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  1. I always plan on staying up until 8:00PM but end up going to sleep around 10:00PM. I have to wake up at 4:00AM every day for work before a full day of classes so I need to sleep early.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3217H8JppI
  3. Replica 16th century scholars cap. It was the most popular hat during the reign of the house Tudor in England. Now nobody can say that I do not look like a scholar from 16th century England! I am going to wear this every day next semester, I am pretty sure it grants me +1 Int. Pic: http://www.nicoleensedena.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Thomas-Cranmer.jpg
  4. I would have to agree completely. Applejack, particularly with her honesty, is a pony I admire although she is not necessarily my favourite (close close second)
  5. Sorry about the long absence, work, work, and more work. I will just maintain that Schola was sitting in his house reading between his last post and now.
  6. "...διότι δὲ πολιτικὸν ὁ πῶλος ζῷον πάσης μελίττης καὶ παντὸς ἀγελαίου ζῴου μᾶλλον, δῆλον. οὐθὲν γάρ, ὡς φαμέν, μάτην ἡ φύσις ποιεῖ: λόγον...." Schola thinks to himself before he looks up and sees, to his shock, everypony is gone! "Would that I paid more attention to my surroundings, perhaps I would actually have friends!" He says as he begins to leave and wander home alone, head hung low. "This is probably why the Dean of Equus meant when he denied me acceptance into the graduate program. 'You lack any life experiance to speak of, we could never accept such a non-well-rounded pony' He remembe
  7. Sorry about the absence, I just finished my final final exam yesterday. Now that I have neither classes nor exams I should be able to post more often.
  8. “Thank you very much” Schola says as he puts back on his beloved cloak, a great seemingly lifts itself off of his shoulders, even if some was added. He then turns to Rose, saying: “We should all celebrate here, I could think of no place warmer, in regards to ambiance, fellowship, and temperature.”
  9. "In my college back at the University, 'College Equus', we used to have a huge gathering for all 'students and well-wishers' on Hearths Warming Day." Schola recalled happily, bringing back happy memories. "We would for at least that day put away all of our studies and worries and gather together in friendship and hospitality... This will be the first time in seven years that I will have not been part of it..." Schola paused in a momentary self-lamentation. "Well at least my apartment is full of university texts, it be like attending the gathering but without any friends" He thought to himself.
  10. "Ridiculous, we are all friends here my friend, it is Hearth's Warming Eve!" Schola calls out to Rose enthusiastically, turning to the group. "Today is the day to celebrate what ponies everywhere can achieve if they just come together in friendship! Just look up at the sky." Schola points up. "Thousands and thousands of heavenly spheres turn in perfect harmony throughout the firmament in circles eternal, just so should we!" Schola's eyes sparkle from all the Hearth's Warming spirit rushing through his veins.
  11. Replying to Draco: "Yeah, but I had not earned any money yet so I account it as naught. I thank you for the job and potential bits you have given me. I have only been here a few weeks and have not really seen the town, I just wanted to give my patronage to this very nice pony here" He says gesturing to Diamond, "Who let a beggar such as myself seek shelter from the cold here, she also gave me a cup of tea and coffee on the house! This would have never happened in Canterlot."
  12. "Well if I had a job I would be able to buy coffee" Schola started to reply "..I would probably buy it here." He then turned his attention to Diamond. "Sorry about not having money, is there any I could open some sort of tab? I swear I am good for it... well... not right now. But I will be good for it.. well I hope I will." he ponders for a moment, hoof on chin "Now that I think about it I would not give myself a tab... but that should not stop you from giving me a tab!" He said, smiling sheepishly.
  13. Schola drinks the coffee very slowly, taking time to enjoy the taste. "Sweet coffee, 'tis thou hast ravished me! Bene pacire est finis coffee. Is, to be pleased, coffee's chiefest end? Affords this beverage no greater miracle? Then drink no more; thou hast attain'd that end." he repeats to himself. "But a greater matter presents itself" he says to Ace, "You, good pony, still have my cloak! May I please retreave it?"
  14. "πάντες πῶλοι τοῦ εἰδέναι ὀρέγονται φύσει. σημεῖον δ᾽ ἡ τῶν αἰσθήσεων ἀγάπησις: καὶ γὰρ χωρὶς τῆς χρείας ἀγαπῶνται δι᾽ αὑτάς, καὶ μάλιστα τῶν ἄλλων ἡ διὰ τῶν ὀμμάτων…" Schola thought to himself, lost in thought. When suddenly a wonderful smell reached his nose. He snapped out of his trance to see the aqua vitae, liquid ambrosia, magnum opus, coffee! Schola eyed Draco's coffee greedly. "Alas alas, I have but one bit!" He lamented inside. "Uhh..." He stammered, "Can I get as much coffee equal to the value of one bit please?".
  15. Schola answered "I do, I have a small place I am renting, but it seems like I am down to my last bit." he looks down at his all too light coin pouch. "But with this work you are offering it seems like I will be just fine" He smiles genuinly as he says this last part. "Thanks for paying by the way."
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