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  1. happy birthday!! SMILE

  2. you will probably not see this but weee the london meetup was fun ^_^

  3. Been to LFCC. Got a lot of Doctor Who and MLP stuff. So much yay!

  4. Atheist, really. Though, might say Agnostic, because I can't actually proof that God doesn't exist, or vice-versa. But my family is Orthodox, and they absolutely despise me for not believing in God. I've never believed in any God, really, even if I did grow up in a religious family. I've always been skeptical about the idea of God, later on I came to the conclusion that I'd rather believe in people and science, than in any particular God. Nevertheless, I do respect other peoples' beliefs [as long as they don't threat me because of my beliefs] and I, sadly, cannot deny that there's no any kind of "God" at all. Meow.
  5. I say, "Otogiriso (2001)". Well, most of Japanese horror movies are crap, in my opinion, but... this is just exceptional. The whole story is weak and uninteresting, and I found it really hard to watch from the beginning to end, because it was so boring and poorly made. One of the worst horror movies ever.
  6. Got my profile all renewed. Now it looks a bit nicer, don't you think? :3

  7. Thank you! ^^""" And no, I don't take requests at the moment. All slots for them are taken. :c I only accept commissions and possibly trades / collabs at the moment. Sorry...
  8. Welcome back, Raita. :)

    1. Raita
    2. Scootalove


      You were gone for a while, but it's good to have you. :)

  9. Food. But for real; I once found some hair in my lasagne [the reasy-to-eat one which you can find in UKs' Tescoes]. It was quite disturbing. But I ate it anyway, because I was too hungry to be disgusted.
  10. Uhm, hello, everypony... I wasn't around for quite awhile and I thought I might come back and post some of my artworks. Sorry, there are quite a lot of them, and the spoiler system doesn't work [or may be it isn't here anymore], so... yeah, I'm sorry... Hope it's OK... *squee* "Yury Khovansky and Rarity: Art of Stand-Up." (2013) "[DW] Show me the new world." (2013) "Raita rolls with it." (2013) "Mowe micwophowne?" (2013) "To the TARDIS! - OC edition" (2013) "[COMMISSION] A Day Out With a Timid One." (2013) "[RQ] I Hate Mondays / Coffee Macht Frei." (2013) "[COMMISSION] Weather Patrol." (2013) "They call me comrade." (2013) "[RQ] I Want To Know What Love Is" (2013) "[GIFT] Your Friendship is like Magic." (2013) - Raita.
  11. Hi there, Raita! You're back on here, yay!! :D I love the new Fluttershy signature. :)

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    2. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      Ah ok well I never noticed it. xD How are you? :)

    3. Raita


      I'm quite alright, thanks ^^ How 'bout you?

    4. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      I'm pretty good. Just started my A-Level year so I got a lot of work to do but it's quite cool. :)

  12. Phew! Geez! I wasn't around here for quite awhile... sorry - busy with all the stuff. :c

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      welcome back, your avi is so cute :3

    2. Raita
  13. Second time I say happy birthday, haha :P I know you've left but well.. You were my first friend here :3

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    2. Jokuc


      haha don't worry :)

    3. Jokuc


      You know, we joined on the same day and stuff ^^


      The forums has changed quite a lot, and I'm 3rd top poster now :P

    4. Raita


      Yeah, I see... it has quite changed.


      Well done for... being the 3rd top poster then? lol =^w^=

  14. Happy birthday. Y u not here anymore. :c