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  1. Playing Dark Souls 2, and I am teaming up with a coop player with Spikes name on it. XD
  2. Vedana Purity

    Gaming Retro gaming ponies?

    Retro games are the best, plain and simple. If it weren't for them, the gaming industry may not have evolve to what it has become today. Yet sadly, I wish gaming companies today would learn from its predecessors.
  3. I'd date Celestia. In my opinion she needs just as much love as the mane 6, so is gladly go out with the princess of the sun.
  4. Vedana arrived at the gates of Canterlot, as the blind Unicorn entered the town of the sophisticated, and the wealthy ponies of Equesria. It has been a long time since he last traveled to this wondrous town, it is only natural for a unicorn such as him to return to such a marvolous place. As his ears flickered around to give him a sound image of what is around him, he began to trot around, wondering where to go.
  5. Vedana Purity

    Goku vs Tirek

    Goku. Just....Just Goku, there really is no need to explain so much in detail.
  6. The colours. Does it really matter? People who actually whine about such a thing are clearly pathetic.
  7. Why the hell do people care about this? This is just so...stupid.
  8. Taking the season 4 finale to note, I would say that he is over halfway to be fully reform. I strongly believe he will be evil anytime soon.
  9. Vedana Purity

    Tirek Vs. Kratos

    Because he was stripped of his powers of a god during the events of God of War 2, the Blade of Olympus literally finished the job on him. Also, Kratos had the Blade of Olympus on him when he brought the Titans to attack the Home of the Gods.
  10. Based on the show so far, both Unicorn or Alicorn magic has not been shown to kill people, only to somewhat disarm. Human weapon, technology and machinery is an entirely different concept.
  11. Magic would not work on our world, it is nonexistent. If they were to come, they will pretty much be a sitting target and with little chance of survival (as proven by the equestria girls movie). Continuing on, why in a Alicorns own mind would they even want to come to our world? If I was an alicorn, I'd probably just stay in equestria.
  12. Vedana Purity

    Tirek Vs. Kratos

    Don't forget that Kratos is a demigod, and the chances of him to perform an attack is admittedly 50/50, but still possible. Now, if Kratos were to have his God powers when he became a God in God of War (the ending) then there will be a higher chance of him using such an attack, let alone the other powers that come along with the status.
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