were many things to do, official business of order – in a way her own business. Finishing the breakfast, the mare would flick the switch of a light installed in the main room, she would carefully take a letter opener and would open an envelope sent to her from the order yesterday at evening, just a few minutes before she headed to bed it would arrive, disturbing her peace. While, a mare of action it would be unwise to go into details of important mission on a sleepy head, so she chose to wait until the morning and here she was, slowly taking out the letter concealed inside the envelop, sitting down in one of the soft armchairs and starting to read the letter itself.
  8. I would like to stick with Grey (Scholar) since well, how else can i drive him mad. <3
  9. By the way, i would recommend anyone with a character sheet to take a look at those two wonderous items: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/r-z/vest-versatile and especially: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/a-b/bag-handy-haversack You can poke Grey (EquestrianScholar) or Jaith on skype if you want those.
  10. So Grey here pocked me so i guess i'm kind of with you all, hey everyone o3o Going to be a wizard. Thing. Silver-robe wizard.
  11. First Refuge Camp, Near a Lake @@Snowy Storm,@@EquestrianScholar, Spell would simple nod, she would look for the shop as she was asked, but she would keep her silence as much as she could. Invocation of magic was a notoriously boring task, as one could barely talk after casting it and more so while holding the invocated magic inside. Nevertheless, she had to sort this little chore before they could move on. The style of hair didn’t concerned her much, but It did look a bit funny for her , however she would politely and with good reasons aside that kept the laugh inside. If she would be so fortunate to find a shop, she would give it a glance and would return to the other 2, still being quite silent and well, she was also checking so her horn is perfectly hidden and safe. Good thing for her, very little among even unicorns can sense invocated magic until it is let out with a burst, so she was relatively safe going on her business in here. The mana torrent just following her around, ignoring those less fortunate who couldn’t even suspect it existence.
  12. @@Snowy Storm,@@EquestrianScholar, Spell who was still channeling magic from before, would blink as she snapped from the trance, letting a small crystal take the energy she condensed. The small piece of ice she kept frozen, would start shine, releasing low impulses of eerie power, it had a potential of making some uncomfortable. The power couldn’t be stored that way for long and if it was to be released impropriety, would for sure signal any unicorn for a mile around. -“Oh, I’m sorry, I was… dreaming.” – She replied and looked at her horn “Why… why do you bother?” With a simple smile she would start using a spell, her hair lighting up a bit as she used a hairdo spell, her hair aligning itself in a fascinating hairstyle, which quite conveniently – covered her horn, which wasn’t that big, so it worked out quite nicely and natural. She when would do another spell, the one which she used to glue the crystals in her lab space to walls, it was… somewhat of a glue spell, which made the hair a bit sticky around her horn. It would only be noticeable if she hangs upside down, otherwise the hair would cover her horn. -“Horns always have a peculiar fashion of sticking out and earth ponies have a thing for weird hair.” – she replied – “And it is a custom to take the hat off in front of your superior, is it not?” (I am sorry for long wait, also i hope this was fine) (Some earth ponies have ridicolously big hair and unicorns would try to use hats to cover horns for generations now, it would be a practice or a custom to take a hut off... and you dont need one inside the building, which would draw suspicion. Optical illusions are hard and can be noticed on any reflectable surface, so - hairdo!)
  13. with new year is over us, i'm fully back. um... need to read up on posts
  14. This is Midnight campaign setting. Midnight campaign setting doesnt have paladins. Why? Magic changes. Due to the magic changes in the game, Midnight does not have the monk, ranger, or paladin character classes.
  15. @@Snowy Storm,@@EquestrianScholar, Spell would be mostly silent during this period of time, she was doing a quite important self-exercise which meant she was stockpiling magical power, trying to do it very subtly. There was only a slight mana wave going away from her, as she would do it – mostly due to the fact she shouldn’t be able to focus so much for so long, it was essential for the ritual a bit later through, so perhaps it was wise just not comment on it. It was generally a bit weird why she kept holding silence, perhaps there was a reason. No one knew, not even she. Maybe it was just not a thing she wanted to do, to talk at the moment. Either way, she would just do her thing, while stuff was going on. The block of ice was still frozen cold and wasn’t even leaking, which was nice – it didn’t ruin her polishing work at least so far. It would be best if it would be used soon, though. Another peculiar thing about her, she was walking in a style more suited for anyone but a unicorn, pretty much all the time. Speaking about head movement, as unicorns, due to a sharp stick on their had usually were quite careful with turning their head – which also often gave them away.