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  1. Skargon

    Greetings from the Arctic Wastes!

    Welcome to the site. Hope to see you at Everfree.
  2. Nice to have you coming along this year, It will be my first time at a Con, so I am excited to meet everypony who will be there.
  3. Skargon

    Hi! Brony here in Seattle

    Welcome, Glad to see more coming into the Herd. ^^
  4. Skargon

    What're everyone's ages?

    I am 23, My wife is 21, and we will be at Everfree this year definitely. Even if I have to call off work 3 days in a row.
  5. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    Cool Cool. ^^
  6. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    Advice taken. Yeah I am a guy, but my wife will be accompanying me. So I will be sure to watch out for her purse, I doubt she would take it though, Lots of crowd to converse. Thanks for all the info, I generally don't mind being patient at all when in lines etc. so hopefully everypony else will be the same. Thanks. ^^ And BTW, the age group of main Bronies is going to be around 20's right? I am 23, and I dont want to be alone. o 3o
  7. Skargon


    Welcome welcome welcome A fine welcome to you Welcome welcome welcome I say how do you do? Welcome welcome welcome I say hip hip hurray Welcome welcome welcome To Ponyville todaaaay!!!
  8. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    So, I know their are going to be a bunch of Brony's there.. But, being new to the Convention scene, is their anything I need to watch out for? I know their are thieves everywhere, etc. but how friendly are the usual Brony crowds?
  9. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    Definitely buying ahead, already know where I will be staying, its called the Jet Motel, on the same road as the Hilton. Walking distance FTW.
  10. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    What would I do to receive a badge? I know its probably like 50$ or something, but where would I go to pay for it?
  11. Skargon

    New Brony. :D

    Hi EveryPony! My name is Joey, I am 23 and I Love My little Pony, it is one of the greatest things in my life right now. A lot of my friends and family are iffy about it, but thats okay. I still love the show. Pinkie Pie is my favorite, She reminds me of, well.. ME! I Love to make people laugh and make them smile and just make people happy in general.. And I am quite random when it comes to conversation. This will be my first time doing anything like this, I am going to go to Everfree Northwest this year! I live in Tacoma Wa, so I will definitely be there. Is their anything I need to know? Or need to do? Before I go I mean. Glad to be here by the way.
  12. Skargon

    Swiss Pegasis here :)

    Glad to have another Friend in the herd, Hope you decide to stick around and enjoy your time, Check out some of the Fan Art, it's quite amazing!
  13. Skargon

    Hello everyone?

    Welcome to the Herd! Glad to have another friend to shoot the breeze with. :3
  14. Skargon

    Rainbow Dash driving unfinished

    Wow, That.. looks amazing. A friend of mine used to have an 06' Goat, That thing was fun to drive I tell ya, It had a ton of power, But I still prefer my mustangs over Pontiac, No offense.
  15. Skargon

    Akihiro's sketches

    They look good to me, Just started drawing today so I like to check out others works to get a feel on what I could do with my drawings.